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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The Look!

The Look!

Mrs. C is not big on talking.  

She does not like to waste words.  When I ask a question, she answers with a head shake “no” or a nodding “yes.”  Often she shakes or nods when I am not even looking.  

Often I get upset about this.

“If you are not even going to answer, just at least say ‘F*ck You’ or anything so I know you are just going to ignore me!”

“I nodded yes!”

“I wasn’t even looking!”

“Well when you ask a question LOOK.  I don’t like to waste words!”

“If you had just said YES, you would have saved this whole discussion and a whole lot of words.”


“I heard that!”

And still I love her.

In addition to head shaking and nodding, Mrs. C employs an assortment of looks.  

She could write a book with a look.

There is the eye roll look that says,

“How stupid can you be?”

There is the impatient stare that says, “I’m waiting.”

Then there is the Italian look, “The Maloik,” or Evil eye.

If you are married to an Italian or have an Italian mother, you know this look.  I don’t like “The Maloik.”

This morning I got a new look.

Mrs. C likes her morning nap.  We have a routine.  I have breakfast and she watches “Perry Mason” on TV.  I come upstairs with a cup of coffee and watch Perry force a court room confession out of the least likely suspect.  I go downstairs to play guitar and Mrs. C adjusts my pillow to her morning nap position.  

She does not nap without my pillow in her morning nap position.

This morning I overstayed my cup of coffee.  I was wrapped up reading and laughing at Magical Mystical Mimi’s “Missed-connection Monday” post.

I could feel the new look.
I turned my head and there it was.  Mrs. C’s look said, 

“When are you going to leave, I need my nap.”

I quietly left before the new look became “The Maloik.”

I’m a jerk, but I’m not stupid.


  1. Never a dull moment at your house, Joe. We both love Missed Connection Monday. You crack me up.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. 😎

  2. As my Dad used to say, "I can't hear your brains rattle!". I do NOT recommend using that in your particular situation however. Carry on.

  3. I am so glad you introduced me to MMM last year. She cracks me up like no other!

  4. Yep ... the silent comments!

    God bless.

  5. Queenie does the nod/shake thing to respond .... but only when I'm driving and can't look. And don't ask her to answer it using her words .....

  6. Curious to know more, I went to the Infinitely All-Knowing Google to read about The Maloik. All I can say is you better find out if there is a strega to consult in your neighborhood.

  7. Well, at least she is eloquent in her own way.

  8. I'm not Italian but I did have a LOOK for my sons when they were young boys. IT always worked. They called it the "mean mommy look."

  9. Silence is suppose to be golden! HaHaHa -but sometime it is more priceless. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  10. I find that as I get older, yes and no is usually enough to answer most questions. Sometimes my attention span can’t take more than one syllable.

  11. Haha--love me some Mrs.Cranky :) I don't know if I should share this here, but years ago I was put on a computer project designing entry screens for a group run by an Italian woman. She was one tough customer, her glare could turn you into ice. One day I was explaining why what she was asking for was impossible, she just stared at me. I said "Darlene just say it." I said "I did, in my head. An old italian curse." I asked what it was, she said "May the tip of your penis grow a fingernail." That stuff wouldn't fly today, sure do miss the '80s!!

    1. Hahahahahahahaha! I'm Italian and have not heard that one!

  12. There are some very good looks out there, it sounds like Mrs. C knows the most important of them.

  13. I never understood that sentence "I don't like to waste words"
    There isn't a limited amount, so even if you use plenty, they won't run out.
    Perhaps I am being too picky here.
    Anyway, I agree that if she had just said Yes, instead of a head nod, many of that conversation's words could have been 'saved'.

  14. Wise you knew when to "fold them" and leave!


  15. Don't mess with Mrs C's routine! You don't want her to adjust your pillow over your face...

  16. Wow! Mind that look! Sometimes looks can kill. Sometimes we pretend we didn't see that look and quietly move away. Have a wonderful day.

  17. So, I'm your excuse?? Hahahaha. I'm happy you like those posts. I will definitely be posting more often. - Italian woman have many looks and it really would be in your best interest to keep YOUR eyes on Mrs. C's eyes always. Remember the quote from the Godfather, "In Italy women are more dangerous than shotguns." :)

  18. I love Italians.... I think lolol.

  19. Buy her some really nice bell earrings but watch out for "that" look when she realizes their purpose.

  20. It sounds like you're exercising your neck, and Mrs C is resting her vocal cords. Unless we're in the same room, and I'm fairly close, I know Bob won't answer. I think it might be time for an audiologist.

  21. Mrs. C could work in surgery! Wearing masks all day we only have our eyes to convey a message. You described them perfectly. Us Greeks also have an "evil eye" and Mom brought me back a bracelet from Greece that has a charm on it to keep the evil eye away. You can borrow it any time! Now I have a new blog to check out. Wear your masks and use those eyes! (You can also stick your tongue out with the mask on and nobody is the wiser)

  22. this is good that you can understand her "look" language quite well dear Joe :)

    i am unfamiliar with one since i got married ,before it i used to sense what my mom's look is saying ,i gradually observed that people use this a lot but it's not In in my house because we both like to each other :)