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Monday, April 1, 2019

Duke vs. Virginia Tech

Duke vs. Virginia Tech 
Friday night I was watching the Duke sweet sixteen NCAA basketball game between Duke and Virginia Tech.  It was a great game, back and forth for 39 minutes 59 seconds.  With one second left it was still anyone’s game.

I am not a big basketball fan.  I seldom watch the pro’s and mostly just watch college during March Madness.  Even then I don’t watch much.  Any sports can be boring without a rooting interest.

When Duke plays, I have a rooting interest.  I have a few friends and a whole bunch of relatives that graduated from Duke.

So, for several hours, I was watching this basketball game Friday night.

Mrs. C was downstairs catching up on “Game of Thrones.”  She has no interest in most sports, but she does not begrudge me my watching and rooting.

I was watching Duke, on the edge of my seat for several hours, and the game came down to the final 1.1 second.  Duke was leading by two points.

Virginia Tech had the ball and was preparing an inbounds play.  They had enough time to catch an inbounds pass and shoot.  It is enough time, especially as the defense has to be extra careful not to foul.  Based on games I have watched, VT had about a 25% chance of tying the game and a slight chance of scoring a three-point play and winning.

During a time out to set up a play and a defense, I heard Mrs. C coming up the stairs.

“Who’s winning?” As if she cared.

“Duke…it is almost over.”

“What’s the score?”

“75 to 73.”

As Vt was in-bounding the ball, and as she sauntered in front on the TV,

“How much time.”

“One second!”

I screamed frantically while gesticulating with my arms for her to move.

I saw the pass to a VT guard right below the basket.  He caught it and while in mid air tapped it toward the basket.  At that moment, Mrs. C moved between me and the TV and there was a one second total eclipse of the game.


Too late. 

I heard that Duke won the game.  Apparently, the final shot missed and there was no foul.  It must have been an exciting moment.

Duke won. 

Wished I would have seen it.
Oh well, they lost on Sunday...dang!


  1. That it! I need to watch more sport, although we are quite restricted in what games are televised.

  2. I saw it but didn't care. I'm the only one in the extended family who doesn't fill out a bracket.

  3. Ooh no Joeh, what a bummer. You need to record games like that so you can either pause or rewind to catch that special moment. Sorry. Like you I am not a super fan of basketball but do try to watch the final 4. Arkansas was out the first day so no horse in the race.

  4. Those of us associated with my alma mater are somewhat more elated about Sunday's outcome. . .

  5. Like Patti said above, recording games is the way to go.

    My husband records PGA golf. Sadly the games always go over the allotted recording time. HE seldom ever sees the final shots. Sigh.

    1. That's sad...but funny. I do not have that technology, if I did I think I would start to record extra time just in case.

  6. Repeat after me- Who's winning? "Duke I think, at the moment."
    What's the score? "Um, I dunno. Did I mention Duke's ahead, maybe?"
    How much time? "Oh, there's a while to go. Why?"
    Never mind if you're gonna be like that!

    Works almost every time. Never act like you're paying close attention, never admit when it's nearly over, always make a quip that annoys. Otherwise that wimmin's radar works EVERY time. They can sense when the end is near and have perfect timing when it comes to blocking sporting satisfaction.

    Or get a DVR and just replay after you push her out of the way!!

    Happy April 1st!

  7. That's tragic. Hopefully, the final seconds were replayed on the news highlights.

  8. But you saw it on instant replay didn't you? I know not the same as seeing it in real time.


  9. Had that happen to me once, a show i'd waited a long time to see, and my brother stepped in front of the TV at the wrong moment. It wasn't a sports thing, no replay. It's just too sad when it happens.

  10. I know, you know, we all know, she did that on purpose!!
    You can take your revenge by throwing out another useless collection of plastc bags or whatever you can grab hold of first.