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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Graphic Equalizer


Graphic Equalizer

Remember these things?  I have not seen one in a long time.

I just saw an old quiz show where someone won a stereo system with a GRAPHIC EQUALIZER!

They used to have these on anything sonic.  The more up and down tabs the better.  Base, treble, left, right, Mhz, Htvz, Crtz, Xyzz, who the Hell knew what they were for?

I only know that the more you had, the fancier you felt.  Slap on that LP and start messing with your GRAPHIC EQUALIZER to get the sound perfect.  You would mess with the left right, then when that was just right, experiment with different levels of bass and treble.  When those were perfect you experimented with the Mhz, PHdz, the whoozis and the whatziz until you were convinced that the sound was perfect for your stereophonic delight.

Was it just me, or did everyone of those up and down tab settings always end up exactly in the middle?

Does new technology still have GRAPHIC EQUALIZERS?  Does is take a teenager to find them?


Are they all just automatically set in the middle?


  1. Teenagers these days are too thick to understand Graphic Equalisers. The modern versions have emogies and smily faces as the settings. With abbreviations like LOL.

    God bless.

  2. I miss the graphic equalisers. I used to have everything but the bass set in the middle, with the bass being just a fraction above. Then I would record my favourite songs to cassette and later to cds and just be able to listen to them without having to make any sound adjustments. I remember when Windows media had a graphic equaliser. Maybe it still does and I just can't find it. i-tunes used to have a adjustment option and I think still does, but I rarely go there, most of my songs on there seem to have disappeared into "the cloud".

  3. Not sure about graphic equalizers then and now. I just know I'm tone deaf so everything pretty much sounds the same to me.


  4. Yeah, I loved playing around with the graphic equalizer. In fact, I still have an old stereo with one, set up in the basement. When I saw that picture, I thought of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, shoving them all to the top.

  5. So that is what that was for? I never got the hang of it and to me it all sounded the same. May have been my stereo.

  6. You and I must be watching the same old quiz shows. Love seeing what they give away. Have you seen the original Price is Right. Things like submarines, airplanes and houses. Good grief. But back to your whatchamacallit- never did understand it. Set the levers once and that was it.

  7. Sweetie is a tone freak, he loves the things. Since i don't have that perfect pitch and ear for music he has, i just set it in the middle and enjoy whatever it happens to sound like.