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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Crime in the USA


Crime in the USA

Sometimes I just need to rant!


Crime is on the rise in the USA.  There are many reasons for this, but it is complicated.  I have no answer.  Murders, muggings, carjacking and shop-lifting are now often right out in the open, filmed by passers-by with their ubiquitous i-phones.  Apparently they can’t be stopped, or maybe no one cares.

Scary stuff to be sure, but the crime that has me the most up in arms, maybe that is a poor choice of words, that has me the angriest, that I care about, are the crimes specifically aimed at old people.

Actually, I guess they are not crimes.  Apparently, it is completely legal to lie to old people and use terms that scare the crap out of old people all to have old people pay for things that are legal but not worth shit!

I recently received a FINAL NOTICE, of my LAST CHANCE, failure to call could COST ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.  CALL IMMEDIATELY, this is our FINAL ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY YOU.  RESPOND BY 07/09/2021 (today).

It looked very official and it must be real as it came from came from my home mortgage holder, Sovereign Bank. 

It was my last chance to purchase home warranty insurance.

One wonders, why would a company have a last chance to buy their product?  Like if I responded a week later they would say, "I'm sorry, you are too late, the offer to buy our product expired."

DAMN IT! I'm too late!!

This insurance would save me thousands on repairs or replacement of my heating and cooling system, appliances, electrical systems and plumbing.  

It is not a question of if these things would go bad, BUT WHEN!

It has to be legit as it came from my mortgage holder, Sovereign Bank. 

Actually, I don’t know who holds my mortgage.  As soon as anyone gets a mortgage these days, it gets sold to another party, and often sold, bundled and sold again.  I guess my mortgage could be from Sovereign Bank.  Except that Sovereign Bank does not exist.  It was sold to Santander Bank in 2013.

What is the name of this Home Warranty company?  What do you know, they don't say!

I almost called the provided number to bust their chops, but I realized they don’t care.  They don’t need my money; they prefer to take it from scared older people who don’t know any better.  People who have money, are weak, and are afraid of government, banks and any entity with power.

These people are selling crap through fear.  Call me a sceptic, but I suspect any insurance sold that references a non-existent bank, probably would not make good on any insurance claims. I’m pretty sure they would have a loophole that might actually cost the claimant more money than if they did not make a claim at all.

I would like to see government crackdown on these scumbags.

Maybe they can’t stop mugging, carjacking, murder and shoplifting, but emails, phone scams, and scare letter muggings of the elderly and or the very stupid can and should be stopped.

These jack-holes do their mugging in the open, they leave tracks with phone numbers and email addresses.  They hide behind a cadre of lawyers and loopholes.  Well, government has lawyers too and government can also be ruthless when they want to.  So come on government, flex your muscles on these really bad people, and this is CLEARLY FRAUD!!

Track them down.  Lock them up.  Expose them, fine them, march them through the streets in chains for old people to spit on them, throw tomatoes at them and call them names. 

Heck they could charge admittance for that parade to help recoup the money stolen from old people.

How do these people sleep at night?

OK, I feel a little better now.





  1. "Track them down. Lock them up"
    And then someone new would take their place with a different scam.
    All we can do is be aware ourselves and warn other old people.

  2. And they could sell tomatoes for throwing! We got a letter from a "land trust company" in one of the Carolinas, offering to buy our 10 acres next to the BARn. The offer was for $7,000. All we had to do was sign the form and send it back. That letter was a tasty treat for the wastebasket.

  3. It is particularly annoying when the envelopes look very official. It does make old people think it is important and they should act on it.

    God bless.

  4. Hear hear! Yesterday I got 3 emails from (supposedly) Wells Fargo Bank thanking me for applying for a credit card --which I didn't do, as I bank elsewhere-- then wanted my SSN, which I wouldn't provide. Good grief, I'm only a boy of 71 and not quite demented yet. Afterwards, I looked up the troubles Wells Fargo has had in the past few years (or more?}. They fired many thousands of employees, from low level to management to administration for collusion in an immense scam and canceled all personal and business lines of credit to customers. Wells Fargo is a old and time-honored outfit and I'm saddened by what's become of it.

  5. Between the mail and the phone calls, these scams are everywhere you turn. I hate the ones from our utilities, trying to get us to buy insurance on the outside lines to avoid thousands of dollars if something breaks. I’ll take my chances.

  6. Everyone wants our money. They will do most anything to get our money too. Karma will meet them at some point.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  7. I wonder if the crime rate is up, or is it that we just have more means of detecting it? private homes have cameras inside and out, now, to alert homeowners of trespassers, vandals, and thieves that they might never have been aware of. Most businesses and stores have hidden cameras to highlight shoplifters, vandals, etc. Trucks and many autos have dash cams, as do the police.
    Basically we are seeing and (apparently) apprehending more people in the act of whatever they were about to do. We also now and then change the rules as to what is illegal, and what is not. It's now illegal for children to buy cigarettes. It's also illegal in many places for kids to even hold a pack in their hands.

    It's like a teeter totter, one side rises, one side falls.

  8. The scammers just don't care. They have no heart. It's sad though how many people fall for their scams. I guess that is why they still do them.


  9. There is just so many ways for the scammers to attack these days. Mail, phone or Internet. Organize that parade Joeh and I'll pay to watch.

  10. This is why, when i get Ms. S's mail, i go through it and throw this stuff away before she even sees it. She reads every scrap, and more than once her son has had to convince her not to buy into something. You are right, something needs to change.

  11. I was stopped in my tracks by your first words, "Sometimes I just need to rant!" SOMETIMES??? Seems to me like that urge hits you on a near daily basis, old (oops, I meant to say "longtime") friend Joe. But to the matter at hand. I bought a car in December of 2012. I still have it. I think the warranty on it was three years, if it was even that long. I am still getting calls on a near-daily basis (there's that phrase again) telling me my warranty has run out and I NEED to buy a new one from them to save my financial ass. I don't drive much. The car still has less than 50,000 miles on it 8-1/2 years later. I'm very old. I don't need their friggin warranty. But they live on eternal hope, I guess. They keep on calling. Okay, end of MY rant.

  12. such big organized crimes are not possible until they have support within the government cabinets dear Joe .

    here every crime media dig ,it's tail appears in parliament ,i remember the biggest fraud of time when our first lady prime minister's husband and his fellows opened fake institutions ,grabbed lots and lots of money from people who thought their dreams will finally come true ,it was pure sin ,so many lost their life long saving and many did suicide with despair .
    as long as employees sitting on holy seats are backing it won't stop