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Thursday, July 1, 2021

You Can’t Fool Me!


You Can’t Fool Me!

Big day coming up this Sunday.  Lots of people are excited and ready to party.  Not me.  I may be old, but I have learned from young people the secret offensive dog whistles that abound in this country.

What am I talking about?  Please!

How will people spend this Sunday?  Most will have a large Bar B Q.

Bar B? Hmm…Barbe Doll…misogynist much?  Math is Hard” Barbe.  You expect me to celebrate this?  No way!

Q? I don’t think so; don’t lump me with that crazy group of January 6 conspirators.

During these Bar B Q’s there will be over-eating and drinking.  People the world over are starving, you expect me to gorge myself with food and drink while they suffer?  I don’t think so.  How callous do you think I am?

Fireworks? Don’t even get me started.  Wait…too late.  This pandemic has seen millions out of WORK because they were FIRED.  Fido did not miss that one, neither did I and I am offended.

Parades…A big NO for me.  You cannot social-distance in a parade.  Call them off!

I will not celebrate this anti-Semitic, racist holiday. 

First off even the word HOLIDAY sounds like HOLY day.  It is unconstitutional to not separate church and state. 

Next, this country achieved independence while black people were slaves.  We should celebrate independence on a day where slavery still existed? That just screams RACIST! And, on this racist day they shoot off fire-CRACKERS. I think use of that anti-white term is disgraceful.

Who started this Independence?  The founding FATHERS! Need I say more?  Shouldn’t that be the founding Parentals? I’ll not be a party to that slur.

Finally, who could miss this attempt at a silent tone only canines can hear…the Fourth of


How anti-Semitic is that?

What about people in their red, white and blue outfits?  I think they are missing quite a few colors from the rainbow.  Why is that.  Does not seem very inclusive to me.

I will not be celebrating this weekend.  I will be hanging my head in shame for all the negative, mean-spirited symbolism that comes with this day.

I wish this country had a day to celebrate all Americans of all races, religions and genders.  Clearly this Sunday is not such a day.

Maybe it could be the first of April.    




  1. Please tell me you haven’t really seen complaints about July 4th?

  2. I know this is satire, so I'm just going to laugh and move on.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ☺

  3. No Mike, having a great day, every day. Your barbs used to bother me, that was when I had some respect for you. I now just think you are a miserable, sad angry man. Sad, but frankly I don't really care.

  4. Good one!! Enjoy your 4th! I think you'll be celebrating it :)


  5. Heh, heh! Quite a thorough analysis! This might keep you out of the indoctrination camp!

  6. Hahahaha! But slow yer roll there, Joe. April 1st is MY birthday! Lol. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  7. Quite clever. Sandee said it well. Have a good one Joeh.

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  9. Does somebody need a hug? Nope, no hugging! Anyway, I think you are the best! Enjoy your July 4th!