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Thursday, August 14, 2014


It is Thursday, the day I usually make fun of some conversation I’ve had with Mrs. C, and she calls me a jerk.  This week I’ve got nothing.  Besides, Mrs. Cranky has been complaining that I make fun of her too often.

Maybe I do, but I don’t tell all. 

I don’t ever mention that Mrs. C refuses to wear glasses, even at 3D movies.  She will hold the glasses up to her eyes, but the actual glasses sitting on the bridge of her nose is too irritating.  Strange?  Maybe.

I’ve never posted about her unusual refusal to walk on the sidewalk unless there is no other choice.  Apparently she has some kind of claustrophobia thing when confined to the sidewalk.  Strange? Some might think so.

I always know when Mrs. C is turning in for the night, taking a nap, or just relaxing by the way she arranges her pillows.  She can’t sleep without a pillow at her feet, and one by the side of the bed…always the same pillows.  Is that strange? Probably.

Mrs. Cranky is easy to please when it comes to food.  If there is no garlic, no salt, and it is hot, she is happy.  Warm and no flavor, strange? Who am I to judge?

One thing I know for sure that is strange about Mrs. Cranky; she puts up with an old, fat, bald man who talks too much and makes fun of her even though she is a terrific lady and could do much better.  Strange?  You bet.

Strange is not always a bad thing.

And oh yeah, I am a jerk!

She's back!  My blogging daughter!! Find her here @


  1. She won't walk on a sidewalk? Is she one of the group of young thugs walking down the center of the street?!

    Pictures, please!


  2. okay, that wasn't as bad as I expected, but I do have to explain the pillows. I have certain pillows I sleep on & others that I lean against when sitting up in bed. where they end up when I change from sitting to sleeping it just habit. when cranky babysits, the sitting pillows end up on his side of the bed. (shhh don't tell him...) even in my twenties I was drawn to the old bald guys. guess we both got lucky ...

  3. One thing I know for sure that is strange about Mrs. Cranky; she puts up with an old, fat, bald man who talks too much and makes fun of her even though she is a terrific lady and could do much better. This says it all Cranky. Yes it does.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. Who am I to criticize anyone's sleeping habits? I sleep with a stuffed pony named Ted. There is no good explanation for this, so I won't try. I do love the way you incorporate Mrs. Cranky into your blog. Maybe she could write a few guest posts. It would be fun hearing about your household from her perspective. I keep trying to get my Mrs. C. to write guest posts but she is hesitant. Oh, well. Take care.

  5. You've given me an idea for a post ...about how women pick their men for the strangest reasons.
    I may never get written.
    Thanks for the friendship.
    Us jerks have to hang together.

  6. I have a claustrophobia thing about the aisles in grocery stores. I can't stand when people block me in on both sides. We all have our things!

  7. Well those are interesting but just add spice to an all ready good dish. Your marriage.
    I always love these days when Mrs.C gets in her rebuttal. That is when we learn who the real you is.

  8. Mrs. C sounds perfectly normal to me. My dad refused to order at a drive-thru speaker. My whole childhood, I thought it was normal for men to lean back in the seat and let the wife holler in the items.

  9. I totally understand Mrs. Cranky's irritation about glasses. I can't stand anything "extra" on me (watch, necklaces, earrings - ANY kind of jewelry) and only wear my glasses because I'm old and HAVE to or I can't see. But there are times when I feel like shaking my head like a wet dog would, shaking the glasses right off my head.

    In my myopic eyes, Mrs. Cranky rocks!

  10. You may be a jerk but you sure know how to . . . CYA!

    (Your daughter writes purty good, too.)

  11. Truth be told we all probably have our peccadilloes. Sounds like we both "married up". (Lucky old, fat, bald guys we are, huh? :)


    1. I believe it is not a stretch to say we are both "Lucky Bastards!"

  12. You guys seem like a good match for each other :)


  13. You're Mrs. Cranky sounds like a distant relative to Momma Bear...SHE has food rules...can't eat this, without that. Can't have this, except on weekends. Luckily after 28 yrs. I've about got them down.


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