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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

And The Verdict Is…

And The Verdict Is…

 In the great scheme of things, given all the problems, sickness and death due to the pandemic, I am somewhat ashamed to complain about little things.

But complain I do!

Mrs. C and I were at home staying away from tiny red balls with spiky things on them and watching TV; specifically Judge Judy.  

We old people love Judge Judy.

It was an interesting case involving one dick-head trying to get his deposit back from another dick-head who was holding on to a deposit mostly because the other person was a dick-head.  

In other words, a typical Judge Judy case.

After arguing back and forth and Judge Judy beating up on both the plaintiff and the defendant, a verdict was finally about to be delivered.

The show goes to commercial.

“Which dick-head do you think will win?”

“The plaintiff is the bigger dick-head.”

“Yeah, but Judge Judy does go with the law, I think she will rule against the defendant, but still tell the plaintiff that he is a dick-head.”

Back from commercial and:


“Crap, could they just wait like five minutes, how important is this news?”

“This is Jenny Jennington, important news just in.  The important news that I am about to report is new news and we are the first station to report on this news because we are really fast at reporting important news…”

“Holy Shit, what is the news?”

“This just in, the space launch has been cancelled!”

“Oh no, not cancelled!  That couldn’t have waited five minutes?”

News 2 New York, then spent the next 10 minutes telling us what would have happened if the launch was not cancelled, and when the launch may next take place.

I sure would have liked to know which dick-head won their case, but at least now I learned of the space launch being cancelled as soon as it was cancelled, because waiting to learn of an event that I was not watching being cancelled would be horrible.

Clearly News 2 New York needed 10 minutes to tell their "Judge Judy" audience that a space launch was cancelled, because running one of those small printed messages under Judge Judy saying,

“The Space launch that you were not watching because you were watching Judge Judy instead has been cancelled.”

Yeah, I know, OMG Cranky, what a big problem…!!

OK, you’re right…never mind.   


  1. You've got EVERY right to be ticked off--a news scroll would've been plenty. Crank away, Joe!

  2. The news people were probably soooo excited to talk about something that wasn't COVID they decided to make a big production out of

  3. Did you know she's sort of retiring? What will you do?

  4. That is a shame. All those almost-thirty minutes invested, and you don't know the outcome. I doubt you could even google the verdict, since so many of Judge Judy's cases involve dick-heads in deposit disputes.

    I was listening to the countdown of the space launch on the radio on my way home from town. I would have been pretty upset if the announcement of a Judge Judy verdict cut in! As it was, I encountered a catastrophe on the road, turned down the radio, and forgot all about the launch until I got home, and found out it was cancelled. The delay in that news did not affect me at all.

  5. I only heard about this space launch on the TV news last night and now it has been cancelled?? I was all excited about it and now it won't happen, I'll have to wait for the reschedule :(
    I love Judge Judy. She's not on our TV at the moment, but I used to watch in the years when I was between jobs.

    1. I found this: "Our next launch attempt will be at 3:22 p.m. EDT on Saturday, May 30, from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida."

    2. That's too bad. Saturday I'm tackling the reorganising of my shed contents. So. Much. Stuff!

  6. Judge Judy is an icon! I too would have been disappointed to miss the outcome of the case. Really they could just have ran a notice on the bottom of the screen about the launch being delayed


  7. I watch Judge Judy. It is a good thing she only settles civil matters because I am sure she would opt for the death penalty in all criminal cases. Still, she is fun to watch and I also like to hear how she rules although her nastiness is usually more pronounced towards the loser (although neither party leaves unscathed by her annoyance).

  8. You're right. It happens here on UK TV too. They interrupt the program to tell you what news they'll be reporting on in the News Program to come.

    It happens in real life too. I was at the shops paying for my goods. The cashier's cell-phone rang. She apologised and said she was expecting some news. She answered the phone and burst out crying. Her grand-mother had just died.

    She interrupted my paying for the goods and leaving. I told her, "Can you just check out my items please and cry later. Your grandma will still be dead in five minutes time!

    She cried even more and left her desk. How inconsiderate; don't you think?

    God bless.

  9. I guess old people and young teenage girls love Judge Judy. My oldest was obsessed with that show in junior high. She asked for her book (something about Don't Tell Me It's Raining Whike Peeing On My Leg) for Xmas one year.

    I hate when the outcome of a show is ruined by a 'news flash.' Usually it's weather related here and we can look out the window for that information.

  10. And that couldn't have been on the crawl so we'd know what dick head won?

  11. They could have at least crawled Judy's verdict. She isn't my cup of tea but I do know a lot of people who really enjoy a Judy fix.

  12. I love Judge Judy. We need more of her no nonsense, no PC, tell it as is common sense.

  13. You are too funny :) The thing is, most people who cared were probably watching on the Internet or get the notification in seconds on their smartphones. They had no right interrupting you show :)

  14. It's astounding to me what these people think is a priority these days. Sorry the show got messed up for you.

  15. So the verdict is still hanging?.......

  16. you made me laugh again dear Joe

    oh same problem here we see often when channels try to cross or low each other by saying "you are listening this first time from us blah blah " so irritating indeed
    i agree even a side notification could work for the news

  17. I love Judge Judy, too. She cracks me up but I would never want to be on her show. No Way. I also like the one with 3 judges - Judge Judy is the producer of that one, too.

  18. "We old people love Judge Judy." - Does Mrs. C know you called her old?? She's an Italian woman. She'll poison your food and kill you in your sleep for good measure. I'd be sniffing my food and sleeping with one eye open if I were you... Hahahaha.