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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Mrs. C the detective


Mrs. C the detective



Uh oh, this can not be good, not when she calls me Joseph.


“Come here, how did this happen?”

She was in the dining room and one of the windows was smashed.  A rock had ripped through the screen and busted the first pane of the double pane storm window.

“WTF…I don’t know.  Have you pissed off any local teenager lately?”

“I don’t think so.”

Can anyone figure out what happened before I solve the mystery?  I’ll wait.  Anyone…


No one?

OK, here it is.  The yard people were cutting the grass this day.  I was pretty sure that the mower had to kick a rock through the screen and the window.  Those blades can fling a rock like a bullet.

“Had to be the lawn mower.  The association should contact them, they will replace the window.”

“How do we prove it.”

“We don’t have to prove it, the window was fine yesterday, it was broken today while we were home, and we did not hear it because…the mowers are so flipping loud.”

“I still think we need to have proof.”

“Wait, lets check the Ring security camera.”

The Ring captured the mower making several passes near the window, but we could not see it shooting any rock.

“Wait, Mrs. C called, run it again and listen.”

 At 1 minute 10 seconds in, there was a slight click sound, barely audible.  At 1 minute 22 seconds there it was again.  We ran the clip over and over.

“Look, at the first click see that leaf move?”

“Yes, but it is way up high.  Unless like the Kennedy thing it is a ‘magic rock’.”

“Look at the second click, something seems to whiz by the tree, like a speck.”

It took three tries for me to see what she was seeing, and the speck was at window level.

“That’s it, but what was the first click, our imagination?”

“Maybe there were two rocks.”

I went out and looked up at where the leaf moved.  Sure enough, the facing up by the roof had a scratch and slight dent.  Nothing worth fixing, barely noticeable, but an explanation for the other click, and further confirmation of our lawnmower rock theory.

Mrs. C sent an email to the association.  She sent a copy of the video, a picture of the broken screen and window pane with the rock still there, along with a picture of the roof facing.  She carefully gave the exact times on the video to hear the clicks and see the movement.

“You know, I’m pretty sure all you have to do is tell them and say you have video proof from our security camera.  You don’t have to send them a copy and give them all the times to check.”

“Yeah, you're probably right, but after all the Perry Mason shows we’ve seen every morning, I just can’t help myself."

I’m pretty sure we will win our case!



  1. I am pretty sure you and Mrs. Cranky indeed will win. She really needs to be a private investigator. I think she will do well, in fact be great at it, even those cold cases no one can solve. Hats off to her!


  2. I'm pretty sure you'll win this case too. Great detective work, Mrs. C.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. I would attempt to send proof just so they didn’t try to give me the runaround.

  4. I'm glad you found the culprit. A broken window would unnerve me. For sure you are right. How the HOA will behave is another. It depends on what a tightwad one of the board members could be.

  5. How many wins will this give Mrs. C?

  6. You made it all up! PhotoShop!

    1. hi, this is mrs. c. i do agree, some details are off, as they were in the fed ex post. but i do have proof.

  7. I am quite impressed. Mrs. C is a woman of many skills. I hope they don't try to say you planted a rock there for the mowers to run over, just to get a new window.

  8. I wouldn't have guessed lawnmower, but of course that would be it. My first guess was Joe making a fast escape after nicking something Mrs C left hidden under a towel.

  9. Wow, nice job Mrs. C. Surely you will win this case with rock solid evidence.

  10. This is a very good and helpful post, JoeH and Mrs C. Thanx. It raises another point. Maybe we should wear safety goggles when mowing the lawn. I never did in the past, but your story and theory makes one think. I've seen the mower pick little twigs from the ground, so why not pebbles.

    God bless.

  11. That's some pretty good detective skills Mrs. C has. I'm happy it's fixable.

  12. You guys are pretty good detectives.

  13. Yikes! Glad they hit the window/house and not one of you!

  14. wow i am so impressed by Mrs c 's detective skills dear Joe :)

    she could have caught many idiots if she would have joined any detective agency like C I A

    i hope you will get positive response soon from company