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Friday, May 22, 2020

The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life*

The more we learn about science, and life, and by “we” I mean really smart people, the more we begin to take things for granted.

There was a time when people worshiped phenomenon’s that ruled their life.  Rivers were worshiped, trees were holy, cows sacred and mountains magical.  People prayed to these necessary elements of their life, they represented that which they could not understand they represented life, and therefore they represented God.

As smart people begin to learn and explain all that surrounds us, these things lose their charm and their majesty.  When we understand them, even if it is only really smart people that understand them, they lose their grip on us, they just become facts and things.

I think in large part, people are losing their belief in God, their need to fear and respect an unknown power as they feel they now understand that power.

A mountain is created by Earth's internal pressure and volcanoes and …Hell, I don’t really know, but I know really smart people can explain them.

The Sun provides heat and light and has done so for a billion years.  Really smart people can explain how it will continue to provide for another billion years.  Well if really smart people can explain this phenomenon, then it must be no big deal.

We pray and show awe to that which we do not understand.  When we peal back the how’s and chemistry of life, it loses some of its intrigue, God is diminished in our eyes.

Perhaps a virus that smart people do not yet understand and do not yet know how to treat is an eye opener to the majesty of God. 

We are sooo smart.  We (and once again by “we” I mean really smart people) can create life in a test tube, we can change a persons gender, we can create light and store energy.  We don’t need God to explain things, everything has an explanation, some just have not yet been discovered or proved.

Yes, many will ask for God to deliver us from this virus, and when the virus is defeated, it is really smart people who will be given credit.  They will be thanked and God will be forgotten just a bit more.

I, not being one of the really smart people will ask,

“What makes really smart people really smart?  What made the building blocks of science that really smart people are beginning to understand?
Where did the first molecule come from?”

Regardless of how smart really smart people are in explaining the life around us, there will always be just one conclusion, not the tree, the mountain, the river or the cow, not the sun or a virus.

The final answer to the secret to life will always end up with God.

Many of us are too smart to see that.

To me there is only one explanation for a sun that has burned for a billion years and is likely to burn for another billion years. Always, burning at approximately the same intensity, providing the same amount of light and heat.

Meanwhile, wash your hands and wear a mask.

*Inspired by Bali @  if it makes no sense, blame Bali!


  1. Very nicely said, Joe. I admit, in a big way, I am NOT into organized religion. I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but the Bible is not holy to me, Jesus isn't my savior. But I would never say I'm an atheist. There HAS to be something bigger than the rest of us, for all the chaos we create around us, there IS a divine order to things. GOD sounds like a fine enough identifier to me.

    1. Agree to that. There has to be someone/something who has created all this to perfection. When I say perfection, it is perfect to the T for us humans to live in it peacefully, but alas.......

  2. "The final answer to the secret to life will always end up with God."

    I think you have just proved, JoeH, that you are really smart.

    God bless you always.

  3. Really smart people who tell and explain the weather are often wrong.. Really smart people become politicians and then become idiots. Really smart people who explain science are boring and ignored. I don’t know if a God exists or doesn’t, but I am not a really smart person, but I do seek answers.

  4. The final answer that will always be God is so true. There is an order to the universe that can only come from a divine being. To me life makes no sense without God being in charge of it all. Having said it, I do have to remember He is sovereign and will do what he had chosen to do even if it makes no sense to me at the time but he sees the bigger picture and how it all fits into his plans. My prayer is the truth will come out about the virus. I feel we have been manipulated and that angers me.

    I have washed my hands so much they are chapped. I won't wear a mask though. I will be careful out there.


  5. Smart people can explain phenomena as much as they like, it doesn't lessen any of the majesty of mountains and oceans, rivers and trees, just because we now know how they came to be.

  6. 'Many of us are too smart to see that' really says it all.

  7. How interesting that you think that God is forgotten with our understanding of how the world works, and yours may be the more common belief. For me, the more I understand of science and biology, the greater do I see God's hand in it.

  8. Like many I have turned from organized religion but I do talk to God each day. More often to thank Him for his many gifts than to ask for favors though I do that when a loved one is in need. I like the comfort of knowing He is in charge.

  9. Well, there is the cause and effect argument. The ultimate cause is God.

  10. That was beautiful. Gave me tears...

  11. Well said. A very smart man was once asked about cultivating more gratitude in his life. He wanted to know what he should be thankful for, and as was pointed out to him, he didn't ask to be born smart, with smart parents who made sure he got the education so he could become Professor Smart and do so many clever things. He didn't ask to be born in a country and century where these things were possible. He had a lot to be thankful for.

    You have drawn the correct conclusion.

  12. I think you're onto something. Even with my sciency background, I find it hard to believe in the Big Bang creation of the universe, and grasp how life could evolve from primordial soup.

  13. When things get bad I see folks who turn to God for help or turn to God for someone to blame. I think we should thank Him for the experience of learning something new. Maybe learning how to cope better, live more simply, live closer with family, cook at home, live with no TP. I've had to learn to do other tasks in my job that aren't in my scope of practice but I found out that I can do hard things...with HIS help. I guess we just need to say Thanks for letting me have the ride! Oh, and wear that stupid mask. I've worn one for over 40yrs and haven't died yet or get overcome with my own breath! But then again, I'm not that smart!

  14. you made me cry (yes it's easy )

    i think this is powerful post and one of the most beautiful and accurate !

    you ended it marvelously ,brilliantly and with perfect words ,i am speechless and very inspired
    i agree that no matter how smart we become everything ends up with God eventually and i think this is enough to understand that he exists and we need to have faith in him not because he needs our faith but it is "we" who need faith to stay connected to him
    the stronger is connection the more we are aware of him
    the more we are aware of him the better we understand ourselves and it is really important to understand ourselves so we can make our existence harmless and successful
    i loved this one dear Joe
    thank you for your precious sharing!

  15. "The final answer to the secret to life will always end up with God." EXACTLY.
    Here are a few Catholic holy men who agree with you. :)