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Tuesday, September 28, 2021





Anyone who is a fan of sports today must be as sick as I am at the total unfairness of almost all sports.

Some athletes are just so much stronger and so much faster than other athletes that it is not fair.  It is just not any fun to watch.

Take for example golf’s Bryson Dechambeau.  The man weighs 250 pounds.  Most other pro golfers are not much more than 190 pounds.  He spent the last year packing on pounds, lifting weights and building muscle so he can hit a golf ball 75 yards further than anyone else.  How is that fair?

It isn’t!

I think we should find a way to tax that strength and create an even-playing field for all golfers.  Maybe Bryson should have to hit a heavier golf ball than everyone else.  That would be fair.

There is this football player on the Kansas City Chiefs, Tyreek Hill who is so fast he is almost impossible to cover on a long pass.

I saw a YouTube clip of him chasing after a teammate to congratulate him on a TD reception.  He came from 20 yards behind and caught him before the end zone.  That is ridiculously fast.  He should have to wear weights on his shoes.  Tax his speed.  It is not fair to all the other players who were just not born fast, or did not spend their youth running and sprinting and practicing to get fast.

Giancarlo Stanton is a hitter on the NY Yankees.  He is 6’5” 255 pounds and hits the ball harder and further than any player in the league.  A few nights ago he hit two homeruns against the Red Sox that went clear out of the ball park and into the Boston streets.

Who needs that much power?  The ball only has to go about 400 feet to be a homerun and he hit it over 450 feet.  How is that fair?

It is not!  He should have to use a heavier bat.  Tax his strength.

When I am watching a sporting event, I do not want to see these athletes that are just clearly faster and stronger than all the other athletes.  It is unfair.  I am against rewarding those either born with or who work hard to achieve such exceptional abilities by having them win so often.

Other athletes are not blessed with born speed and strength or they just do not have the time or inclinations to work and achieve those abilities.  They have lives and other obligations, they should not have to give up their time in order to compete fairly. 

The exceptional athletes need to have their speed and strength taxed.  Only then will the playing field be level for all.

I’m pretty sure sports governing bodies could adjust the rules so that sports could achieve true and fair mediocrity for all.


  1. This cracked me up. There is to much mediocrity already.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. You know I love any pictures of Stanton and am still sorry we lost him. What a body. Still, what you say kinda makes sense like taxing the rich and putting weights on race horses.

  3. You are right! The least advantaged baseball player needs a head start. Let them bat from 2nd base to even out the "playing field" It's just not fair and if they don't get their way, they are entitled to do whatever it takes to bring awareness to this injustice in sports.

  4. Sure, because when everyone is the same, what do we have to strive for?

  5. Yeah, gymnasts could be fined until they gained some pounds or grew more inches.

  6. Sport has always been about the strongest and fastest. Having those in the teams should be about inspiring the rest to do better. Mediocrity leads to "every child gets a medal just for turning up"

  7. I think everyone should be given a gold medal or cup regardless of ability or competence. Not just in sports. In education too. University Degrees for all regardless of whether they can spell their names or not. Also top jobs for everyone. Everyone should be the top boss or top manager in the organisation. Imagine a business with 5000 CEOs and no workers!

    God bless, JoeH.

  8. Wanna penalize a batter in baseball give him a lighter bat not heavier.

    1. You are wrong. Swinging a heavy bat is more difficult. Bat speed results in more power than weight, heavy results in slower bat speed. Think about hitting a fly with a two pound swatter, but thank you for the correction anyway.

  9. Well, they have weight classes in boxing... They could have weight classes in other sports too I suppose.

  10. fairness is needed so badly in every field here dear Joe not just in sports believe me