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Friday, February 15, 2013

Look out for the Indians

Look out for the Indians*

This is a story about my mom.  There is no particular reason for telling it other than it is a family favorite and I want to make sure it is captured in print as family lore.

I seem to tell more stories about my mom than I do of my dad.  My dad was a remarkable man, incredibly smart, strong, and trustworthy.  He was just a solid guy.  Mom was the Lucy to his Ricky.  Dad was interesting, mom was a hoot (GIYP.)

My father was a Chemical Engineer and the family moved wherever his job demanded.  In the 1940’s it took them to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  They had a small farm on the outskirts of the city, where they had horses and for spare cash they raised and sold vegetables that were grown in a “hydroponic” green house, one of the first in the country.

When they moved to Oklahoma, mom and dad were invited to a small “getting to know you” gathering.  Mom struck up a conversation with one of her new neighbors.

“So, we are from back east, where are you from.”

“Oh…my family has been in Oklahoma for over one hundred years.”

“Oh my goodness, how exciting.  I can’t imagine how it was as an early pioneer.  It must have been so difficult.  Weren’t they afraid of the Indians?”

“Oh I don't think so Ma’am; they were the Indians.”

That was the end of the story as my mom always told it.  I am sure she laughed and was not the least bit embarrassed.

I expect her “Indian” neighbor thought she was a hoot; everyone else did.
*feel free to substitute "Native American" if you just does not work the same for me. 


  1. Didn't the face paint and headdress give him away? OOooooo.....bad.

    So now we know where you get your sense of humor. Thanks, Mom. :)


  2. Thank you for the laugh. What a great story...

  3. Ha! Excellent visual there. Lucy is better than the modern memes going around for an "oh crap" moment. I'm glad I stumbled on this blog.

  4. I wish I could have met your mom!!

  5. That's a funny story. Love hearing about your parents and your childhood stories. Keep them coming :)
    What I love about your blog is that I never know what the post is going to be about. You mix it up well, and that makes it interesting and always my "go to" blog of the day.

  6. I forgot to tell you--I read "I Used to Be Stupid" yesterday. Funny stuff!!

  7. Great story! My mom was a hoot, too. Miss her every day.

  8. Ha ha thats a good one! "They are the Indians" LOL!

  9. The peace pipe should have been a dead give-a-way. Fun story. I can't wait to share it with MY Mrs. C.

  10. Heh. That's certainly worth saving for posterity.

  11. That is a priceless story. It's good that you have it written down for posterity now.

  12. I bet the neighbours laughed about that story at dinner parties for years!

  13. Your mum does indeed sound like a hoot! Funny story :-)

  14. LOL! The term Non PC didn't exist back then. Ah, the good ol' days :)


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