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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Dolphins Ospreys and Whales…Oh My!


Dolphins Ospreys and Whales…Oh My!

We are spending time at the beautiful New Jersey Shore.  Not the beach, not the ocean, in New Jersey it is “The Shore.” Don’t ask, I don’t know why.  In Jersey we do not fill our gas tanks, and we go to “The Shore”, oh yeah, and we have a diner in every town.

The beach today was a comfortable 75 degrees, the ocean a not so comfortable 55 degrees. 

I stayed out of the ocean.

What do you do at the shore when the water is 55 degrees?  You get tanned, you read a James Patterson book, do a bunch of crossword puzzles and listen to Meatloaf.  Well, everyone does not do that, but that is what I did today. 

I also look at the ocean.

Looking at the ocean is boring you say?  Yes, it can be.  It is relaxing, but it does get boring…unless you really look.  It helps if you look with binoculars.  There is not much to see just staring out to sea without binoculars.  With binoculars it can get interesting.

Today I was perusing a nothing to see ocean when I noticed way out there were several large schools of bunker.  To the naked eye they are just dark spots in the water.  Up close there are fish jumping.  Something must be making the bunker jump.

Sure enough, after watching the bunker school for a bit I spotted several dolphin feeding.  The dolphin moved on and a little later I saw a puff of sea spray. 

Whales!  Two of them.  Up close and personal with the binoculars they put on quite a show, at one point one came straight up out of the water in a feeding frenzy.  While the whales were feeding on bunker my vision was interrupted by a diving osprey who then flew away with his own bunker in its claws.

Just a quiet day at the Jersey shore.  Not much to do except relax.

Oh yeah, also dolphins, ospreys and whales.

Oh my!



  1. I don't use binoculars at the beach, I take my camera and zoom in on what looks interesting, then I can get photos at the same time. I haven't been to the beach in almost a year.
    Good idea to have a diner in every town, I bet tourists just love them. I know I would.

  2. I would never think to take binoculars to the beach. I'm not a beach person. Only been to Daytona, where I was more interested in things NOT in the water, which didn't need binoculars. And an Alaskan beach, where the best use of binoculars would be to see the no-see-ums before they start biting the life out of you. I DID take binoculars to Cardinals games when I was a kid. The opposing dugout is much more interesting than players standing on the field.

  3. I was just thinking the other day if you were going to the Shore this year. Glad you are there and seem to be enjoying your time there! Brr with the 55 degree water temp though! I never got tired of watching the ocean, even without binoculars. So pretty and rhythmic to watch the waves going in and out and a sunset over the ocean is a wonderful sight to see!

    Enjoy your time there!


  4. That sounds really nice. Enjoy!

  5. What a lovely view out at sea. Seeing those whales must have been fantastic. Thanx JoeH.

    God bless.

  6. We natives of the Great Lakes State draw a certain wry amusement from others', uh, timidity of chilly water. Around these parts, 55 is chilly, but definitely not forbidding. . .

    The first time I visited family in San Diego, I announced my intention to go swimming on a typical 75-degree Southern California day. "Oh, no, you can't" I was told.

    "Why not?"

    The water is only 60 degrees."

    "Let me tell you about Lake Huron. . ."

    1. I might do an in and out at 60, otherwise my limit is 65.

  7. I love the ocean. How cool that you were able to spot sea life. Most would see if they really looked. Most are checking each other out, playing volley ball or whatever. Binoculars help too. I've never brought them to the ocean before but now, I think I will.

  8. What a wonderful day at The Shore! Hope you have an equally wonderful day every day you are there.

  9. You are absolutely right, there is only one shore, and it is the Jersey shore. Everybody else just has beaches. Seeing the wales, dolphins and ospreys is such a thrill and makes the vacation so much more memorable.

  10. Sounds like a perfect day! Il take the tan time! Enjoy the Shore!

  11. Ah I envy you your Shore so close.

  12. what a beautiful and perfect day to relax dear Joe :)

    i am really happy that you got your normal routine back!

    seems like you had great fun while Actually watching water :) seeing thing only with physical eyes can be boring after certain time i agree
    how nice you witnessed many water species too