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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


My Yankees are fighting to make it to the World Series.  They are playing the Houston Astros, a damn good team.  Now I love my Yankees, but, Holy Cow (as the beloved Phil Rizzuto would say) they cannot stay healthy.

I understand athletes getting hurt.  Baseball is not a contact sport, but there are balls flying around from pitchers or off bats at up to 115 MPH.  People do get hurt.  There are walls to be run into at full speed, people do get hurt.  There are collisions between players racing for a fly ball, or barreling in to home plate, people do get hurt.

My Yankees have had almost everyone of their star players hurt for a month or more this year. 

How have they been hurt?

One was hurt diving to third base to avoid a pickoff throw…out for the season.  One was hurt sliding into second base on a steal attempt…out for a month.  Several were hurt running to first base trying to beat out a ground ball hit...out for two weeks.  One was hurt throwing the ball to second base from center field…Out for 6 weeks.  One player missed a month because he hurt his arm swinging the bat…on a base hit!

Running, sliding, throwing, and swinging a bat…these are all basic baseball skills and my Yankees keep getting hurt doing these basic skills.

Mickey Mantle spent an hour before every game tapping up his legs which were hurt from a childhood disease and an accident tripping on a sprinkler in the outfield.  The Mick played hurt…(and sometimes drunk but that’s another story.)

I do not remember Yogi Berra who played catcher, the toughest position in the game, ever being hurt.  I don’t think Whitey Ford ever missed a start, 15 years, and he was never hurt.

Why did those old ball players always play, never got hurt, and today’s Yankees get hurt throwing, running and swinging a bat?  Pretty sure those old Yankees also threw, ran and swung bats.

Might be because those old ball players didn’t make as much money as they do today.  Many had other jobs in the off-season.  When they make or have the potential to make 30 million dollars a year, players today might be a bit more protective of their careers.  Playing in pain or playing through an injury could ruin a career and cost more money than most people can wrap their heads around.

I get it!


Throwing, running, sliding and swinging a bat should not cause an injury.  If you can’t run, throw, slide or swing a bat without getting hurt maybe you are in the wrong game.

Yankees are down to the Astros 2-1...damn Houston is good!     


  1. My niece and her hubby are National fans so they are ecstatic tonight. Good theory you have about players not wanting to play if they are hurt. I do know in football and other contact sports they have "toughened" up the concussion screening/treatment and one doesn't automatically get to play again in the game if hit hard in the head. That's a good thing in the long run. Hope your Yankees make it to the World Series!


  2. It might also have something to do with people just not being as tough as they once were. Back in the stone ages, people didn't live as long, but they were physically sturdier than we are now. Heavier bone structures, where we now have many people who have much finer bones, back then the muscular structure was thicker, now we have people who are much taller with slimmer(?) muscles. I'm probably not describing it well, but people these days get hurt more easily.

  3. i think it is true that new generations are physically weaker than earlier ones dear Joe

    me and hubby sometimes talk about new generation youngsters who are mostly less tall and fit which is worrying we mostly end up that food available and the medication and almost everything else we eat today is impure and unhealthy

    though i cannot ignore your thought you shared that may be they have more ways to earn and devotion to their game is also weak as their health

  4. Well I wrote about this the other day. Also the crying and whining in baseball. Geez.
    It doesn't look good for us. Nats don't have a chance with the Astros and it doesn't look like we have a chance with the Astros. I have never had a more frustrating year. How the hell did babe and mickey drink like fish and eat poorly and play so well? But if we aren't in it I must root for the Nats. But damn it NY get it together. I miss George. He'd have thrown money to get pitching. Not his dufus sons.

  5. And while I'm ranting they showboat but don't run when they hit a ball. That makes me angry. Especially Gary Sanchez. Put in Romaine. I think he's faster and his bat is good and actually to me better. Yea, yea, he doesn't have the arm. But I'll take him any day over Sanchez. He strikes out less. Gary doesn't run, he admires his hit. Idiot. Okay I'm done bitching on your blog now. I'll go to mine and bitch some more. :-)

  6. Enjoy yourself.

    Have a fabulous day. 😎

  7. Could it be the drinking of Babe and Mickey masked the pain? Hopefully since the Yankees have gotten past the two scary pitchers, things will look up. Pulling for your guys since my team has been on the couch for a long time. Sorry about that big fragile player we sold you. We couldn't keep him on the field either.

  8. I can't really speak about people not being tough these days. Maybe we've evolved to be thinner-skinned, too. Yesterday I accidentally stabbed my arm with a toothpick in my shirt pocket, and got home looking like I'd butchered a deer along the road.

  9. Maybe the old timers did (thinkin' of Mickey and Billy Martin and . . .) drink a bit more than the players (most of 'em) nowadays so they were "looser" on the field.

  10. Not sure of the reason, but i hope the Yankees get into the series anyway.


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