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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight
The new season of this train wreck reality TV show is starting.

“Married At First Sight”, where four couples are chosen by three relationship experts to be married without ever meeting. 

“Why”, you ask, “Do I watch a train wreck reality TV show?”

Because it is a train wreck reality TV show, why else? 

I make no claim to having any class.  My cable company does not, to my knowledge even carry PBS.


One of the things I love about this show is the three experts who sort through hundreds of applicants seeking to make perfect matches.  They seem to have the theory that physical attraction is not important, nor are certain habits or behavior. 

They believe they have a perfect match because both applicants think family is important, they like children and they both bathe at least once a week.

Well that sure narrows down the field!

The experts believe that any couple can grow to love each other if they learn to “Communicate” and don’t “Put up walls.”

How is that working for them? 

They have in several seasons matched up about 20 couples.  Five couples have stayed together.  I don’t think a 25% rate is particularly impressive, especially for “Experts” matching up people who REALLY, REALLY want to be married!

I am not an expert, but I take one look at these couples and can tell instantly which ones will fail simply because there is no way they could have physical attraction.  The experts think physical attraction is only superficial…OK, sometimes, but it is a damn good start.
I had a hunch this match with Captain Obvious wood not work.

One year the experts matched an obvious pot-head with someone who only admitted to being tolerant of the weed.  It would not have taken much digging to find out this guy loved his weed, one look at his droopy eyes and both Mrs. C and I said,

“I hope she likes dope, cause this guy smokes A LOT!”

That match lasted about three weeks.

Last year the experts made the minor mistake of matching a gay man with a heterosexual woman.  Talk about not having a physical attraction!

Once again, after the first episode, Mrs. C said, “Is it me, or is the guy gay?”

I wasn’t sure until the next week when the guy refused to kiss his new wife because it made him feel “hollow inside” …and his wife was very, very attractive!  Surprise, that match ended in a divorce.

It should be an interesting season.  So far, they have matched a five- foot nothing woman with a six-foot eight basketball player.  It could work, but logistically there may be some issues. 

Oh yeah one of the women is a 30-year-old virgin.  What could go wrong?


  1. "Learn to communicate"? That's a fail for me.
    "Don't put up walls"? Another fail for me.
    On the other hand, my 6'31/2" brother in law is still married to his 4'10'' wife after god knows how many years, so compatible size isn't always an issue.

  2. Marriage seems to be just a game now? So sad!

  3. I like your sense of humour ... and agree with what you say here. We have similar TV programs in the UK trying to match people with each other. It is often obvious the matches will not work. I sometimes wonder whether these are "real" people or just actors playing a role to make for good (?) TV.

    Coincidentally, I have written on my Blog about similar relationship counselling today.

    God bless.

  4. I've never watched it, but I think my oldest does. Those success rates are indeed lousy! I can't imagine thinking that attraction is not important! I don't think my husband and I would have matched on paper, to be honest.


    Sorry to come back here again JoeH. In the UK we have a TV show where people appear totally naked, (6 at a time), and one individual chooses which one they would like to date. Full frontal, close-up nudity, with the contestant and program presenter discussing peoples' intimate personal parts, (size, shape etc ...) The contestant eliminates 5 participants and chooses one. Then the contestant appears naked in front of his choice. Many variations of the program: one man chooses from 6 women, one woman chooses from 6 men or gay men/women choose from their preferences.

    More here:

    God bless.

  6. Well, that's an interesting concept. I'm tempted to believe you are making it up, but . . . How do you find these shows?

  7. I have heard of this show but we don't have cable any more so I'm not sure how I would be able to access it. I'd be fascinated about it and wondering what couples would make it or not. You would have to wonder what would make someone want to be on a show like that. Their 15 minutes of fame? Makes me think they must not value the sanctity of marriage if they so casually go into it like this. But then of course there were those arranged marriages in other cultures and a lot of those turned out great. You'll have to give us updates occasionally about how the show is going this year.


  8. The only season I watched was the one from the picture. I felt sorry for that guy, because the gal was kind of snobby to him. I think he really wanted it to work. The short lady was really mean to the chubby reddish-haired dude that season, too. I figure the "specialists" don't pick the most compatible people, because then nobody would watch a boring show.

  9. Oh Joe how this made me laugh. I don't normally watch reality shows. But I saw the first year and I felt like I was looking at an accident and should look away but I couldn't!
    Each season the women and men are worse. First of all some are too young to even be married.
    But first season Jamie and Doug sure worked out and boy that was an ugly beginning, she gave the process a chance and Doug was the most patient man I know. Jason and Courtney from that season just got a divorce and I liked them. The couple from Chicago are going strong and just had a baby. So I guess it works, I would never do it!! And yes didn't we all scream - hey you're gay what are you doing? You're correct his wife was so pretty. This season when the virgin told us all this my husband said, "oh yeah, nothing can go wrong here." The redhead is scary and she is riding the nutcase train don't you think? I don't have much hope. The tall guy and the short girl - oh that heat is gonna fizzle. The good thing about this show? My husband watches and each episode he grabs my hand and says, thank you for marrying. So it's good for that ladies.
    Did you know that the sex expert (the former blonde one) is engaged to a former man on the show?
    I loved this guy and not just because he was a Yankee fan living in Boston but because he was the real deal and the blonde diva who he was paired with wouldn't kiss him or give him a chance.
    I have never met anyone who watches this so I could talk to you for hours on this...tee hee

  10. I think 25% is amazing success considering the premise though choice by love only has a 50% success rate. I remember my grand mother was in an arranged marriage--kind of same principal only the parents were the experts. She said she leaned to love him by the second child.

  11. I hate all of the reality shows (although I have watched few) because they are shallow, support stereotypes, and have nothing to do with reality. They are a waste of time. I would rather read comic books for more depth.

  12. I don't care for reality TV, but if you post about it I'll read your posts.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  13. What a bizarre concept! Some people will do anything to get on TV. it seems. I've never heard of this show. We do get many American channels here, but obviously not the one where this is shown. It does sound entertaining, in a Jerry Springer kind of way. ☺ Must be mostly made up BS, for dramatic impact.The only reality shows I watch are the ones that showcase talent.

  14. I have watched it also and like you, I am drawn to it because it is a train wreck, but I always hope for a fake happy ending. My Retired Man and I got married on our 30th date. He was very cute and I was shallow. It was all about attraction. 52 years later, not so much.

  15. The reality shows I watch are the Friday Night fights, also known as the week's end political rambles on PBS.

  16. It sounds like those experts are sorry excuses for experts.

  17. i have no objection that you watch and enjoy reality shows dear Joe ,i would have done the same if there is time and little fun to watch
    most interesting thing is that we invest our own opinions and wait for expected consequences

    i too believe that two strangers can be a successful married couple if they know how to communicate and how to develop understanding gradually

  18. Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures. This show actually sounds intriguing. I'll have to check if it's on one of the streaming services that we have. And THEN I gotta find some time to watch it...