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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Heading Home


Heading Home


After three weeks at the shore, we are heading home.  We being Mrs. Cranky and I.  During the three weeks there has been more than just our usual “we.”

The Pennsylvania Cranks visited with two grandcranks for several days, and The California crank visited for several weeks.  Mrs. C’s sister, my hair stylist, also came down for a few days.

There has been lots of sun, cold ocean water, amazing fireworks, steamed clams and other great food.

We occupy a small two-bedroom apartment off a garage, but only a few yards from the beach.  Early mornings and late nights often mean stepping around and over guests.  With only one bathroom, showering and bath-rooming requires timing and communication.  We also have, brace yourself, especially Val, NO DISHWASHER!

I am told many people in years past, and even today live this way 24/7/365.  It is not horrible, but it does make one appreciate how well most people live in this country.

So, it is goodbye to the Jersey Shore until next year, except for an occasional shoe-box trip. 

If you are from Jersey, you know what a Shoe-boxer is.

Thanks to Mrs. C’s aunt for providing the venue at very reasonable price, and her cousins, the upstairs people, for their hospitality.

Unfortunately, the North Carolina cranks could not make it, but I did get a photo op of My Three Sons, and two of four grandsons. 


 Three sons, two grands and a cranky old man

Missing NC Grands

Oh, there was a wedding.

MOB, Mrs. C

The Bride and Dad



  1. Lovely bride! Congrats to the newly married couple! Wishing them much happiness always!

    First time (that I can remember) that I saw a picture of Mrs. C. She is beautiful!!

    Great picture of you with your sons/grandsons that could be there and great picture of the grands who couldn't be there. You truly are blessed, though I think you know that :)

    Honestly, I don't know how people can live without a dishwasher or have only bathroom in their abode. I guess I'm a bit spoiled.

    Winslow does not approve of the sign at the beach though, just saying!


  2. A wedding! How wonderful. Congratulations to them, and Mrs C looks beautiful, love the dress.
    if I lived that close to the ocean I wouldn't bother fighting for shower space, I'd just jump in the waves and get cleaned. I suppose I'd have to rinse off the salt eventually.
    I don't have a dishwasher and only have one bedroom, but there is only me here and one cat, so we manage.
    You have a lovely family.

  3. Best wishes to the happy couple, and i agree, spending some time in such a place makes you thankful for what you have.

  4. I've said it before: I envy your nearness to "the beach". Great to see pictures of you and your family though I must point out, Joe, you have your cap on backward. My compliments to the wedding party and after seeing Mrs. C I must add: Joe, you are one lucky old dawg!

  5. Wow! You beach people are as tanned as a USPS City Carrier Assistant! Without the blinding white feet.

    I'm shocked that you made it three weeks without a dishwasher. If your life was a survival show like "Alone," I'd pick you as the one to tap out for missing your dishwasher. The only time I had a dishwasher was in a college apartment, and it didn't work. It was used for stashing dirty dishes out of sight on party night(s).

  6. Congrats to the bride and groom. It was nice to see the Cranky Clan. Glad you had beach time and family time.

  7. Congrats to the bride and groom. Wow, a few yards from the beach and tons of family. What is not to love? You and Mrs. C looked quite smashing. You clean up good Joe but I think she probably looks like that most days. You did good Joe.
    Dishwasher, dishwasher? Oh yes, those two things at the end of my wrists.

  8. Oh that's right - I remember you telling me a while back about Mrs C planning for a wedding. Awww weddings are so nice. Congratulations to all.

    I've never been to the Jersey shore - I've heard about it. Back in the 90's I stayed with some California friends who moved to Morristown New Jersey but we never got to the shoreline.

    I could never get away for 3 weeks. I'm horribly co-dependent on my dog and my cat and I worry about them. That's the only problem with having animals. I hate to leave them.

  9. Congratulations on the wedding. Blessings.

    It is so nice to spend time with the family.

    God bless.

  10. How fun to spend all that time together and still love each other when it's done! Your family is filled with handsome men and boys and beautiful women...Mrs. C is a beauty and congratulations to the bride and groom! I hardly ever use the dishwasher (right now it's leaking and we're looking at getting a new one) because I like washing dishes. Weird, I know! We do have 4 bathrooms here which comes in more handy than the dishwasher when the littles are here!

  11. BEAUTIFUL sharing dear Joe

    it is always little touching to leave from place where you stay for vacation though going back to home is great feeling on the other hand .
    i am so happy you spent lovely holidays with precious family members ,this image of you with grands is PRICELESS!!!!!!!!
    Oh THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR sharing mrs C 's photo she looks exceptionally elegant !
    bride is beautiful ,i am sorry that you missed some of your family ,i am sure they will make it up to you .
    we have four bathrooms thankfully so i feel when have to share bathroom during travel .