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Wednesday, August 21, 2019



NIMFY, not NAMBLA"Not in my front yard", there will be no talk of man boy love on my blog!

Wacky people are great.  I’m talking about wacky people who just do crazy stuff, but stuff that does not hurt anyone, and actually gives people something to talk about.

Without wacky people there would be no insane decoration at Christmas, the season would be more boring.  Without wacky people who would have invented silly putty, or yoyo’s.  Only a wacky person would make a car out of LEGOS or a guitar out of a cigar box.

Wacky people make the world more interesting.  They are fun people.   Fun people, unless of course, these people are your next door neighbors.

On the way to my dentist I pass a house owned by wacky people.  At first glance their front yard looks like there is a party going on.  People assembled around a BBQ, others sitting and chatting, others just wandering around…except they are not wandering around, they do not move.

This front yard is covered with mannequins.

Interesting, even fun, unless of course this scene was next door to your house.
Bad pictures, car behind was honking!

I Googled for an answer to what was going on in this yard.

Turns out the old couple that lives in the house had an issue with cars coming off a nearby highway and driving by too fast.  These people are artists and they decided if they put up a man who appeared to be crossing the road, cars would slow down.

Before long they added a few more mannequins and as artists and wacky people are prone to do, they did not stop.  There must now be 20-30 of these mannequins in this yard.  

They have been there for several years.  I don’t think they will be coming down soon.  They survive rain, snow and wind.

People now do slow down when they come off the highway.  They often stop and take pictures.  I get a kick out of this yard whenever I pass it.

Wacky people are fun, they make the world a little bit more interesting.

Of course they are not my neighbors.  If they were I would think, please, NIMFY!


  1. Wacky people used to decorate their house for Christmas to the point where neighbors couldn't get home at night from the traffic. They filed a lawsuit and the decorations got moved to a corporate area the homeowner also owned.

    We don't have anyone that wacky in our neighborhood. thank goodness.

  2. I'm a native Southerner. We don't care what you got in your front yard. Add to that I am getting older, the I don't care gets even worse. A little wackiness is good for the soul. I would rather live beside wacky than mean.

    Take care Joel.

  3. Yes, it would be a boring world without these "out of the box"..or "out of the rubber room" thinkers. It makes me wonder why my brain doesn't work this way. I wonder if I'm boring. I wonder if I care that I'm boring. Around these parts we have the over decorators. The big blow up decorations that show up not only at Christmas but Halloween is running a big second on the odd, weird and curious. The good thing about those folks is it goes away after the holiday is over. The house that has lights that move in beat to music would drive me nuts. My country neighbor who burns their plastic instead of recycling it drives me a little nuts. It gives a whole new meaning to fresh country air. Yep, I'm boring. Thanks for listening to me.

  4. Oh my gosh! I love it! I would have to see this in person if I was in that area! What a clever idea and then to keep growing it over the ages! I too like wacky people; they make life so more more interesting and enjoyable for a laugh or two at times!


  5. It's an interesting way to slow down the motorists, but maybe more interesting if they moved the mannequins around sometimes, put them in different positions, like they were real people doing real things.

  6. Certainly a creative idea and I am so glad I do not have to look at that everyday!

  7. i am glad you shared about them in your post dear Joe

    i agree such people with lighter brains look things differently and bring a fresh look to the scenario

    here to slow down the traffic near colonies people mostly make speed breakers which is annoying beacuse often they make one after without leaving space of hardly ten feet

  8. ooh coming home a bit buzzed and those mannequins would freak me out. The one with the hat is moving Joe! That could stop anyone from drinking again. Too funny. I would love to drive by but as you said, would not be thrilled if they were my neighbor. Obviously no HOA because those people don't like fun or wacky!

  9. Well if they were your neighbors at least their partying would not be a noise annoyance. I kind of like River's idea.

  10. People do what they do and it's all good for the most part. I have weeds in my front yard. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ♪♫♪♫

  11. I find that particularly creepy! But more creative than the wooden cutout yard "ornaments" of an old lady's butt, bent over in a garden.

  12. I think it's super creepy, like zombies. It is fun to see stuff like this, but nobody wants to see it from their front porch, that's for sure.

  13. We have some neighbors that have 2 realistic life sized horses in their front yard! The mannequins remind me a zombies.

  14. There's a house like this a few streets over from me. Filled with their *artwork*. Quite obviously, they are not artists. The huge sculptures look like they're part of a prehistoric graveyard.

  15. I Love wacky people, of coarse I am one so we do tend to gravitate to our Tribe. I have Vintage mannequins inside the house, but NIMFY and I'm certain the HOA would disapprove anyway... they have no sense of humor or creative bend. I keep my eccentricities for my own enjoyment to be surrounded by. I'd rather be considered crazy than boring.

  16. I LOVE that yard! I would be changing their clothes all the time for the different seasons and putting lights on them for Christmas! Hahahaha. What a fun yard!

  17. Brilliant way to slow down the traffic. I wouldn't mind mannequins in my neighbour's yard. Live and let live is my motto! My own front yard is just gravel and plants - boring!

  18. I agree - it's fun to see, but I wouldn't want it in my front yards or the one next to mine. That's where HOAs come in handy...I don't like them for what they tell ME to do, I like them for what they tell my neighbors they can't do!

    There is a car in this town that has Jesus statues all over it (I'm thinking glued on it). All over the hood, the trunk, the roof... I've seen it a few times, but never have been able to get a photo. Some day I'll get that photo. ("Florida woman wrecks car while operating camera...")

    Great for taking photos...but NIMFY!


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