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Tuesday, June 8, 2021




For those of you who do not get this title, Mask you a question is New York for “May I ask you a question.”  New Yorkers don’t like to waste time with words so they tend to run them together.  For example, "Honest to God" is "Onstagod".

Anyway, May I ask you a question?  Do you wear a mask or not?

The CDC says if you are vaccinated you do not have to wear one, but who knows who has been vaccinated or not?  There are no tattoos on the forehead.   Who is safe?

I’m not all that sure that masks were ever that effective.  I say that because in New Jersey EVERYONE wore a mask EVERYWHERE, and our cases were still as high or higher than any state.

What the heck, when in doubt wear the mask.  For most people they could do no harm, only a bit uncomfortable.

The problem now is, and will be for a while at least, that when you do wear the mask there are people that give you the stink-eye, like

“Why are you wearing that mask, you indoctrinated fool!”

And if you don’t wear a mask there are people who point and tell you,

“You are being selfish; you could be killing my grandmother!”

I still wear a mask most of the time because I’d rather be a fool than to be accused of killing someone’s grandmother.

If I am asked, of course with much distain, why I am wearing a mask, I will simply reply,

“Because I just want to buy a few groceries with out pissing off as many people as possible, not sure why you even give a crap.”

Is there anything in this country that is no longer political? 

Wear a mask, you’re a liberal.  Don’t wear a mask you are a racist conservative pig.  Keep the schools closed …liberal.  Open the schools…pig.  Make the OK sign…racist.  Fly the American flag…racist conservative pig…don’t fly the flag…liberal commie.  Use the wrong pronoun…sexist homophobe, and also pig, don’t forget pig. 

Zip before button…sexist!

White…BAD!  Believe in God…BAD!

Mask you a question?  WTF?


  1. Hahahahaha! It's not really funny but you make it funny and you're absolutely right! I'll wear a mask where the businesses say wear a mask and I'm okay with that. Fortunately, I have those Italian eyes that will shoot flames so I doubt anyone will ask me why I'm wearing a mask. :)

  2. I like the last few sentences of your post, so true. Here in California we had draconian rules and a ultra high infection rate, so go figure. Of course the rules are ever changing; when I walk my dog not near many people I don't wear a mask, but I wear one to grocery shop.

  3. I wear a mask at work when I'm not sitting at my desk because it is required that I do so, vaccinated or not. I don't wear a mask outside, even in close proximity to people. Never did even before there was a vaccine. Our church doesn't require them anymore, vaccinated or not; haven't since last October. I go into most stores these days that have signs "masks not required if fully vaccinated" without a mask and I'm not vaccinated nor will be currently. I (silently) thank everyone who is walking alone with no one within miles with a mask on for saving humanity. I'm warped and not well liked but I don't think I have caused anyone's death and by the Grace of God (and only by His grace) has our family been healthy since this whole ordeal began.


  4. What kind of PSYCHO asks somebody WHY they're wearing a mask? Obviously they don't want to catch or spread something. Tell them NUNYA! None-of-your-business. I rarely see a mask around here, and I've never heard anybody question somebody wearing one. Mainly it's just employees in certain stores, who are required to wear them. I wear a mask if required, like in the doctor's office. Or the casino, but they dropped that requirement when the county mask mandate expired.

  5. They lifted the mask mandate here on June 2. The only places I’ve been that still require a mask are medical buildings and drugstores. I’d say that maybe 20% of folks are still wearing masks everywhere else. It’s possible they are unvaccinated.

  6. I wear a mask when going inside a public building, store or any place that there are a lot of maskless people or if people coughing and sneezing for whatever reason around me. Yes, I have had both shots, and realize that I can still get COVID despite being vaccinated and would prefer not to deal with it if I don't have to. Like all the maskless people around me have claimed it is their right to go without one, I claim my right to wear one. No, I do not like or enjoy wearing one and I don't when I run outside or go for a walk, but I do carry one in my pocket. A mask is not a political statement, it is another way to slow down a virus and possibly protect me from being sick. Win/win if you ask me. If someone ask me why I am or taunts me, I simply say, it is my choice and walk away. I don't bother arguing the point, because whoever is making the comment has already made their mind up and attempting to reason with or discuss my views serves zero purpose to anyone else. It simply creates a scene unnecessarily.

  7. Yep I wear mine for indoor large stores. I notice a lot of people are still wearing them and they all seem to have white hair. Those who don't--you are right--there is no way to know if they are vaccinated or not. Besides Covid, we had the lowest cases of regular flu ever last year. If only for that it makes sense.

  8. I wear them, but they do no good. I can't remember the last time I washed mine and it's in my purse or pocket and I pull it out and put it on after messing with my phone. I have a cloth mask and anything can get though that thing. I do love to watch the idiots that are in everyone else's business though. If I cross paths with someone not wearing a mask it's not my business to get up in their grill. Yes politics is everywhere and in everything. We both know why.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  9. You nailed it.

    Yes, i wear a mask. If anyone asks, i tell the truth, i have clients in their 90's and if i bring them so much as a sniffle i could kill them. The mask is to protect my clients, so i don't get sick and then make them sick. Everyone i've told that to agrees that i am doing the right thing.

  10. I don't wear the mask unless it's required. I'm sure with the luck we've had lately I'll be one of the vaccinated who gets Covid anyway! I decided not to care what others think. I do social distancing as much as possible just to keep away from idiots who ask why I am or why I'm not wearing a mask. I think wearing the mask has helped to get rid of the regular flu and we don't have to watch any Theraflu commercials! Win-win!

  11. you have gift to say hard things lightly and with pleasant humor

    we wear mask only when we have to get into crowd like market or shopping center otherwise we don't use it
    if someone's job is public related such as doctor mask is still mandatory and it make sense