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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I Don’t Always Follow Directions

I Don’t Always Follow Directions
Stunt cab driver, not the actual crazy cab driver
I don’t always follow directions.  It is a good thing because sometimes directions are ridiculous.  Sometimes people giving directions are idiots.
The other day I was in the car waiting area of the train station lot.  I was there to pick up my step daughter who was coming from the city for a doctor’s appointment. 
I got to the station early by about five minutes.  In this area there are always a few taxis.  It is not an area strictly for taxis, but they seem to feel that it is.
As my SD arrived a taxi pulled into the area and just in front of me, but not blocking me.  I was behind a little red car that was also making a pick up. 
The cab driver got out of his car.
The little red car started forward but had to stop because traffic would not allow him to do anything else.  I also stopped because if I didn’t I would have run right up the little red cars backside.
At this point I was calmly waiting for the traffic to clear when the cab driver started hollering and waving his arms for me to move.
I’m pretty sure he said, “Come on…mobble the foggen crundle!”
I almost stepped on the gas and ran up the backside of the little red car which was not moving, but I decided that following the cab driver’s directions would be counter-productive.
I rolled down my window and hollered back, “I can’t mobble the foggen crundle without crunching the foggen red car.”
He insisted again, quite vigorously, that I “mobble the foggen crundle!” and waved at me to run up the rear bumper of the little red car.  He seemed to be very angry and quite insistent that I crash into the car that was one foot in front of me.
Not wanting to hit the car in front of me or get into an argument with a complete idiot who for some reason was directing me to have an accident, I rolled up the window and as traffic finally cleared and I could leave the lot, followed the little red car safely out.
As I left, I was sure to let the cab driver know that he was number one.


  1. These days you're not sure that someone won't bring out a weapon and kill you. Seriously, what's the big hurry anyway.

  2. I have seen some people directing the vehicles when there is a big traffic...

  3. That experience would have upset me. Some drivers think they should have sole use of roads or even parking lots.

  4. Cab drivers can be quite territorial. They want to be sure you are not from Uber or Lyft, too, and waiting to take their business.

  5. Always wise to factor in who is giving directions as well.

  6. Giving that cab driver the directions that he is number one is definitely the proper response Joe.

  7. How thoughtful of you to make sure that cabby knew he was # 1:)) Best way to salute a jerk--once you were moving that is. I never have the courage and just work on my ulcer instead.

  8. In this instance you were definitely wise to not follow the directions given.

  9. One of these days, somebody is going to mobble HIS foggen crundle!

  10. such incidents happen here often and a saying is famous that
    head of traffic man is heated up "

    but what could be the reason for one who tried to mislead you

  11. Hahaha, I like baili's expression - the head of the traffic man is heated up. Too funny.

    I just calmly say something like, "Tut mir leid, ich verstehe kein Englisch."