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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Shooting 99 in Golf


Shooting 99 in Golf


I played golf today.  99.  Is 99 a good golf score for me?  Not great, but anything under 100 and I am pretty happy.   But today I did not shoot 99, today I played when the temperature was 99!  Make that ninety friggin nine! 

The weather geeks claimed that it actually feels like not 99, but 105. 

I don’t get that.  I’ve never been in a real temperature of 105.  101 is probably the hottest I can remember.  As I recall it felt like 101, because it WAS 101!  Same today, it felt like 99 because it WAS 99.

What? Oh you need to factor the heat humidity index to get a “Feels Like” temperature.  OK, except in the NY tristate area whenever the temperature is above 80 it is always humid.  How humid? Humid as f*ck, that’s how humid, so the heat humidity index means nothing to me.

Anyway today I played golf and it was 99 out.  I was the only person on the course.  JUST ME! Why? Because the heat humidity index “feels like” temperature scared the crap out of every golfer in the area.

Mrs. C did not want me to play, but I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 9:30 and decided to leave the shore for home so I can make the appointment in the morning.  Might as well play golf then on the day before.

Mrs. C said it was too hot. 

I promised to only play nine holes and would take an electric cart and not pull my clubs in the heat.

I lied. 

Not intentionally, but I played my best golf since when I had no children and was able to play a lot of golf.  

I played nine holes in an hour and fifteen minutes.  Somedays when it is crowded and I pull my clubs an hour and fifteen would only get you past the third hole.

I brought lots of water, and the cart provided shade, so I decided to play more than nine.  After twelve holes I had a chance to breaking 90.  I have not broken 90 in 30 years, so I plodded on.

At the last hole, a par three, I needed only a five to break 90.  Even with the cart, my ass was dragging.  The heat felt like 99…because it WAS 99.

I hit the green, two putted for par and a final score of 87. 

87 in 99 at 75.

Hell yeah I’m bragging! Dragging, but bragging.




  1. Maybe you can have that put on your tombstone.

  2. I’ve played when it was 99 with no cart.
    Not one of my brighter moves.
    Fortunately, humidity is of little concern, but keeping hydratedis important.

  3. Glad you did well. I wouldn't play golf in any weather.

  4. WTG with your score!! 99 degrees in humidity is way worse than 115 degrees with no humidity. Might have said it before but Washington, DC area back in September 2018 for my niece's wedding. 95% humidity and 90 degrees. Unbearable!

    You were wise to hydrate but I can see Mrs. Cranky's concern for advising you not to golf. Glad it turned out okay!


  5. Listen to Mrs. C! Isn't she always right? Now she knows you didn't follow her instructions! C'mon, (Cranky Seasoned) man! At least learn to be secretive about it. You can brag about your fantastic score, but slap a boring title on it, so maybe she won't read it.

  6. Congratulations on your score but in the future listen to Mrs. C! Heat stroke is a real thing. Be careful! Mrs. C needs to ground you to the AC!

  7. Sounds brutal, but I do like the 87 in 99 at 75 thing.

  8. 87 in 99 at 75. I think you need a brass plate stating that for your bag. Impressive but boy I'll bet Mrs. C wore out your ear when she found out. Take care you seasoned fella.

  9. "87 in 99 at 75" I like it. . . . And well done!

    A couple of my worse memories involve riding my bike on 95+ days. Damn near killed me - twice. But I can be taught, and it hasn't happened a third time. . .

  10. Excellent golfing! Especially in that heat.

    The other day i was reminded of a gentleman who set out to golf on his birthday, and he told his wife he wanted to "golf his age." When he came home, she asked if he had golfed his age, and he said, "No, but I golfed the age I wouldn't mind living to be!"

  11. congratulations for great play dear Joe
    i really felt for you when i converted Fahrenheit into Celsius ,37 sounds too hot for people like you are used to light temps like twenty to thirty .
    one thing you might have realized that in hot days muscles are more flexible which help to work and play with more ease and delight ,this is how you could play wish such flow

  12. Golf looks relaxing when you see someone else do it. But I guess it is very difficult. I once managed a hole in one. It was a small golf course and the distance between me and the hole was about six feet.

    God bless.