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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Like Riding a Bike

Like Riding a Bike

They say if you fall off a bike you just have to get up and try again…actually that may be a horse, but sort of the same thing applies to a bike.  They also say that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget, you know that “It’s like riding a bike” thing.

Who are "They?"

I don’t know who “They” are either, but they say you should listen to “Them.”

When I first learned to ride a bike I fell a lot.  It was not a problem, young people may get a bruise or scratch, but they heal quickly.  When I was older and rode all over town I was a really good bike rider.  I rode with friends on the handlebar, I rode with no hands on the handlebar, I could even lean left or right to turn without touching the handlebar.

When I was even older, way older, it turns out it is not like riding a bike.  Oh I could still ride, but a bit rickety and with little stamina.  It seems you need stamina to ride for any length of time.  I am a bit leery of falling because at my age when you fall, things break, things like bones, and they don’t heal very fast at my age.

So, even though it is great exercise and a good way to reduce a carbon footprint, I got rid of my bike and either drive or walk to get from point A to point B.

Most old people should probably not ride bikes.  It is too dangerous for most older people.  Of course some old people can still ride and it is good for them.  I think every person should know if it is safe for them to ride a bike or not.

If a lot of old people get hurt riding a bike that is bad.  Maybe the Government should protect them and not allow old people to ride bikes.

Actually, some younger people get hurt riding bikes because they take so many chances, and really young people do get scrapes and bruises while they are learning.  Maybe riding bikes is just not safe.  Maybe Government should lock all bikes up until a much safer bike is invented.

If bike riding was outlawed until a safe bike was invented, it would save a lot of scrapes, a bunch of broken bones and even a life or two.  That would be a good thing; except the majority of the safe bike riders in the country would be denied a form of exercise and transportation that is beneficial.

Maybe a better idea would be to spend more time teaching new riders how to ride, and suggest that everyone, including the skilled daredevil riders, wear helmets.

Older people should probably just stay off bikes, unless they are still fit enough to ride, and then they should be extra careful.

It might even be a good idea for some people who are not fit enough to ride a bike to just stay indoors and watch others ride.
Most people can make that decision for themselves.

You know, until a safe bike is invented.


  1. I like riding my bike.
    I only wish all the trails here were connected so I don’t have to ride in traffic

  2. I have a feeling this isn't about riding bikes, haha :)

  3. And, hmmm, life is dangerous, one out of one dies, so maybe we suspend life until we find a way around that? You have such a good way of making points.

  4. Also, nobody should force anyone else to ride a bike, just because THEY like to ride.

  5. I don't ride my bike anymore. I'd like to, but it needs new tyres, which means walking it two miles to the shop which may or may not be open yet because of the whole virus shutdown thing. All beside the point anyway. We have a lot of bike trails around here and I thought a bike would be a great way to get exercise, but I soon found out the trails are also used by runners, runners with dogs and other bike riders who all seemed intent on breaking some kind of speed record. There simply wasn't room for a slow pedalling exerciser getting some fresh air and sunshine. It was dangerous out there! Plus my aging hips weren't at all happy pedalling up even the slightest of inclines.

  6. Yes. I totally agree. But I agree it's not about bike riding but good analogy. I am going to practice safe bike riding with protective gear but not restrictive so I can enjoy the rest air


  7. I had an accident on a bike years ago. It was a motorbike. I was being taught how to ride it. I stood with my feet on the ground with the motor bike underneath me. I turned the handle things on the handlebars. The bike went "Vrooom Vrooom ..." then it ran away ahead leaving me standing still ... almost minus a part of my anatomy. I tell you ... IT HURT!!!

    God bless.

  8. I do get the comparison and for the time being, I will ride my bike with all the safety equipment and beware those who insist it is not needed. You are right, it is personal.

  9. I get that this isn't really about the bike. . .

    But I spent most of my adult life as an avid cyclist - 1500 miles/year or so, double that when I was under 35. . . I had my share of close encounters of the a$$hole kind, but I never took a spill, and always wore a helmet. After I had a mild stroke a couple years ago, I had to put the bike up; stroke affected my vision and my balance, and those are not things you want to be without on a bike. (*sigh* I was planning on buying a tandem and going out with my wife when I retired, but that's not gonna happen. . .

  10. Hey you just gave me a million dollar idea. Y'know how the tot's first bicycle had training wheels, two little wheels, one on each side to balance the bike until Junior learned how to ride it? Well, I've invented (as of a couple of minutes ago) SENIOR Training Wheels! We just put those wheels back on. Maybe even two on each side to give the bicycle added stability. I'm gonna market them! Anybody got Jeff Bezos' phone number?

  11. Timely post - just the other day, the husband was getting his bike ready to ride. Replaced the tires, greased and lubed it. I won't let him ride it out of our neighborhood, till he finds his helmet in our disorganized garage.

    I no longer ride a bike due to my L3-L4 ruptured discs. I crack. Best bike for me would be those
    tricycles but they are awfully expensive and truth be told, I'd probably never get my money's worth out of it.

    My 39 yr old son, has never driven. Living in a urban area, he always either took the bus or the train or rode his bike. Up here he rides his bike or takes the occasional Uber. Besides street riding he does that off road biking too. So far so good as long as he doesn't stop. Once you stop, its harder to start back and keep your balance.

  12. riding bike is one of biggest dream of my life dear Joe

    you were lucky to ride bike for long i mean even when you were old

    i always saw who ride bicycle with envious eyes ,i am fifty and i till did not give up my dream to learn riding bike one day
    hubby used to take lots of bike ride when young ,now he drives motorbike and though it works with engine he says it still needs stamina to take long ride of it
    thankfully my kids love bike ride too

  13. They have those adult trikes, 3 wheels with a big basket in the back. I lived in a tourist town in northern Michigan and they were everywhere! If I hadn't lived so close to downtown and Lake Michigan I might have gotten one but I liked the walks. :)