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Friday, July 30, 2021

Not My Job


Not My Job

Mrs. C and I have very specific household chore assignments. 

Laundry – Mrs. C

Vacuum – Cranky

Clean bathrooms – Cranky (Except shower floor – Mrs. C)

Drive anywhere – Mrs. C

Move stuff around when guests come over so it looks like we are not a sloppy household – Mrs. C

Anything that needs to be done by telephone – Mrs. C

Plan anything – Mrs. C

Make meals – On our own (except grilling – Cranky/Lasagna – Mrs. C)

Refill coffee cans, sugar and coffee creamer – Mrs. C

Fix broken stuff – Mrs. C

Put new stuff together – Mrs. C

Anything on a ladder – Cranky

I’m guessing most of this is pretty standard, but it does get a little weird:

Load dishes in dishwasher – Mrs. C

Rearrange loaded dishwasher – Cranky

Load flatware in dishwasher – Cranky

Unload dishwasher – Cranky

Rearrange unloaded dishes – Mrs. C

Clean Tupperware and steak knives – Mrs. C

Separate junk mail from mail – Mrs. C

Put separated junk-mail in recycle box – Cranky

“Is this junk-mail?”


“Why don’t you put it in the recycle box, it’s only two feet away?”

“It’s your job.”

Turn out porch light – Cranky

“Did you turn out the porch light.”


“But you were just downstairs.”

“It’s your job.”

Take out the garbage – Cranky

Replace plastic bag in kitchen garbage pail – Mrs. C

Put the top back on the kitchen garbage pail – Cranky

“Why don’t you put the top back on?  You take it off, why leave it on the floor, just put it back on!”

“It’s your job.”

I have no idea how these job assignments came to pass.  There is no rhyme or reason.  Some assignments are downright silly.

Works for us.










  1. Oh that's funny. You're right though, how did these assignments come to be? I don't recall on our honeymoon, sitting down and deciding these things, they just evolved.

  2. As long as you are both happy with the system, keep the system!

  3. I think you guys spend too much combined time on the dishwasher and dishes in it and out of it. But seems like a good system you guys have and if it works, that is all that matters.


  4. All households should have similar lists. But ... who prepares the list? You or Mrs C?

    God bless.

  5. It is interesting to speculate how these job assignments were originally decided on. It would seem Mrs. C has the edge but you do the vacuuming and that carries a lot of weight. Keep it going--it works.

  6. As long as it works for you then all is good. We do similar things and I'm the one that rearranges all the things in the dishwasher. If hubby puts stuff in I'll rearrange it. He's getting better though. It works at our house too.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. My best to Mrs. C. ☺

  7. It is your job, comes in very handy.

  8. This got me thinking about our chores. It's changed a bit since I've retired. Jack always does the laundry. I've taken on more of the other stuff but he's still the go to for killing bugs and getting stuff off of high places. Whatever works!

  9. My take-away from this is that Cranky can't be trusted with Tupperware and Steak Knives.

  10. oh that classification sounds interesting dear Joe :)

    we never fixed jobs because here mostly indoor jobs belong to women and outdoor to the men ,yet things are changing specially in big cities ,hubby helps me and a lot when he is home and work is much specially with guests ,my boys are nice and help a lot in keeping house clean particularly