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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What to DO What to Do

What to DO What to Do

Well the big question these days with regard to the virus, is
“When do we end the lockdown and transition back to life as it was?”
OK, not life as it was, but life.

I have an opinion, but then I am a jerk, so I will keep it to myself.

What do the experts say, because we are told the steps we take should be fact based and science based.  Listen to the experts.

Problem is, the experts tell us we know very little about the virus, we find out new things every day.  They also say that if we loosen up quarantine restrictions, the virus outbreak will peak again.  We need to wait until we have a vaccine.  They also tell us we may never have a vaccine.

Other experts tell us that if we do not go back to a new normal, the economy will collapse and not recover.  Hmm…to me that means starvation and drug abuse and mental issues.  Hell, you had me at starvation!

Who do we listen to.  Certainly not WHO do we listen to, we know they’ve missed the call on several levels.

Here is the thing about experts, they will tell you shit that is crap because they can.  They, like everyone can have ulterior motives and sometimes those motives are dangerous.

Years ago, to go off topic, when I was but a wee lad, I played arcade games.  In these games, which you played for a dime, you could score high and win “Free” games.  I enjoyed playing those games and there were days where one thin dime would get you an hours play, thanks to the “Free” games.  Then one summer, the free games were gone.  Politicians determined that the “Free” games was a form of gambling, and gambling was evil and against the law in New Jersey.  I  stopped playing those games; without the “Free” they became too expensive.

Several years later politicians determined that allowing casinos in Atlantic City would be a good idea.  I could not win “free” arcade games one year and the next, drunks could blow that months mortgage payment rolling dice.  That was my lesson on government looking out for our best interests.
OK, back on topic.

At the start of this pandemic we were told not to use face masks.  My first thought was, 

“I understand we need to save resources for hospitals and first line protectors, but why not just a homemade cover, couldn’t hurt could it?”

Experts said “Yes it could!”  Do you remember why? They said that the virus is spread by touching things and then touching your face. If you had a mask, it would irritate your face and you would touch your face when adjusting the mask.
Let that settle in for a moment.

Incredibly, intensely, absurdly, ridiculously STUPID, and yet many, myself included for a while anyway, bought it!

I think this incredibly, intensely, absurdly, ridiculously STUPID reason for not wearing masks probably cost the lives of many thousands of people.

What is my opinion on reopening up the economy?  You thought I wasn’t going to give it to you?…silly you.
Let the people decide!  If hair salons, tattoo parlors, and gyms are opened up, you do not have to go.  I’ll probably wait a bit, but that should be a personal decision, not government.
I do think that the Government, Federal, state and local were correct to shut things down, probably illegally, until things settled down a bit and people understood what was at stake, and learned about masks and distancing and hygiene.  It is now time to let people decide what chances they wish to take.

We know which people are MOST at risk, be sure to protect them as best possible, and everyone else…it is your choice.

More people will get sick, many will die from this virus, but if we cower in our homes long enough, we lose everything that makes our lives worth living.

Live your life.  Keep away from old people and those with preexisting conditions, social distance, wear a mask in public, but if you want a haircut, get a damn haircut.


  1. We wear a mask if we go out anywhere.

  2. Boy do I want a damn haircut! I agree with what ya wrote Joe, I just wish my barbershop (once it reopens in June) would consider taking appointments!

  3. Masks for us, too, but not if we're in the car with the windows up.

  4. The narrative is constantly changing. What are there now, 114 "symptoms" to make you think you have it? I am not a mask-wearer. I'm a hand-washer who has NEVER wanted people to get too close to me.

    We only had 33 cases in our county, here in the middle of nowhere. None are active, no new ones in the last 3 weeks. Yet there's a regular crew of doom-criers on the Facebook of the local newspaper, moaning that our state released us from our homes on May 3. Just like you say, THEY DON'T HAVE TO GET OUT! They can continue to order their groceries for pickup, and stay out of stores, and not have gatherings. It's like that group wants everyone to stay home forever.

