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Sunday, June 6, 2021

That’s FED X’D’ up


That’s FED X’D’ up

This past Friday, 8 days from Mrs. C’s daughter’s wedding, FED X f**K'd up. 

Apparently, the operation at Fed X is highly computerized.  Computers are great, except they often do not allow for the option of thinking.

Mrs. C was waiting for a delivery.  It was a fairly important delivery given the up coming nuptials.  She purchased a wedding dress and her own dress in NYC.  She could have just brought the dresses home from NYC, but then there was a NYC sales tax which was … just say it was friggin expensive.  Having the dresses delivered to New Jersey saved a boat load of money.  A great idea except for FED X.

Friday the step-crank and future bride received an email from FED X that the package could not be delivered as the given address did not exist.  The package was to be delivered to

Mrs. Cranky

555 Something Rd.

Somewhereville, NJ

The step crank was not having any luck straightening out the situation and it was up to Mrs. C to fix it.

Mrs. C called and advised FED X that the correct address should be

555 Something Club Rd.

She was asked, “Are you the shipper? and do you have a blah blah code (some kind of a code)?”


“Can’t help you then.”

HEY FED X!  Put on your thinking cap.  You have a package that you can’t deliver because of a bad address, and the intended recipient calls to give you the correct address…and you will not accept it?


Mrs. C called the shipper to call FED X and correct the address. 

FED X had a list of acceptable people from the shipper to make an address change.  The dress place, the shipper, named several people before finding someone from which FED X would accept an address change. 

That person was in Spain and not reachable at the time.

Now if I was on the call, I might have asked to speak to a supervisor.  I might then have mentioned that if the coming wedding was ruined because your idiot people can not ship to 555 Something Rd because it does not exist and will not ship to 555 Something Club Rd which does exist because we can’t reach someone in Spain to give you the correct address there just could be a law suit involved!


Fortunately. I was not involved because those stupid threats never work with idiots.  They usually make things worse.

The package was currently 15 minutes away, but they would also not allow Mrs. C to just come and pick it up.

Why?  I don’t know, probably as they are all IDIOTS at FED X!

Anyway, FED X was finally convinced to deliver the dresses to a FED X location even closer and Mrs. C could pick them up there.

Yes, I hear you that makes no sense at all.  


Keep in mind that if FED X did deliver to 555 Something Club Dr. and no one was home they would have just left a many thousand-dollar package sitting on our front stoop.  Yet they would not trust someone whose name was the same as the recipient to make an address change from one that did not exist to the address that matches with her name, if you just took the time to Google it.


Sometime after this call, Mrs. C called again just to double check.  Someone had changed the instructions to forward the package and it was set to be returned to NYC,  where at this point, I would say there would be an excellent chance it would be totally lost forever.

Now the Step-crank was understandably freaking out. Mrs. C was understandably fuming. 

She called the main FED X location where the package was, and relayed her Fume and the Step-cranks Freak. 

She actually found a human who could think.  A nice lady, Gwen, who could understand the anxiety involved with a wedding dress.

Gwen said for Mrs. C to come get the package, only about 15 minutes away, and she would guard it with her life.

We left before the phone hit the hook.  Mrs. C showed her ID at the front desk.  Gwen was ready and expecting her; we were home with the dresses safe and sound in a half-hour.

Crisis averted. 

Thank you, Gwen, for having a brain and a heart.

As for the rest of FED X … you are all unbelievably stupid with a capitol




  1. Part of me is very thankful the dresses are now in a safe place, and part of me is fuming with you at the stupidity.

    There's one FedEx driver who keeps leaving all our packages at the wrong door, the one that isn't a front door, the one where packages get rained on. Just one driver, the others bring it to the right door. Some people just can't be taught.

    Gwen deserves a raise, and to work with smarter people (although that might shut down the place she's currently working).

  2. Omg, what a complete nightmare. I’ve had better luck with FedEx than UPS, who just don’t give a fig about who gets your package.

    I’m shocked that Mrs. C had it delivered so close to the wedding date to begin with? My daughter wanted dress in hand 6 months in advance.

  3. Whew! thank heavens for people like Gwen. After all that, Mrs C might be thinking it would have been easier to just pay the sales tax and bring the dresses home herself.
    I hope the wedding day is fantastic with no hiccups.

  4. Gwen is a gem. I hope FedEX realizes that and she is paid accordingly. Sadly I don't think that's the case. Glad the dresses got there in time though such a stress leading up to it and so unnecessary. Hope this is the only blip and mishap and the rest of the wedding goes smoothly!


  5. hats off to Gwen !
    she saved the day finally ,even reading it was made me annoyed with poor service dear Joe ,it happened to us during vacation with food deliveries and it was so disappointing for kids specially i wonder when this delivery problem will be solved ,no matter what service you use you encounter same .....
    so happy that all went fine at the end !

  6. Think I would send Gwen a box of chocolates or flowers. She really came through and evidently has never caught the FedeX mind eating flu.
    All weddings have a glitch, hopefully this was the only one and it is over.

  7. These are the idiots I'm always talking about on my blog. They are everywhere. Everywhere. I'm glad this worked out fine, but I figured your wife would get this done.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Joe. ☺

  8. It is so frustrating when big organisations provide such poor service. We sometimes have the same problems over here too.

    God bless.

  9. So happy the dresses were rescued from the powers that run Fed X..and thankfully Gwen was on duty! My Granddaughter's wedding is this Friday and I could just imagine the panic if her dress wasn't delivered! Have a wonderful wedding!

  10. I hope Gwen doesn't get in trouble for using her common sense!

  11. When a company becomes very popular (read rich) they don't care for lesser mortals. And then starts their downwards slide.

  12. Omgosh. I would've been freaking and fuming and probably would be in jail! Fed X is not my favorite delivery but sometimes you have to trust the process, freak out and when all is well and good, have a few cocktails... So happy you were blessed with Gwen.

  13. It's so much fun dealing with incompetents! Glad it came out OK.

  14. BTW, Gwen deserves a lovely letter to corporate.