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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bucket list

Bucket list

I don’t generally do a New Year’s resolution thing, I plan to lose weight every year but that is about it. Instead this year I am compiling those things on my bucket list, stuff I want to do before I kick it, and then see how many on the list I can check off this time next year.
Go ocean fishing and catch a bill fish.
Bowl a 300 game.
Jump in a New York City taxi cab and holler “Follow that car!”
Go on a sailing cruise in the Caribbean.
Stump fishducky and Sandee with a fake stupid headline.
Learn to play more than 5 chords on the guitar.
Break 90 in golf.
Take a cruise to Alaska.
Have something I have written published, that I didn’t pay to have published.
Correctly identify every item on a Mrs. Cranky shopping list.
I’ll check back next year to see how many I can cross off.

In the mean time:



  1. You've already stumped me with the stupid headlines. I've missed a few.

    I think you should work on both those cruises.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. ☺

  2. i'll make that shopping list as difficult as possible, just because ...
    the 2 cruises will happen!! some of the other stuff is all up to you!
    guess I should start working on my list ...

  3. I've only managed to accomplish three items on your list so maybe I should rethink my own bucket list. I hope you and Mrs. C. have a great New Year. I look forward to reading more of the Wit and Wisdom of the Cranky Old Man. Take care.

  4. laughed at several of these. the shopping list one could be nigh about impossible!

  5. And the same to you. PS--I gave up the bucket list. Just do it.

  6. Hahaha, you definitely made me laugh with the New York City "Follow that car!' one! haha, that would be fun!

  7. You can get your book "Self Published through "Lulu Publishers". You don't have to pay anything, You set your own price and they take a small amount. The books
    get published as they are ordered so there is no waste of paper. I made a mistake of not getting an ESPN number other wise I would have been able to have a small display of my book in a book store even,
    Happy New Year to you and Mrs C and family.

  8. Don't set that bar too high. Maybe bowl 300 games?

  9. "Break 90 in golf"? I think I broke 100 once, back in the 90s, and that's about as close to 90 as I'll ever get. Such ambition. Sheesh.

  10. Oh, and Happy New Year to y'all as well.

  11. Impressive list. Some quite doable--others--if you do, hope you document and take pictures. Make it a great 2015 Cranky.

  12. I've quit making resolutions too. As I matter of fact, I'm resolved not to make them. Something always screws them up anyway. Usually . . . me.

  13. I'd give up on that shopping list. The code of Mrs. C is indecipherable. The Navajo code talkers could take lessons from her, to safely convert their code talk to a written equivalent.

    1. "And by only 8 minutes," she sighed contentedly, shining her fingernails on her lapel.

  14. That's an ambitious list! My resolutions always include to "eat more chocolate."

    This year, I want to work up the guts and tell them at Starbucks, when they ask you your name as you order your coffee (to write it on the cup), "Jake from State Farm."

  15. I doubt very much you'll be crossing off that last item. All the rest seem possible.
    Happy New Year.

  16. Hi Cracky Man,

    I've take a cruise to Alaska but none of the other things.

    And I really really want to jump into a cab ANYWHERE and say "Follow that car!".

    Happy New Year




  17. Man, how can anyone top: "Follow that car!"

  18. Ha.. you do set the bar high with that shopping list. ;) Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Cranky.

  19. Well, my bucket list says "don't waste time composing a list when you can be off doing it".

  20. Maybe if we all work together we can get the shopping list right.

  21. Nothing to say really - these comments are as funny as your post!


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