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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dogs are From Mars Cats are From Venus

Dogs are From Mars Cats are From Venus

When is comes to pets there are basically two kinds of people, Cat people and Dog people.

There are some rabbit lovers, fish people and even some rat, snake, and insect people; but except for those weird exceptions, there are Cat or Dog people.

Of course there a few like my wife that are “Ewww!” people.

I am a Dog people.  I do not currently have a dog, because my wife is an “Ewww” people.  I like my wife more than I like dogs.

I’ve never had a cat.  I do not particularly like cats, but I do respect  them.  Based on stories, memes, and some limited experience I can summarize the difference between dogs and cats.

Dogs can be aggressive.  They bark and threaten to get their way, they will back down to authority.

Cats just take what they want, and rip the face of anyone that challenges them.  Cats assume they are the authority.

Dogs are clumsy, they will break things accidentally with a wildly wagging tail or a careless romp.

Cats break stuff just for fun.

Dogs want to please you.

Cats want you to please them.

If there is a fire, a dog will bark until you are safe.  A cat will meow once and them get the hell out.  When you drag yourself out of the burning house, a cat will want to be fed.

A dog can learn correct behavior through discipline and wanting to please.  A cat already knows what you want and does not care.

Cats and dogs love to sleep, but cats don’t like people to sleep.

A dog gets excited when you are preparing his food.

A cat gets agitated until you prepare his food.

Dogs love to go for a walk.  Cats think going for a walk is stupid.

If given a chance, a dog will steal your food.  Cats will just lick your food when you are not looking and then leave it alone.

A dog will get excited and bark like hell if there is a mouse in the house.  A cat will sneak up and kill the sucker.

When confronted with their bad behavior, a dog will show remorse.  When confronted with their bad behavior, a cat will not know what you are upset about.

A dog will eat anything and everything.  A cat will starve to death until you figure out what they want.

Dogs will adapt to change.  Cats will make you change.

Dogs are high maintenance.  Cats can fend for themselves.

I like dogs.

I respect cats.


  1. I like both dogs and cats. When I was very young we had a large dog, a cat and a bird (a galah, a type of cockatoo). I'd like to have a dog, but dogs need walking and I'm not up to doing that anymore. If I had a house with a yard, I could probably have a small dog, with running around the yard being his "walkies". Those options aren't available, so I have a cat, but only because I missed my Angel (cat) after he vanished. If I'd waited longer and maybe gotten over that, I most likely wouldn't have Lola today.

  2. Yes, you got it right. I like dogs. Ours is very accommodating. He even allows me to pick up the poop he leaves in the garden.

    God bless.

  3. I am basically a dog person but now that walking is a problem I got myself a cat. I agree to everything you wrote but have to admit that I enjoy having an affectionate cat even if he doesn't always do what I want.

  4. Oh you have summed this up VERY wel! So accurate. I am a dog people and although I can admire the graceful,lithe beauty of cats (large and small), I am also an Ewww! person when it comes to having cats in the home. Their saliva is on all soft furnishings and turns to a fine dust which irritates human lungs and can cause serious disease. And the litter tray. Ewwww! And the cat crap in our gardens is horrendous - my mum's garden is always full of it because many cats won't use their own gardens. And the decline of the bird population in the UK is being blamed on the rise of dometic cat ownership. The neighbouring cats around my mum tend to scare the garden birds away and that was one of the great pleasures for my mum, watching the birds on the feeders. But there are so many cats stalking birds in her garden that the birds are not so prolific. So don't get me started on flipping cats!

  5. You forgot the one about dogs taking care of their food dishes, maybe leaving a single pea if one somehow accidentally dropped into their food. Cats like to scatter extras dry food and use it for batting practice and their own amusement when you step on it on the way to morning coffee. That was my experience anyway.

  6. I'm not a pet person, but if I had to choose, I'd definitely choose a dog over a cat. I find cats to be creepy. Dogs are either loveable or scary.

  7. Being a huge dog lover I am with you. I don't think of cats as pets, they don't adore you or want to please you, they don't care if you're home or not. They are just another critter in the house that you must bow to. I have nothing nice to say about cats. But cat people will say, "oh but you don't know my cat" or my cat is affectionate. Yes, when it wants something or at his command. Never to console you. Nope, I don't like when people act this way why would I want an animal in the house that behaves that way? Thankfully my husband has a strong dislike for cats so we are a good match.
    But now those little yappy dogs.....2nd to cats. :-)

  8. Oh this is spot on and very funny. You know your dogs and your cats. I've had both and love them both.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  9. I both like AND respect cats.....especially those claws.

  10. After the cats are gone, and you have all the good furniture become a dogs only person!

  11. Priceless and so right Joe. I love them both but if I have to pill a dog--hey a little cheese and down she goes. For a cat, call 911 first for you will probably need them to staunch the bleeding.

    1. lol Patti! - same for when you need to wrestle them into a carrier for a trip to the vet - or make a foolish decision to dress them in a Halloween costume!

  12. Dogs are loyal, and they want to be your friend. Cats are the very embodiment of narcissistic self-absorption. I like dogs. I loathe cats.

  13. Having both dogs and cats, I agree with your observation. Especially the one about "A cat knows what you want, and doesn't care."

  14. Your observations about cats and dogs is spot on! I have never had a cat and probably won't though at this stage of the game when we are debating on whether to get another dog, a cat would be easier to take care of and less demanding of our time. Maybe I should just feed one of the many feral cats we have here and call it all good.


  15. When I have cats I love them, when I have dogs I love them. Right now we're pet free. I'm loving that too. Go figure, I'm easily amused I suppose. Good post. I thought Dogs were from Uranus with all that sniffing and such! Good post.

  16. Most of this is correct, but i do know of a couple of cats that are exceptions. One friend had a cat that loved walking on a leash and visiting her friends on the walk, then coming home and watching movies on the computer.

  17. God made me a dog person. I am extremely allergic to cats and I would love to have one but they really can put me in the hospital and have!

  18. HILARIOUS! You hit them all! I especially like the one about breaking stuff "accidentally" vs "for fun."
    Now, here comes the exception to selfish cats: I was sick for two days last week. My Charlie laid right next to me on the couch the entire time - hubby would only appear briefly, gingerly leaving water, pills, and lunch before scampering away lest he catch what I had! Charlie was more fun to talk to, too!

  19. I LOVED THIS ONE dear Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is hilarious piece of writing indeed

    while reading each description i was knowing that i already knew these all differences about both parties somehow lol

    don't you find that dogs sound more like wives and cats like .....

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  21. I'm basically a cat person who likes other people's dogs. They go home. Or they stay there and "I" go home. But I've always had cats, and get a great deal of pleasure in living with them. You don't train them, they train themselves, and take on roles.
    Im reaching the age where I don't want take on younger cats, for their sake. I would like a few more, elderly, middle aged...

  22. True, true! Dogs have owners, cats have staff.