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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

There I’ve Offended Again


There I’ve Offended Again

Not me, not lately I think…well I did tell someone that I thought Meryl Streep was a great actress.  Man did I get a millennial beat down.  Who knew actresses today are just actors, or maybe FEMALE actors, but they are no longer actresses. 

Apparently, the Oscar for best ACTRESS is a grandfathered-in title.

Anyway, I’ve been good, but recently that game show host of “Wheel of Fortune” Pat Sajak, was caught making fun of a contestant’s speech impediment.

Oh that Pat. 

This guy has been doing the show for like thirty years.  Thirty years of off-the-cuff chatter with guests and spur of the moment comments to lighten up a game show.  For thirty years Pat has been an un-offensive, un-controversial, dry sense of humored host. 

Suddenly he is an offensive monster!

It seems like every week there is an article on the internet where Twitter is blowing up over an off-the-cuff offensive comment by Pat Sajak.  People are calling for his removal, and by people and by blowing up it is usually about four people that are upset and tweeting about it.

The latest Pat Sajak infraction was his making fun of a contestant’s speech impediment. 

I listened to the clip of this faux pas about 10 times and could not hear where he was making fun of a speech impediment…the contestant had no impediment that I could decern. 

Finally, Mrs. C said, “Oh he is making fun of a lisp.”

The contestant[jh1]  had no impediment, in his little chit chat he mentioned something was just a MYTH.

Pat, responded, “I thee.”  An off-the-cuff silly response to how the word myth sounds like a lisp.

Now if you are a person with a lisp and are offended, I’m sorry.  By the way, people are making fun of you behind your back, that should offend you, but Pat was playing a word game, he was not making fun of you, well he did not think he was.

So, is the cartoon cat Sylvester offensive.  He was a slosher.  How about tweedy who “Tot he taw a puddy tat.”  What about Porky, should he just say “That is all folks?”  How about we burn all the old cartoons, they are too violent anyway.

I have a slight case of Tourette’s.  I twitch.  Usually I can hide the twitching (I think) but it is not fun.  I’ve seen TV comedies and comedians that feature and make fun of this unusual malady. 

I am not offended.  I twitch! Make fun of it, what the Hell. 

Actually, putting light on something often increases understanding and humanizes a disability or an imperfection.

Anyway, I am glad that I’m old and do not have to walk on egg shells worrying about offending someone. 

I twitch, I vote Republican, I call female actors actresses, sometimes I even voice an opinion without checking on the current accepted position. 

Go ahead and cancel me. 

You can’t.  Well, you could not read my posts…OH THE HORROR!

Otherwise, I’m old and there is nothing to cancel as I am now just on the outside of the world looking in…thowwy.





  1. Phew, am I glad I don't Twitter. I missed the whole Sajak debacle.
    We can't say actress anymore? I knew they preferred actor but didn't think it was a hanging offense to say actress. Sheesh.
    No way I'd cancel you. I need the smiles you provide even when riled up.

  2. I listened to that clip over and over and never figured out what all the to do was about. That seems to be how I react to most of the hysteria. Chill out people. It is not life or death. Thank goodness for you.

  3. I dumped Twitter and Facebook. I've been far happier for it too. I can't take all the cancel culture stuff. I'm old and I don't care either.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  4. Thong Thung Blue (Neil Diamond).

    Thing, thing a thong
    Make it simple to last
    Your whole life long ...

    You're so vain you probably think this thong is about you!

    God bless.

  5. I think there are people out there who do nothing but sit around getting offended and then writing/tweeting/otherwise complaining about how offended they are. They are probably "professional offendees"
    I remember people saying I Thee when hearing that some old wive's tale was a Myth, it was funny then and it's still funny now, along with lots of other things we aren't supposed to laugh at anymore. If we did I think a lot of the world's angst would disappear. People NEED laughter.

  6. It is getting ridiculous the sensitivity issue. My dad called it having "float" to tolerate little issues with people. My thoughts are how are kids going to be able to take the slings and arrows that life tosses you if they can't take a bit of teasing. Folks have got to toughen up.

  7. Thank you, i needed to read that there are people out there who can still think.

  8. I'm surprised Richard Dawson isn't being called out, for kissing all the woman contestants on Family Feud. Obviously he was discriminating against the men by not kissing them.

  9. I'm still shaking my head over Disney channel bringing back old Muppet episodes with disclaimers about what could be considered offensive and not allowing children to watch it. So not only is Pat in trouble but so is Kermit the frog!

  10. I had not heard about any of this drama. I must be living under a rock. Oops, I’ve now offended salamanders!

  11. I'm old and I vote Democratic. But I'm with you, Joe, I could see no reason to criticize Pat. Some people ought to just get a life.

  12. I’m sick of it too. This is a horrible time for people who have verbal diarrhea syndrome.

  13. I didn't know that about actresses. So the reaction to that was in person? It's so far out I have trouble imagining it.