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Sunday, September 26, 2021

I do not get it


I do not get it


Woke up please Cranky, woke up

Woke up please Cranky, woke up

Went to dinner it hit the spot

I had to visit a pot

Two rooms were presented I wasn’t offended

But the sign didn’t mean a lot


Apologies to the Everly Brothers, but a recent restaurant trip had me humming their tune. 

While Mrs. C was off visiting Disney World with her kids, I visited friend Frog to attempt to become a guitar picking geezer duo.  We can play, but timing is an issue.

“No no no, you come in after four beats!”

“Pretty sure it is five beats, there are only three beats on the last measure.”

“Nooo, it's down up, up down down down!”


After about three hours of this we went out to dinner.  We went to a nice place in the middle of the local college campus.  After a cocktail and before the entrées arrived I had to excuse myself.

A waiter directed me to the restrooms.  There were two, like most restaurants, however unlike most restaurants, both had identical gender signage.

A small plaque with a stick figure wheel chair, a stick figure with a skirt and a stick figure without a skirt.


I gave myself a quick perusal and determined I did not have a stick figure skirt, but that was still no help.  Which room do I use, both rooms had the same sign? After much head scratching I figured it didn’t matter.  This must be part of that woke gender stuff I’ve been reading about.

Now I don’t really care that much.  I’m pretty old, I’ve seen a lot of stuff.  If I walked in on a stick figure skirt squatting I wouldn’t turn into a pillar of salt, but it just seems so silly.  Maybe a stick figure skirt person would be upset…who needs that?

Why don’t they just put up a sign on both rooms that say,


Anyway, I took a chance on door number two for my number one and it was fortunately empty.  It did have a lock which I engaged.

Is it wrong to lock the door?  If gender doesn’t matter, why lock doors?  If a stick figure skirt wants to wash it's stick figure hands and straighten out it's stick figure hair while I’m busy with number one should that be allowed?

Is locking the door un-woke?  Is un-woke a word?

From now on my dinner will be at “Outback” where I recently learned the hard way that I am a BLOKE, not a SHEILA.



  1. As long as it is clean, I don't care. But if you poo, you don't have to lock the door. They will close it quick. You can tell I grew up with brothers from my jokes.

  2. Yep, lock the door since it had a lock especially if it is a one toilet room. I kind of hate the cutsie names for bathrooms. Cow, Steer--Lad, Lassie, etc. I sometimes wait to see who comes out or goes in.

  3. If it’s a singular bathroom, I always lock it. I guess that’s why it doesn’t matter what’s on the sign.

  4. Good thing it wasn't busy, or you might have had a horde of assorted stick figures pounding on the locked door!

  5. When i go, i lock the door, because i'm too old to care but the other person might not be. Yes, i knock, if i get no answer, i gently try the knob. If it turns, great. If not, my turn will come soon enough, and i'm glad that person locked it, too.

  6. I try to do my best to not use a public restroom. However, my bladder doesn't always get the memo. I'm glad you were able to see a man about a dog in private. I do have a rule I never break... I never use a drinking fountain...Ever.

  7. If gender really doesn't matter, why even have separate rest rooms? I think the restaurant made a mistake with the signage.

  8. Have you tried wearing a skirt? That way it does not matter if you go in the wrong room. Also, try growing a beard if you haven't got one. That will confuse them.

    God bless.

  9. The lock is to prevent you being embarassed. But what ever happened to Male and Female?