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Sunday, September 5, 2021




So many bad headlines, how about some that are just stupid.


Emily Ratajkowski Returned to the Runway for the First Time Since Giving Birth in a Hot Pink Thong – Why would anyone give birth wearing a hot pink thong?


Rolex watch shortage is a 'perfect storm' Fortunately I anticipated this shortage and stocked up on Rolex’s along with toilet paper.


Woman struts through airport wearing only bikini and mask – Apparently, she made a wrong turn on the way to Wal-Mart.


Great blue heron eats a rat in Central Park If NYC had a few hundred thousand more great blue herons, maybe they could finally control the rat population.


Brady Bunch’ star Barry Williams reflects on bonding with his TV family – Here’s a story, of a man named Barry, reflecting on his family from TV…

Indiana football jersey features embarrassing spelling error – “Indiana…what is the origin? Can you use it in a sentence? Indiana…I n d i  n i a.”

Famed Singaporean eatery Hawker Chan loses its Michelin star – I’d check the dumpster in the back.

ABBA to drop first studio album in 40 years – Oh, big deal, just pick the damn thing up.

Drake drops new album 'Certified Lover Boy' – Holy Cow! What the hell, just hold on to your damn albums people!

Mercedes reveals electric luxury models for on-and off-road – If it is electric, I’m pretty sure it will only work when the road is ON.












  1. I've missed these and your spot on comments. Ya suppose that was Emily at the airport?

  2. The strutting airport woman was running late, and didn't have time to change clothes, because SOMEBODY bought all the Rolexes!

  3. These are stupid indeed and you make them even funnier with your two cents. Thank you.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. ☺

  4. Oh I missed these - When there are so many things to actually report about, we get these silly headlines.

  5. I often wonder whether these headlines are deliberate, or the writers don't realise what they said.

    God bless.

  6. Heeheehee! Wrong turn on the way to Wal-Mart, that's good. Have a wonderful day, thank you for the laughs.

  7. Women strutting through the airport: that's your number 1, joe!

  8. haha

    i so enjoyed all dear Joe

    the one about rat population seems something to consider seriously though i would prefer seeing a cat eating mouse rather than a pretty bird racism lol