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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Humidifier Part 2

The Humidifier Part 2
I recently posted about a fight I had with our bedroom humidifier.  This is the contraption that only Mrs. C fills every night as when I touch it, it malfunctions.  A few weeks ago, Mrs. C was away and I could not get the contraption to work without giving it a quick kick.
The other night Mrs. C had trouble with the dang thing.  She filled it and hit the switch and it did not come on.  I told her to kick it and that didn’t work.  I then emptied the base of its residual water, replaced the water container and turned it on…it worked!
In the past Mrs. C has claimed that whatever I touch gets busted.  I really wanted to rib her about the fact that it would not work for her either and that in fact I fixed it, but I know better than to poke the bear and left well enough alone.
Tonight, the humidifier again refused to work without a lot of fussing around with it.  I commented,
“I don’t know why it does that, it doesn’t make any sense does it?”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“I must say though, it makes me feel a little better that you have a problem with it also, it proves it is not just me.”
“Well there was never a problem until you touched it!”
When I win, I still lose.
At least she didn’t call me a jerk.


  1. Okay.....she needs to cut you some slack lol.

  2. Technically...Mrs. C is correct. Although you didn't POKE the bear, you kind of annoyed it, like a buzzing fly.

  3. I bet that time it went wrong for you, it would have happened even if Mrs C had been the one to touch it that day. Time to buy a new one?

  4. You're probably still a jerk (to her)!!

  5. From where i am seeing it she is (always) right!

    don't waste your time to win race which you have already lost lol

  6. Ever had that feeling that you can't win?

  7. Mrs. C has an answer for everything! Good on her.

  8. I see a theme here. You're the problem with everything that goes wrong at your house. Makes sense to your wife. Bwahahahahahahaha.

    Have a fabulous day and keep your hands off stuff. ☺

  9. Don't know how you kept from poking the bear when it wouldn't work for her. That would have been irresistible for me but then you know your bear's temperment.

  10. Sometimes they need a good cleaning -- they get persnickety if a residue builds up.


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