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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Another Cranky Post - A Covid observation


Another Cranky Post

I just figured out why I have not been posting very often these days. 

In order to post you should have something to say.  In order to have something to say, you need to be part of the world where things are happening that might inspire comment. 

When you only leave the house to get the mail or bowl with a bunch of other people who only leave the house to get the mail or bowl once a week, you do not find much to write about.

I have pretty much run out of posts about TV, a topic that actually makes many readers angry.  “I haven’t watched TV since ‘I love Lucy’ was taken off the air.’ Or ‘TV, there is nothing on but trash, I only watch PBS or read Time magazine!’  Anyway, I have no TV posts in me.  

I could post on Mrs. C, but Mrs. C has run out of new reasons to call me a Jerk.

Well, today I went to the bank to get some money so I can pay for my bowling this Monday and (To quote our President) “Son of a bitch” I have something to write about…actually something to rant about.

In New Jersey, mask wearing is not mandated, at least not by the State, but all establishments require wearing a mask if you want to go into their store. 

Now I am not completely convinced that mask wearing is effective at stopping Covid.  I say that because 99% of the people in New Jersey wear masks when outside the home and yet we still have rather high numbers of new cases every day.

Still, how hard is it to wear a friggin mask?  We even wear them while bowling.  Just point me to the pins and I can still bowl with my fogged-up mask wearing glasses. 

No big deal.

So here is my rant.

Today I waited for the ATM machine, which is outside, but protected from the wind.  The guy at the machine was wearing his mask around his neck.  It looked uncomfortable, unprotective of me or him, and almost as importantly it looked really STUPID!!

If you don’t want to wear the damn mask fine.  I’ll just hold my breath and or avoid you.  If you want to start an argument with store personnel who demand you wear a mask, that is your issue…you are a pain in the ass, but still not my problem.  I can almost respect someone who refuses to wear a mask.  It is still a free country…mostly.

But, if you are going to wear a mask, why do you wear it around your chin?  Even worse are those who wear it under their nose!  You may as well have a stamp on your forehead that says “I AM A DUMB SHIT!!”

I even heard someone complain that the mask interferes with their breathing.   Hmmm, pretty sure that is the point.

Anyway, I did not say anything to the ATM mask idiot.  Not sure why.

I’d have no problem advising someone that they are supposed to wear a mask, maybe they have been living under a rock and don’t know.

Why is it hard to point out to a person wearing a mask around their chin or under their nose that they are NOT REALLY WEARING A MASK?  Why am I hesitant to point out to a stranger that they are stupider than dirt?

Maybe I have been indoctrinated into the concept that diversity is always good.  Maybe idiots add to the collective societal diversity and we need more idiots. 

Perhaps I should just go back to my isolation for a bit longer.

Bonus rant:

Why does some fool tell me every day on a TV public service announcement to get tested for Covid OFTEN?  

I almost never leave the house, should I get tested every time I do? Wouldn’t getting tested put me at risk more than just staying home?  How OFTEN is “getting tested OFTEN”?  Every day?  Twice a week? 

Could I get the virus while leaving the testing site and walking to my car?  Maybe I should just go back and get tested again. 

Please experts, I want to follow the science…define OFTEN!

End of bonus rant.

Stay safe everyone!



  1. Great rant. There are idiots who can't figure out how to wear a mask and there are idiots that wear them properly. The world is filled with idiots.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Joe. My best to Mrs. Cranky. ☺

  2. Maybe the reason you didn't say anything to the idiot is that most people are armed these days and have hair trigger mentalities. That's why *I* keep my mouth shut.

  3. Catalyst beat me to it. Too many people are packing these days and those that do usually have attitudes just itching to be set off. Glad you kept your thoughts for this post. We need you around.

  4. Have to agree - keep my mouth shut instead of confronting idiots. You aren't going to change them anyhow.

  5. I’ve not seen any PSA’s about getting tested. That’s just weird. I too am very annoyed by people who don’t wear the mask right. The reason I don’t say anything is because they are the same people who look like they conceal carry.

  6. The mask is a head shaker for sure. I wore one daily for 49yrs in the operating room..retire and I'm still wearing one daily! What I like is when I had to have my picture taken for my health chart I had to pull the mask down. Looking at the photo I was pleased to notice it hides a double chin when pulled down. Win-win. Most of the Amish don't wear one. I saw an article that said they don't have Covid like the rest of the world. Well, I hate to pop a bubble but in Amish country here they have huge outbreaks and are a problem. On the flip side I just stay far away when I see them and since bathing isn't a daily routine for them it's another win-win. So happy to see your post and to see you and Mrs. C are doing good and good luck with your bowling!

  7. Excellent rant, and confronting people these days is dangerous.

    Have fun bowling, i wish you another perfect game.

  8. Often, like normal, cannot be defined, the meaning is different for everyone. Your normal is not my normal, and your often is not my often, the same way that "soon" in my house means getting it done before bedtime, while "soon" in my kids house is anytime between now and the end or the year. Or century.

  9. I do not conceal-carry, but I DO have this can of worms I've been lugging around, and you've given me an excuse to open it!

    Maybe you didn't say anything to him because: 1) He was not violating any mandate. 2) He was not inside a business establishment. 3) It was your choice whether or not to crowd up and get close to him. 4) You have not yet been sworn in as a deputy in the Virtue Police. What if somebody told you, "Take off that filthy mask! What are you, some kind of idiot?" In a free country, is one person's opinion more important or more protected than another's?

    Now for your Bonus Rant. Our county has a population of 67,215. It has given 87,651 tests. I guess the people who are being tested are getting tested OFTEN! There's no way every resident of our county has been tested, plus 20,000 more who have been trucked in. They'd get tested in their own county. So obviously some of the testees (heh, heh, you know what I said!) are double/triple/quadruple-dipping on those tests.

    1. If told to remove my mask, I would tell him/her/? "Go f*ck yourself asshat!" People have the right to not wear a mask and I have the right to shun them...they also have the right to fart in an elevator, walk around without wiping snot from their nose and driving slow in the fast lane; but if you are going to wear a mask cover you mouth and nose.

  10. i don't wear mask when go out because i don't need it
    wait a sec i don't need it because i keep my half face covered with my shawl which includes my nose
    i do saw people wearing mask in funny positions one of them you mentioned here dear Joe and i felt same level of irritation ,may be mask symbolizes Rules from the very front and when it seems to be broken it hurts
    i am not listening news so often testing is hard to define
    stay safe and healthy !

  11. What to do? I just go about my own business unless I'm at work. Then I have to ask them to please pull the mask over their nose. And we still have people who come in without one :-0 Or they come in with a mask that looks like they cut a tee shirt and it hangs down below the chin like a baby's bib. Go figure....

  12. I often mutter under my breathe to "cover your f*cking nose, you moron", and my wife'll just grab my arm and say "Shhhh!" as if they heard. To all those who mentioned the way everyone these days is armed- that's how I've felt for a long time anyway.

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  14. Life is so full of confusion these days. People don't know what to do.

    God bless.

  15. You may not think you have anything to say, but what you do say always makes me laugh. I so appreciate that Joeh.

  16. I don't understand the below the nose thing either. Why bother?!? I'm not the type to say anything to the people not wearing a mask, but I do refuse to support businesses that don't support the mask mandate. It sounds like you have more people wearing masks without a mask mandate than we do with a mask mandate.

  17. I don’t understand the wearing of the mask in a car when there is only one person present. It’s a bizarro world turned upside down or is that right side up or inside out? My equilibrium is off with my mask.