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Friday, June 7, 2019

It is Definitely not ME

It is Definitely not ME
Mrs. C does not give great directions.  She knows where to go, and what to do, she is just not good at letting others know where to go or what to do.  I think her brain operates differently from the rest of the normal world, and she assumes too much when communicating.

I often complain to her that she gives horrible directions.  She says I am just stupid.  She is partially correct, but mostly the problem is her.  Something today confirmed it to me.

We had to replace a flat tire on her car.  It was the front tire and she felt we should replace both front tires so they would be even.  That made little sense to me, but she is often right about things like this so I kept quiet.  I did not want to replace all  the tires as they had at least 15,000 miles left in them.  I mentioned I thought we might consider getting a new car next year, no sense getting all new tires.

She says to me,

“Write down this number, ten, ten, twenty-seven.”

“What the hell is that, the year we get a new car?”

“Just write it down.”

“Is that when you and I get a divorce?”

“Maybe, but no, just write it down.”

“Ten dash ten dash twenty-seven?”

“No, all one, no dash, just write it down.”

“OK, I wrote it down, now what?”

“Three and comma.”

“So, ten, ten, twenty-seven, three comma?”

“No, you idiot, count three numbers and add a comma.”

“You mean 101,027?”


“So, what does that mean, what are you telling me?”

“That is the current mileage on the car, 101,027 miles.

“What the HELL?  Why did you have me write it down?  Why not just say, ’The car has 101,027 miles on it’?”

“Because that is how I remember the number when I looked, ten, ten, twenty-seven.”

I really do not think it is me.


  1. You make a good point here and why couldn't she write it down herself?

  2. Definitely not you but I guess your lady wife knows what she means. You need a translator lol.

  3. While i might try to remember the number as ten, ten, twenty-seven, when i repeat it back to someone, i would not say it that way. She thinks different and doesn't know how to translate into the way others think, something i had to learn.

  4. Wonder why she tried to remember instead of taking notes herself? You are correct in that her brain works very differently with numbers than many.

  5. Your wife is right. Every one reads numbers 10 10 27. It's the way we write dates, telephone numbers, car mileage, the age of our children, (if we have three - other wise it is 10 10 27 29). It seems OK to me.

    God bless.

  6. OMG, I knew exactly what she meant.
    And the people at the tire store tell me if you have to change one tire you really have to change them all because, blah, blah blah. They think they see me coming but, although I do always learn the hard way, I do learn so that only was a one time major expense.

  7. I imagine that someday you will learn Mrs. C's shorthand language? You all ready can read her writing--almost.

  8. That is not how I think either.

  9. Hhhhhmmmm. I'm gonna' have to say it's definitely you on this one Cranky. Hahahaha. I totally got this.

  10. I can understand remembering the number like that. It's how I think when I'm writing down long account numbers on the check for bill-paying.

    Hick always replaces two tires at a time. Right now I have one with a slow leak, losing three pounds of air a day, and he says T-Hoe is due for two new tires anyway, if this one can't be plugged.

  11. I think there is something to replacing 2 at a time with the tires, so I think Mrs. C. is correct on that. Her numbering system works good for her; she just needs to communicate it better or perhaps write down the number herself the next time?


  12. I was lost at the first 10. Still don't get it. Does that mean you get a new car or just tires?

  13. I've read this three times and well, I just don't know what this means, unless Mrs C is a spy and was using your mileage as code for something? As far as getting TWO new tyres on the front - I'm with Mrs C on that one - my mechanic told me having tyres with uneven threads on the front affects the ability to brake evenly - but then he does sell tyres so......

  14. Hey, if it helps her remember the correct number I'm all for it.

    My cousin once had to tell us her new phone number (this was eons ago, when we still had to remember phone numbers) and she made a math problem out of it: her number was 42268 and she said, "Four minus two equals two plus six equals eight."

    Or something like that.