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Monday, February 22, 2021

Tom Brady…a delayed reaction


Tom Brady…a delayed reaction


Not sure why, but just recently I was looking back at this year’s Super Bowl and the reaction that the Tampa Bay’s quarterback received for celebrating.

Let me first say that I have not historically been a big Tom Brady fan.   The guy is ultra-wealthy, is married to a beautiful model, and is the winningest football player in history…what is to like.

OK, I may a bit jealous. 

Still you have to respect what this guy has done, and he has done it with talent and by working harder than almost any other athlete. 

So this 43 year old wins his seventh Super Bowl Championship with a completely new team and he is criticized by some for partying too hard.

Apparently he drank too much!  Hell, he just won his seventh SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP!  I got loaded celebrating my bowling team winning our first and only league championship.

People get hammered on their 21st birthday.  Lawyers get hammered after passing their Bar Exam, doctors get hammered after getting their degree, lots of people in this country get hammered after dinner; Tom Brady, after sacrificing so much to be able to play and still be the best to ever play, got hammered after winning the most coveted prize in sports. 

What a disgrace!

Further he was criticized for disrespecting the trophy.  A TROPHY!  He has not disrespected other players, other teams, anyone or anything, but he disrespected the one thing he worked so hard to win…A TROPHY!

Lighten up people. 

Let a person enjoy success that was earned, not given.  Like him or not, he deserves respect more than the trophy.

Oh, you don’t follow the sport and don’t know how he disrespected the trophy? 

While on his yacht during a Tampa Bay victory boat parade, he tossed the 7 pound silver trophy to a teammate on the boat behind him.  His teammate caught it because these guys are professionals and can catch and throw.

The daughter of the trophy’s designer was horrified that the trophy was disrespected. 

What would have happened if the trophy was dropped or damaged?

It is not a one of a kind trophy.  A new replica is given to the winning team every year.  If it was dropped and sank to the bottom of the bay it would have been retrieved or a new one made.  They cost about $10,000.  Tom would have replaced it with petty cash.

It is THEIR trophy! Personally I thought it was pretty damn cool.

Anyway, I am now a Tom Brady fan.  After all, he plays for my team. 

The old people team!


  1. Don't forget, Tom Brady also has a son with Bridget Moynahan, that tall gal from Coyote Ugly! Anyhoo... I swear I read that the angry trophy daughter was mad because Tom Brady, in a drunken stupor, THREW THE TROPHY INTO THE WATER! Then I saw the clip where Tom only TOSSED the trophy a short distance over the water, to a guy in another boat.

    Guess I need to look further than the headlines. Which I sometimes misread. I swear I saw that my local paper said an 8-pound cat needed a home. I thought that was unremarkable. It was the normal weight of OUR cats. But that headline really said that 8 POUND CATS needed homes this week.

  2. I don’t follow sports, but yeah, unless he smashed, urinated on, or drew graffiti on it, I don’t see how you can disrespect a trophy.

  3. Not a Brady fan but mainly because of my dislike of Belichick and the snowplow game with my team in 82. Brady had no part in it and he is a Tampa fellow now so I should lighten up. As for the tossed trophy, I was a little disappointed at the total lack of spiral Tom gave it:))

  4. People need to get a life. He's accomplished a huge milestone. Leave him be. People need to get a life.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♥

  5. The game was well over, why was anyone even still paying attention? :-)

  6. I've always carried a certain mild distaste for Mr. Brady, mainly because of his alma mater (which is the sworn enemy of my alma mater) (well, OK, that and his fellow-alumni keep crowing about how the GOAT is an alumnus of their school, when they couldn't wait to get rid of him when they had him). But give the man his due - he's done what nobody else has ever done, so I tip my hat to him.

    And yeah - worst case, they fish the trophy out of the mud, wash it off, and no harm done. Sheesh.

  7. I'm not a follower of football and other than thinking TB is one fine looking man never gave him or whatever team he was playing for a second thought. That being said, the trophy throwing incident just proves that TB is human after all and as is always the case HATERS always have to HATE.

  8. Good for Mr. Brady! He has earned his trophies and our respect.

  9. I don't follow any sport. But if someone has worked hard to win trophies and/or medals then good for him. Those who criticise should try to do better.

    God bless.

  10. I agree with you, let the man celebrate and let him do it any way he wants. He earned that right.

  11. I’m not the biggest sports fan but I know enough. I’m offended by a lot in sports these days. Athletes disrespect a lot these days. I’ve never been a fan of Tom Brady. He won’t eat strawberries because they have too much sugar?! But now I kind of like him. I was happy to see he has a human side, letting loose a little and being silly. He’s human! If he can drink a little champagne he might also start eating strawberries too.