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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Incompatible in Bed

Incompatible in Bed
Artist rendering only

My wife and I are incompatible in bed.  That’s right, I said it, and it is a big problem.  It is a source of constant arguments.  I want it my way, she has another idea.  There does not seem to be a solution.

In the winter it is not as serious.  I like a window open for fresh air and to keep cool, she can counter-act this by simply adding additional blankets on her side of the bed to reach her preferred temperature.

In the summer it is not so easy.  Adjusting the air conditioner temperature does not choose sides of the bed and that is where our incompatibility hits the fan.

Mrs. C tends to be cold when sleeping, I tend to overheat…What did you think I was talking about?

That’s right, you more seasoned readers knew exactly, I think it is a common bed time problem for opposing genders as their bodies go through age related changes.

Mrs. C likes the night time room temperature around 78 degrees, I think she is cold blooded.  She will even jab me with her feet to show me how cold they are…Yikes!
“It’s freezing in here, what did you turn the air to?”

She caught me again.  I usually turn the air down to 72 and then adjust it when she calls to tell me she is coming home from work…sometimes I forget.

“It’s hot as Hades in here.”

“No, it is not, you just have a f***ed up internal thermostat!”

“No, you have lizard blood, you are always freezing.  You should sleep in the sun on a rock!”

“Very funny, now go turn the air up to a respectable 76 degrees.”


“Yes, we can compromise.”

“I want 72, you want 78, how is 76 a compromise?”

“It is a compromise because that is as low as I am willing to let the temperature be set.”

“Ok, but I get to turn on the ceiling fan.”

“Fine, but only to level one, not to take-off mode.”

With the fan on and without covers it is almost comfortable enough for me to sleep, except for the constant complaining from Mrs. C. Then suddenly I feel a cooling breeze, the fan is turned to high and the covers are kicked off Mrs. C’s side.

“Hot flash?”

“Yup, you better take advantage of it and get to sleep, it may only last ten minutes.”

“Now you know how I feel all the time.”

“Shut up and go to sleep…JERK!”


  1. We don't have those issues thank goodness. We seem to like the same temperatures year around. There is never a dull moment at your house.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. Seventy-EIGHT? That's like roasting in Not-Heaven!!! We keep ours at 74 for the electricity savings, but I kick it down to 73 at night.

  3. That's rough. I live alone and like it near freezing in here. Seems like one advantage of being completely, totally, utterly alone.

  4. I have found that most of my women friends are cold all the time. They'd get to work in the winter and come to hold my hands to warm up, because I am hot blooded like you. In the summer with the store airconditioners set to cool they would wear jackets while working. I worked in short sleeves even through winter.
    I get into bed and snuggle under the doona just long enough to warm the sheets, after that I'm too hot so I open the door to the back porch and let the southerly wind blow in so I can sleep. The bedroom heater and the lounge room airconditioner get turned off when I go to bed.
    I have noticed a change in the last couple of months though. During the day, I'm feeling the cold and wearing more layers during the daytime and fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm. It may have something to do with the medication I'm taking now for blood pressure and cholesterol.

  5. Lollll I always run much warmer than BF and I hate having the heat on (beyond like 60) in the winter. I've been told I'm unreasonable. Hmph.

  6. Sweetie and i are just like you and Mrs. C. He is hot almost all of the time, i keep a sweater to put on when i go in a grocery store in the middle of August. He wants to be buried at sea, preferably in the North Atlantic so he would finally be cool enough.

  7. Think my medication and poor circulation keeps me cold all the time, that plus the cold o2 blowing up my nose. DH used to be hot all the time, but lately he even uses a blanket while watching TV. Must be a health thing ...

  8. We are you in reverse; Bud is too cold & I sleep with the blanket thrown off me!!

  9. It was a lot easier once we changed to single beds! Well, I got fed up being pushed out all the time... grins.

  10. Haha. When I started reading my thought was 'just wait until she starts having hot flashes.'

  11. Another thing to add to the pro side of living alone. Thank you! And 78 or 77 is perfect sleeping temperature for me too.

  12. That really is a common complaint. Probably right after the usual pick up line, new couples ought to compare body temperatures. That can be more important than political preference.

  13. Yep, yep, yep. My poor hubby gets kicked out in Summer to sleep wherever (usually a couch or spare bed) but the rest of the year we keep each other awake with our snoring.
    His is a lovely deep snore while mine is more of a sickly chainsaw/ petrol mower stuck in 2nd gear trying desperately to reach 4th.

  14. Easy solution. Sweat on her. She'll kill you, but at least you'll die vindicated.

    Seriously, the medicos are saying the ideal temp range for settled sleep is between 60 and 65. Sleep centers recommend at least as cold as 70. And as they say, it's easier to add bedding than to strip it off.

    Not to mention there is solid research that heavy bedding helps settle many people down (like those anti-noise vests for dogs,) seriously. Hit her with facts that don't include you actually being comfortable. She might actually fall for it when it's about her and not you.

    Fortunately for me, wife lost her ability to regulate temp, so we have to keep the room below 72. Darned, hecky darned.

  15. What did you think I was talking about? What did you think I was thinking about???

    I remember when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got married and he said, "I'll split the difference on the thermostat with you." Well, we all know how that worked out.

  16. The husband and I are pretty compatible in the bed temperature department. However, we are not compatible in the snoring department! He's not too bad on the whole, except when he's been out for a drink, then his snores lift the ceiling. I hot foot it to the guest bedroom to get away from it!