    1. True, they don't HAVE to go out, but WILL they stay home or will they get out and about as normal, even though they know it's risky, because the government says they can. Sensible people like you and joeh and about a million others will stay home, but the rest?

  5. Totally agree with you. Let people decide and if someone stays at home how will they get sick if I am out in public?? We need to live. Staying at home isolating if you are healthy is not living. It is merely existing. I rather live one day of living and loving and seeing those I love than 100 days of socially isolating. But that is just me.


  6. A very confusing situation; especially for the elderly.

    God bless.

  7. Every other country with the virus is also suffering economically, which is little comfort to all of us, but it does seem as if lockdown and isolating is the best way to stop the spread. I agree it's hard and have no answer for that.

  8. incredibly done dear Joe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i completely agree with your conclusion
    let people decide now what they do and how they make their choices
    here govt is opening things slowly and markets are packed with people because closing of shops kept them panic and wait for shopping specially when Eid is week away
    parks hotels and restaurants are still closed which sound stupid because it should be people 's decision again

  9. Well, the dumb things I've seen people do while wearing masks does render them useless, like lowering it to talk!!! I'm planning on wearing a mask when I'm in stores as a sign of respect to others, whether it's helpful or not. I can do without a haircut or eating inside a restaurant for a while. People are idiots, which was on display this weekend when patio dining opened up here. It looked like MTV Spring Break.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. From recent activities and their health repercussions, it is obvious that many in our country have no respect for anyone.

  10. So many thoughts you've provoked in me. . .

    I'm with Bijoux - I wear a mask when I go to the store, less for myself than just to take care of the mental health of my neighbors. . .

    My old boss used to say that Ex is a has-been, and a spurt is a drip under pressure. That's what he thought of 'experts'. The thing is, experts are experts at what they're experts at. Get them out of their field of expertise, and they're as ignorant as you and me. So epidemiologists know a lot about the spread of disease, but they don't know diddly-squat about economics. And economists know a lot about economics, but they don't know diddly-squat about diseases. So who's the 'expert' who can balance those two needs? I'd say, that's why we elected our leaders - to take ALL the information and adopt a policy for balancing the competing needs - but politicians are even more clownish than experts outside their field. So, where does that leave us?

    As to haircuts, I'm told that tomorrow, barbers and beauticians in Michigan will be gathering on the capitol lawn in Lansing, giving masked, socially-distanced cuts and styles, perhaps at reduced rates. . .

    1. Got my hair cut yesterday and immediately got sunburned. I'm a redneck in fact if not by philosophy.

  11. Think you are right and that individuals will decide how far to relax our restrictions. Just because a restaurant is open doesn't mean I will be bellying up to the salad bar. I need a haircut badly but have been able to cut away the parts that get in my eyes. Nor will I be first in line for the initial vaccine. Think I'll let that one perk a while. Kind of want to see if the opening up can fly before I claim a seat. Think "old" has some bearing on my thinking.

  12. I see it less as the experts changing their minds than as them learning more about the virus. Yes, the initial mask advice turned out to be bad, but they've learned and moved on. Doctors used to bleed people, and I don't think we'd say the fact that they don't any more means they just change their minds willy nilly.

    I see and respect the argument that people don't have to go out just because things are open, but my concern is for the people who don't have a choice when it comes to dealing with the potential fallout from that. It may be my right and privilege to go out, with no mask, for haircuts, shopping, etc., but what about the people who will be exposed if I get sick? The first responders and healthcare workers.

    1. Everyone should wear masks inside shops and around people. In the beginning they did not want people to wear masks only because they did not want people to use resources that healthcare needed. So they made up a ridiculous lie that the mask was more dangerous than no mask because of the touching thing...that was a calculated lie. If the recommendation was "Don't use surgical or N95 masks, but covering your mouth with a scarf or home made cloth mask couldn't hurt and might be a good idea." If they said that and 50% of the people back in March listened it probably would have saved 20-40 thousand lives.

  13. I agree with you totally! I'm sick of all of this.