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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

People Are Weird!

People Are Weird!

I am not watching Game Of Thrones

Mrs. C recently got into “Game of Thrones.”  Encouraged by her brother that “You have to watch” she binged all the seasons on the HBO on-demand function.

I tried to watch, but for various reasons, most relating to being an old fart, I found it unwatchable.  I do peek at it occasionally while messing around on the computer and Mrs. C is watching. 

Recently I’ve been reading that “Game of Thrones” viewers are upset at a sex scene from the latest episode.  Apparently a young lady that has been on the show from a young age was in a sex scene where she is now about 17 (TV age?).  Actually it is not even a sex scene, but more of an inferred sex scene.  She is seen briefly with her backside undressed and then later shown resting with a man under covers.

Based on several articles I have read this scene has upset many people.  The idea of this young girl having sex is disturbing to viewers.

While only casual observing this show by peeking up from my computer screen, I have seen people having dinner while others were having intercourse of the sexual kind in the corner of the room.  I have seen multiple heads lopped off.  There is violence and human degradation of which I could not even imagine.  There are flying fire breathing dragons and zombies.  There is backstabbing literal and figurative.  This is not a show for the faint of heart.

And yet, a seventeen year old girl in a time where you were lucky if you lived passed thirty, having sex with a slightly older man is upsetting to many viewers.

I asked Mrs. C why was this scene such an issue especially on a show that is over the top with violence and degradation.

Her answer?

“People are weird!”     

Or, maybe they are jerks.


  1. Never seen an episode of it. Not opposed to the idea, just haven't prioritized it and it seems like a show where once I started it, I'd want to keep going.

    As characters age, it seems like they'd do new things.

  2. If she's 17, she's of age here.

    In a time when people glamorize sex and violence, what do they expect young people to do? They emulate their elders, the good and the bad.

  3. Maybe they would have preferred her to be lopping off heads. People ARE weird.

  4. Maybe they didn't like it that she was growing up and didn't feel she was ready to have sex? Mrs C is right, people are weird. Never watched the show. Heard people either love it or hate it.


  5. Perhaps they all prefer to think that 17 year old girls are still children and shouldn't be having sex at all much less with an older man.

  6. These days, 17 is know-it-all and do-it-all.

  7. That is truly bizarre!!! Aren't plenty of 17 YO girls having sex in real life?

  8. Yes, people are weird and far too many are jerks.

  9. Everyone has an opinion about everything. They need to keep their pie holes shut and mind their own business. People are more than weird.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  10. Jerks are weird ... go figure

  11. I haven't watched it but have read blurbs about people being upset. At last I know have an idea what they are referring to. Thanks. Yep, folks are weird.

  12. Seriously? I wonder what percentage of 17-year-old girls have engaged in sex. Yes, people are weird jerks who fixate on stupid things instead of seeing that maybe the storyline needed to have Arya Stark (yes, I watch Game of Thrones) to finally have a tender moment after being such a badass assassin.

  13. I've never watched this show. I tried to read the books but got lost with all the names I had to remember. Frankly most people I talk to say they've never watched it but obviously somebody is. Anyway, I hate to break all the upset people's bubble but maybe they should visit their nearest maternity ward. Gals younger than 17 are having sex.

  14. I gotta say... great minds think alike.

  15. i did not watch the show until now dear Joe!

    Hubby is watching Marco Polo these days and i am enjoying this one too

    i am not good at watching such stuff so easiest thing is (since always) to press the fast forward button and feel free from guilt of peeking into someone's privacy
    i agree mrs C though

  16. I'm not an accurate commenter here because I've never watched - the suspicion that it's saturated with violence is enough to keep me away. You've inspired me to sit here reflecting on the days when not a single swear word was heard on the screen, and "mom and dad," both married, slept in side-by-side twin beds. Everything was so neat and tidy then! And now that I'm older, I think I like it that way!


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