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Friday, August 17, 2018

Old People

Old People

There are several stages in one’s life with regards to new stuff:

1.     The first stage is excitement.  Brand new stuff makes you very excited and you cannot wait to use it.  (Toddler to teens)

2.     New stuff is intriguing.  You have to give it a try.  (Old enough to know everything)

3.     You desperately want new technology because all your friends have it. (Young adult)

4.     You need new technology for work, or to just fit in with your peers. (Middle-age)

5.     You like new stuff, but you can live with it or without it.  (Passing fifty)

6.     You are forced to use new technology because old technology is no longer supported.  (Almost retired)

7.     You don’t need or use new technology.  (You are retired)

8.     You not only don’t use it, new technology actually makes you angry, people should not even mention it in your presence.  (Old Coot)

I love old people, I really do, after all, I am one.  Part of being old is being set in our ways. 

I remember trying to convince my mom into trying new technology.  New technology then was like cable TV, or power anything in a car, or touch-tone phone, or a microwave.

“What? Why would I ever pay for TV?”

“Why would I pay extra to not have to turn a crank?”

“How much time do I save over a rotary dial?  I should pay for that?”

“A regular oven works just fine, and I don’t think food would taste as good with a microwave!” Well she was right about the taste thing.

Old people don’t need new stuff that helps them do things faster or easier…they’ve gotten on just fine without that new-fangled stuff.  At some point, old people just get worn out relearning better ways to do stuff that they never knew they needed to do better.

I get it.  I feel that way about new stuff too.  When my son starts explaining his internet music or how to operate his TV, my eyes just gloss over… “What do I need that for?”  “Why would I pay for that?”

OMG, I am becoming my mom!

I do like some new technology, and I understand if old people do not, but what I really love about old people, is when old people get angry about new stuff.

“Facebook?  I don’t do that face thing, who needs it, it is just full of trash and nonsense!”

Yes, but if you use it correctly it also has pictures and messages from friends and family and especially grandchildren!

“Smart phone?  Don’t need it, don’t want it, I don’t want people bothering me all the time!”

I can’t leave the house without my i-phone.  Of course, I don’t have an iPod or music on my phone, I have those new-fangled CD’s, why do I need anything else?

I don’t tweet or Pinter, download or app.  I have an i-phone, a PC, cable TV and a Kindle and that is where I draw the line.  I think I have reached overload.  What do I need new stuff for?  Why would I pay for something I don’t really need?  I’m fine with the stuff I have.  Change pisses me off.

Don’t even mention anything new, I am approaching stage 8, and heading for Old Coot designation.


  1. New technology is fun, as long as i can figure it out. Sweetie is almost to the point where he wants nothing new and he hands me his phone when he can’t figure it out.

  2. Even if I got new stuff, I doubt if I could make it work!!

  3. I've been an old coot for a while now but still enjoy technology. Never touch Facebook though, it would be okay if all and sundry could not see our photos or read what we have to say to friends in so called privacy.

  4. I think I've about reached saturation stage too. I have my laptop, smart phone (not an i-phone), kindle, MP3 players, and a dvd player with a usb port so I can play movies that K puts on to flash drives for me. If she puts them on a portable hard drive, I've learned how to download them to my laptop and transfer to a usb stick, (flash drive, thumb drive, whatever you want to call them). Sometimes I think I'd like to learn more, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't understand new stuff.
    When did middle age come before fifty?

    1. Dang, I can't do half that stuff, I zoned out at usb port. Except for those few that live to 100, middle age comes before 50 to most of my gender.

  5. We are old coots here too, Joe. Hubby is better with technology than I am and I don't care. I'm set in my ways and that works for me.

    Your mom was right on many of her arguments. You already know that though.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  6. I got lost at the smart phone ... there is no hope for me and I could care less.

  7. I guess I'm an old coot.....I have a flip phone, don't facebook, tweet or twitter, get confused when the TV does something that makes me think it\s possessed and when I buy something now I look for something me..... oh rats

  8. My husband has an iPhone but he swears at it and Siri every day, and he has been known to throw the phone down. "It doesn't do what I want. It does what it wants." I offer to help, but that would be controlling his life. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

  9. Yeah, I'm a 4! That means I get to live to 118, right?

  10. I'm teetering between RETIRED and OLD COOT. Just when I learn how to use the newest (to me, which means about 5 years behind) technology, something newer comes along. I've put off upgrading my DISH receiver for years, because right now I know how to work the DVR. I can only record two things at a time, and I have to be watching one of them. The Hopper boggles my mind, and it's probably at least 5 years old by now.

  11. You really need a self driving car ... I hear they're awesome for catching up on your sleep!

    (stuck on stage 2)

  12. I am fast approaching the "old coot" stage but I actually like new technology - well, most of it. My problem is being able to AFFORD it!