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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stale Cereal

Stale Cereal

Mrs. C does not like to throw things away.  She does not like to waste food.  Several years ago, youngest son Spencer stopped eating cereal when he visited.  Neither Mrs. C or I have touched cereal since... forever.

Packing up for the Shore this year, Mrs. C. took a box of Fruit Loops from the cupboard.

“Don’t bring that crap, you should probably chuck it out, no one eats cereal.”

“Cole and Conor might, if not, then I will throw it away.”

Several days after we were at the Shore, my son and his children visited.  We got up in the morning to go fishing for flounder on the Norma K out of Point Pleasant, N.J.

My son poured a bowl of the cereal.

“Akkkk, gag, urp, yuck, spit, spit, spit.  Yeoow! What is this crap? How old is it?”

“Did you eat the cereal?”

“Yes, it is awful! Holy Crap, the best by date is 12/09.”

“Yeah, you probably should not eat that…Nona (Mrs. C.) thought it would be ok.”

“I think I might throw up!”


Matt recovered and we went fishing.

The fishing was not very good.  I caught some garbage fish, Matt caught nothing, but the boys, always good patient fisherboys caught some seabass, and Cole caught a nice flounder.
Conor with a seabass

Poor fishing, but a good boat ride and a fun day.

Later in the day Matt posted on Facebook some pictures of the fish his boys caught.

Mrs. C’s friend, Brenda who had been on the beach with Mrs. C heard the story about the bad cereal.

She commented on Matts post, “Nice fish, what did you use for bait…cereal?”

Matt almost got sick and missed the fishing trip because of the old cereal, but at least with Brenda’s comment we got a good laugh.


  1. What a coincidence I read this while eating cereal, and I usually don't eat cereal. What an interesting story like usual. I have to say this is the most entertaining and interesting blogs.

  2. 9 year old cereal? That tops my neighbours 7 year old unopened packet of rice and her can of golden syrup that looked more like motor oil, only 5 years old, but badly affected by the rusty base of the tin.

    1. I seldom look at "Best by" dates, but if it's rusty I throw it out!!

  3. Lol, great story! Sounds like a fun day despite the bad breakfast.

  4. Gotta watch those 'best before ' dates....they are a little more than a suggestion.

  5. As a Thanksgiving guest who narrowly avoided a bite of 4-year-old Ranch Dressing, I feel Matt's pain.

  6. A month or so past expiration won’t hurt, but what i want to know is why people in this house put old stuff back in the fridge. Are they trying to age it more before feeding it to the garbage can?

    1. I can tell you my reason, if it is close enough to rubbish collection day, out it goes, but if the rubbish was collected yesterday the item will stay in the fridge until next time so it doesn't stink up my bin and attract vermin.

  7. I would be very happy to catch a sea bass. Them puppies is good eatin'.

  8. I hope that box of cereal is not going home with you?

  9. And a good fishing day was had by all. Did you chuck the cereal yet?

  10. Maybe if you give the expired food to the Mrs for a taste test, she might get better about dumping. Love Brenda's comment.
    I may be guilty about some unopened salad dressings. Think I'll go look now.

  11. I'm guilty of looking and expiration dates and very casual suggestions, too. But I laughed out loud at Brenda's comment!

  12. Omgosh. I'm almost OCD about expiration dates. I know some things will keep a couple of weeks past but after that, they're out. - Yay for a great day on the water with your boys, big n' littles. :)


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