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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cutting the Line?


Cutting the Line?


I’m waiting for the shot in Jersey.  The original New Jersey protocol for the shot was age 75+, those with serious medical conditions, and healthcare workers were first in line for the shot.

New Jersey set up a website to register for the vaccine.  They notify you when you are eligible for the shot.  I signed up on this site on day two, even though I was 4 months short of 75.  I was advised I was on the list and would hear from them when I was eligible and they had a vaccine opening.

A few days later the state decided that anyone 65+ was also eligible and medical conditions included anyone who is or was a smoker.  Furthermore, they announced that proof of age or medical condition was not required.  They have also now opened up multiple lists to get the vaccine at multiple sites.

What could go wrong?  Well, some people that are not 65+ might just claim they are in order to cur the line.  Some people who do not now or even never did smoke might say that they are smokers. 

No proof is required, do you think some people might lie to cut the line? 

Remember, this is Jersey.  Jersey is a great state, but people from Jersey do sometimes take a me first position.

It is now two months into vaccinations.  New Jersey has vaccinated at least one shot into the arms of 1,250,000 residents.  New Jersey has 1,420,000 residents over 65 years old.  I am still waiting.  I’m guessing there is a lot of line cutting, and a lot of double booking on multiple sites that might lead to a larger back up than there should be.

Mind you, I don’t think I am special, and I am pretty damn healthy so maybe I am not any more vulnerable than anyone else even though I am a 74-year-old ex-smoker.  As long as others keep getting vaccinated, that leaves less people to give me the virus.  I’m not so sure that younger people should not be given preference so they stop giving the virus to us oldsters.  However, that was not the decided upon protocol.

People in New Jersey that are 65+ make up 20 percent of Covid cases, and they account for 90 percent of the deaths, so yes, I would like to get the vaccine.  I don’t want to wait for the line cutters, because line cutting will never stop.

When I was 10 years old, I stood in line with my mom waiting to meet Mickey Mantle and get an autographed copy of his new book.   I was about 60th in line, but the line was not moving.  The front of the line was a scramble of line cutters.  My mom demanded I play by the rules and wait in line.  With a half hour left before Mickey was scheduled to leave, I disobeyed my mom for probably the first time ever.  I ran to the front of the line and pushed, ducked and gouged my way to get Mickey’s autographed book minutes before he left.

I will wait patiently for my shot.  Everyone who gets the shot makes us all safer, but at some point, if it looks like getting the vaccine might take forever, I will sharpen my elbows, buck up my neck, and claw ahead of the line cutters.

In the mean time stay safe, better times are around the corner.   



  1. I’m sorry, but smokers in Jersey are given priority? I haven’t heard that one. Meanwhile, in Ohio, my 81 YO mother has been on the waiting list since January and can’t get the vaccine, while I know plenty of teachers and grocery workers already had their second dose.

  2. Those "me first" folks are known as mefirsters, abbreviated to emmeffer, written MFer.

  3. Sharpen those elbows! Get some Freddy Krueger gloves! Not necessarily to claw ahead of others, but to protect your rightful place in line.

    Did you hear about the two gals in Florida dressing as GRANNIES to get a second dose? I hesitated to bring up Florida, since Missouri has not been receiving any sportsmanship trophies lately. I'm sure we'd have some counterfeit grannies sneaking in line if we'd thought of it.

  4. Of course people will lie to get a position in line. Not me of course. I'll just keep waiting until it is my turn. There's not much risk for me anyway in doing that.

  5. Since I live in a community of old people, nobody here has been a cutter. Some still trying to get appointments though. My second shot is Monday. Jim has already had his. Now they're saying we may need a third one because of the variants. Just great.

  6. I have also entertained the idea of shooting the young (with vaccine--not a 22) since they are the biggest spreaders. I suspect though that even when it is their turn, they will refuse thinking they don't need it. Hope you get yours soon Joeh. Till then keep doing what has worked so far.

  7. Getting the shot in most states is a horrible mess. We got on-line within minutes of our state, PA, making the announcement that everyone over 65 was eligible. Within an hour we were able to make our appointments. I know how fortunate we were and I have been trying to help people since. It has gotten so much harder and chaotic. Now, though, there seems to to be more vaccine to go around and I think this will go faster and easier. I am an optimist.

  8. Agree with Arkansas..... shooting the young with vaccine. They are the super spreaders.