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Friday, July 2, 2021

Good Morning


Good Morning

OK, it is official, I am CRANKY.

I thought maybe I was normal, but Mrs. C confirmed,

“No, it is you!”

Here is the thing.  Every morning while down at the shore I take a morning walk of several boardwalk miles.  I am not an exercise nut; I only want to combat the caloric nightmare that comes from basically living in a kitchen.

I do not powerwalk, I stroll.  I stroll and I am contemplating stuff, serious stuff, like how to hit my golf drives straighter or improve my chipping or solving the climate crisis or how to achieve World Peace.

These are not simple issues, they require concentration.

Inevitably on these strolls I encounter several seasoned ex-cheerleader ladies on their own stroll who just have to interrupt my serious concentration with a cheerful, “GOOD MORNING!”

I hate that! 

First off, you are breaking up my concentration.  I am on the verge of solving my slice or even promoting World Peace, and you stop me in my tracks with your friggin “GOOD MORNING!”

I am forced to respond with an equally cheerful but uninspired “Good Morning”, or ignore the salutation completely.  If I ignore the salutation, I get a

“Well excuse me for being friendly” response.

I hate that!

Secondly how do you know that it is a good morning for me?  Maybe I have a hangover, maybe another wife just left me, maybe my dog died.

I have a right to be disagreeable to a total stranger without being judged!


OK, I’m sorry, maybe I do have issues.  You are all probably all very nice ladies.



  1. I get you; I'm with you; I don't want to hear "good morning" when I'm out walking. My hubby is the opposite; he's the one saying the "good mornings."


  2. You have issues, but men can only do one thing at a time and if you're working on world peace you shouldn't be bothered. You made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. My best to your wonderful and smart wife. ☺

  3. Garrison Keillor said today that when people ask him how he is, he always responds with the same words: never better. But, he admits to being a professional liar.

  4. I think Mrs. C is right. Perhaps the cheerleaders are wishing you a good morning. Keep working on creating world peace though.

  5. I keep my earphones in while walking and do not make eye contact!

  6. Whenever people cheerfully say to me in the street "Good morning" or "Good evening"; I just look at my watch and tell them the time and keep walking. It always confuses them.

    Sometimes I say, "Just straight ahead, first turning on the left." That really keeps them thinking. Or ... "No sorry ... I haven't seen him!"

    God bless.

  7. Think you just picked the wrong time of day to walk. You are among all the "morning" people who are by nature cheerful. Try walking in the evening with the work weary and thoughtful sorts. Might go better and we need you to finish that solution to world peace:)

  8. Arkansas Patti is probably right. Mornings are for quiet contemplation, but you can't tell chatty people that.

  9. I hope to get back to walking once my body decides it's healed enough! I loved walking and always laughed at runners because they all look mad or hurting while walkers look happy and can chit chat if they want with their walking partners. Or they can say Good Morning! to others. I only say that if the other person looks at me like they want me to say that. I find a good old nod of the head is really sufficient. Anyway, we don't live in the same town so I think you're safe from me!

  10. I hear you - I am the same way. When I walk and its exercise, I don't want to be bothered. Last week some old man came up to me while I was using the treadmill at the gym and talked to me for 30 minutes! The only good thing was, when he left I was done.

    One of my favorite things to do is to think. I don't like it when others infringe on my thinking. I'm an introvert anyway - I wish I could just tell everyone to leave me the Hell alone. But then that would be CRANKY!