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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Mrs. C’s Birthday Present

Mrs. C’s Birthday Present
Yesterday was Mrs. C’s birthday.  You would know that if you were a regular reader.  

It is always difficult to buy your wife a birthday present.

Wives will always tell you,

“I don’t need anything for my birthday, you don't have to get me anything.”

What this really means is,

“You damn well better get me something, and you need to do it on your own, not because I am expecting anything.”

I am on my third marriage…I have learned stuff.

What to get…what to get?

You can always get jewelry, but that is not only expensive, it also sets the bar high for the next time because if you get some jewelry that is less expensive than the previous trinket, she wonders “Why?”

It is important to get something nice, but not set the $$ bar too high.

A man can not buy clothes for a woman.  He just can’t.  A woman is not happy with any article of clothes if she has not shopped for it herself and tried on multiple options.

You can not buy an appliance.  Well you can, but just don’t!

A Present for a wife is always very difficult.

This year while I was shopping at the guitar store, Mrs. C started messing around in the drum section.

“What are you doing?”

“I always wanted to play the drums.”

In my head “Really…hmmm.”

So, this year I bought Mrs. C a set of these:

I hope she will like them.  If nothing else she will have fun putting them together, she loves doing that kind of stuff.

My children are hoping she likes the drums because if she doesn’t that set might end up with a grandchild.  You can plug in headphones, so they shouldn’t worry too much.

I purchased the drums last week and hid them in the utility room.  Yesterday morning I pulled the box out into the basement.

Mrs. C told me the trip to the city would be her present.  I’ve been around the block and have been burned on that before.  She thought I might have believed her that the trip was enough, and I did not get her anything else.

Now I sprung the trap.  Mrs. C was in bed and I went downstairs as usual to practice my guitar.


I then waited for Mrs.  C to come running all concerned for my wellbeing.

Chirp chirp…nothing.


Chirp chirp…nothing.


“Are you OK?”

Finally, … “No, I really screwed up my leg!”

Down the stairs she came, “Are You making this all up?” She is not easy to fool.

Then she saw the drums.

I think she liked them.  I never know, women are pretty good at faking emotions, she seemed happy so I’ll go with that.

If not, I’ll be asking grandchildren, “Who wants drums?”


  1. I always thought you were supposed to buy the drums for your first grandchild

  2. "A man can not buy clothes for a woman. He just can’t." Not even with her present. Particularly if she's present. That's a guaranteed closet-stuffer in the making. The only time she'll wear that is when you're in trouble and she wants to get you squirming a bit more .....

  3. You are a quick (it only took three times) learner. I hope Mrs. C enjoys her drums. It's not something she would buy for herself, but she'll have the fun of assembling them, and can have a try at doing something she's always wanted to do. Plus, she already had the trip to the city and the carriage ride. I think you're good.

  4. I hope she REALLY liked it!!

  5. Ha ha, sounds like you have the beginnings of a band with the guitar and drums. I thought "The Jerks" might be a good name but a rock band in the Philippines all ready has that name. You are an original Cranky and think you nailed this birthday with the carriage ride and drums.

  6. That sounds like a fun gift, i do hope she liked them. By the way, because money is so tight, Sweetie and i really do not get each other gifts, and it’s fine.

  7. That is really sweet. Now you can make music together.
    My father told us a story about the Christmas he got both a small hatchet and a drum. The morning wore on. Before the big Christmas dinner, my grandfather asked to "see" the two wonderful gifts. Perhaps you can guess the rest of the story.

  8. Wow, that is super cool! Now you guys can play together! Very cool gift. Good job, Cranky.

  9. That was funny and it put a smile on my face. Yes it is very difficult to select for a lady's birthday.

  10. I would never think of a drum set for a present. You done good Mr. C.

  11. I guess there will be a lot of sweet music (!) around your place very soon. Well done.

  12. O.M.G!! What a fabulous present. Did she love them? Will she accompany your guitar playing?

  13. You are married to a most interesting woman.

  14. I'm to the point where I truly just want flowers or a nice bottle of champagne or wine. But, drums are nice, too😂

  15. Drums, huh? Well, if she likes them it's a good present. I decided a number of years ago to make gift-giving occasions less stressful for my husband: I send him a link on Amazon, and - boom! - I get exactly what I want.

  16. I bought a nephew drums one year (toy ones, he was only eight) and his parents cursed me for months! I bought them because I always wanted drums myself. I'm now over 60 and would still like some drums. Think I might show your post to the husband.

  17. What is this, The Cranky Duo? Hope you’ll send a link when you go on YouTube. Are you sure drums and guitar are enough? Or maybe you have a juice harp on your guitar, too? Sounds like a fun time at your house with your own jam sessions. You’re sure right about no birthday appliances!