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Saturday, February 16, 2013



(My longest title ever)

Welcome to Cranky Opinion Saturday
For the second time in two weeks I have endured a TV talk co-host proselytizing the benefits of being a vegan.  I get it.  You are healthy.  You are happy.  You are full of energy.  You are also a twenty-six year old celebrity actress who gets paid to play make-believe and you have the time and the money to work out at the gym two hours a day.

Why do these people feel the need to convince the world to eat as they do?  This particular lady jumped right into the vegan spiel with no prodding whatsoever.

“Tell me Ann Marie, what new projects are you planning?”

“Well Bob I have several projects in the future but of course they must fit around my vegan diet.”  (WHAT?)

“Oh so you are a vegan are you?”

“Yes Bob, if it has a face I will not eat it.  Everyone should go vegan, it is healthy and there are plenty of vegan dishes that are delicious.  Here, I just happen to have a tofu vegan fake meat chop in my bag.  Try one.”

“Yumm, that’s really not that bad.”

(Really not THAT bad means it sucks!)

“You know Bob, not only is vegan healthy, but if everyone ate vegan, as they should, we would reduce the worlds cattle, hog, and chicken herds which produce the methane which causes global warming er I mean climate change, also meat increases testosterone in our food which causes aggression.  Eating meat is the cause of global climate change and terrorism and wars.  Believe me Bob, if you saw a video of how those animals that people eat are slaughtered you would never have another burger.  We should all go vegan and save the planet before it is too late!”

“Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap”


Go, be a vegan, it’s all good, but leave my meat alone, and stop putting a guilt trip on everyone who does not follow you superior, enlightened, humanitarian diet, which by the way is 98% of the planet.

If you think slaughtering animals is ugly, consider the alternative.  In the wild, Buffalo for instance, do not die of old age.  They are hunted by predators and the slower, older, injured or sick are brought down by a cougar, a bear, or a pack of wolves and are ripped apart and eaten while they slowly bleed to death.  It is the ultimate fate of virtually all prey animals.

Humans are omnivorous.  We are designed to eat vegetables, fruit, nuts and meat.  I am sure a case can be made that many people eat more meat than is needed for their optimal health, but some meat, red or white, and some seafood in your diet is nourishment that our bodies are designed to process and are part of a good healthy lifestyle.

The vegans I have known are too thin.  If they get stuck in a snowstorm they will not survive.  The vegans I have known pass gas which empties a room.  That methane cannot be healthy, and surely leads to climate change.  It sure as hell changes the climate of any room the vegan occupies.

Listen people, don’t eat meat or fish.  Don’t eat sugar.  Stay away from glutens (whatever the frig a gluten is.)  Don’t eat fat, count your carbs,  buy organic, and eat fiber, fiber, fiber.  Breast feed until you are twelve, chew one hundred times before you swallow, lay off the salt, drink green tea, whatever makes you happy, but please don’t preach.  Do not go door to door and push your one true diet for longer life.  Stay off the air waves with your food preaching. 

Eat what you want, just leave me alone and STFU!


The preceding opinion was not necessarily that of management (Mrs. Cranky.)


  1. I'm all for people eating vegan, and driving electric cars while they're being goody, too. That just leaves more prime beef and gasoline for ME! ;)


    *I guess that wasn't very PC, was it? Sorry.*

  2. Beans, Broccoli and Kale, The BBK diet... after about a week you'd be a hermit.

  3. I think you're on to something, Cranky. The growing problem of greenhouse gas and overabundance of methane isn't cows but vegans!

  4. There are all kinds of ways to live and eat healthier. Vegan is only one of them. Some people do better on a high protein diet like Atkins, which is primarily a MEAT diet. This world is made up of all different kinds of people. There really is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL diet for everyone.

  5. I agree with Leenie!!

  6. This is perfect, and so true!! I do adhere to a particular dietary plan for me personally due to thyroid issues, but I don't go squawking about it to everyone. Good grief. I have just found something that works for me - doesn't necessarily mean I need to cram it down everyone's throats. NOthing worse than having to eat with someone who is overtly vocal about their 'special dietary needs' - gag!!

    That picture of that model is just disturbing. Do men really find that appealing? Wow - she is a stick.

  7. When vegans talk about how meat eating causes aggression I always reflect on the fact that the top three Nazis, including Hitler, were vegetarians.

  8. Eating too much meat causes too high a level of testosterone that causes people to be aggressive?????......

    Your body needs testosterone - no testosterone = no sex drive in men and women and can cause massive moods swings...Medical evidence supports good levels of

    If we weren't designed to eat meat we wouldn't have the equipment to eat and digest it....

    I cannot be doing with these do gooder's who try and convert everyone else to their sad way of life... Methinks they protest too much about the benefits.

  9. I just came across this quote which seems appropriate here:

    "If God hadn't intended us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat".

  10. Maybe the vegans can sit at my lunch table with the 98-pound gals who go ON and ON about starting a diet in an attempt to be healthier, all the while chowing down on their processed, sodium-laden Michelina's or Lean Cuisine frozen meals.

  11. Amen! I have this same issue with those who feel they must convert the masses to any of their favorite beliefs or obsessions. If it works for you, wonderful, but please don't try to force feed it to me!

  12. Whenever I hear a vegan or even vegetarian get too harpy on their diets it all translates into so much, "I smuggity smug smug so that I can better smug." I can't remember who it was that said that Veganism was another form of first world entitlement...that you've got to be pretty damn rich and comfortable to be able to CHOOSE not to have meat as substinence. Usually that gives a vegan pause, as they like to consider themselves anything but priviledged.

  13. How interesting. And I heard a vegan's gas is enlightening and fresh smelling...... LOL

  14. Ive been looking into the Vegan way of life. It actually seems like a lot of work. Lots of substitution. Besides, I like meat sauce with my pasta -- and "fake meat" aka Tofu just tastes gross to me. I've tried it and I don't like it. What am I supposed to out my days on earth not enjoying food? I'd much rather cut out the truly bad stuff, eat healthy, load up on vegetables and fruits, cut back on red meat...things like that, than to totally wipe out all meat from my diet. Moderation is the key to all things. TV is bad for you if you are glued to the set 24/7 but a little bit of tv a day isn't bad. Wine is bad if you drink bottle after bottle every day, but a glass at night? Not a bad thing. I think of meat eating much the same way. As far as cruelty to's true that watching those slaughter house videos and documentaries makes me sad, as I do not enjoy watching animals suffer, and when I say suffer I do not only mean in the way they are killed - but in the way they are treated up to that point. Yeah, it does pull on my heart strings. What gets me is the die-hard Vegans who scream at you that killing animals is heartless! mean! cruel! and wrong! don't have any kind of a problem with killing babies in the womb. Okay, yes...I'm very much against abortion, which is a debate all on it's own, I know...and everyone is entitled to their opinion on the subject and I'm in no way a "hater" of the other side...but I just can't stand hypocrites. You can't scream at me for eating meat and how it's wrong to kill animals and then in the next breath say that it's okay to kill a 12 week old baby in the womb. I'm sorry, you just can't have it both ways. If you think the killing of innocent, defenseless living things is wrong, then shouldn't that be for ALL living, defenseless living things? I know plenty of Vegans who don't agree with me there. They are "right" about how it's not okay to kill animals, but yet I am wrong on the abortion thing because "that's's a woman's choice." Blah.
    Okay - I'm done now :)