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Thursday, August 21, 2014



Two years ago we did a kitchen remodel in our town house.  We are now getting close to a master bath renovation.  Mrs. C has been putting money aside from her dance studio job every pay day and she now has enough saved to start the project.

Actually we started months ago when we redid the shower.  This cost way more than we anticipated, but it did come out nice so were going to just move on and not mention again that it cost more than it should have because Mrs. C had to have a prefab material that was easy to clean even though it looks cheaper than way less expensive tile.  But I am over that and will not mention it.

Now we have to select floor tile, cabinets, a sink, a counter top and paint.  It is Mrs. C’s money, so I am good with her choices…she insists I have input.  Last week we (she) picked out a tile pattern for the floor.  After 40 minutes of “how does this look,” “is this too dark,” “does this clash with the shower,” and endless other questions, I quickly reached my interior decorator limit. 

“I like it, that’s good.”

“Don’t you think it is too dark?”


“You’re not even looking!”

“No, it looks great.”

“It does not, it is hideous, I was testing you and you failed.  Pay attention!”

“I’m done, I’m decorated out, it’s your dime, whatever! You pick it out.”

“Ok, I like the purple tile.”

“What! I can’t use a purple bathroom!”

“You just told me I could pick out anything, you were done.”

“Yeah, but purple?”

“And that is why I brought you, so pay attention.”

This is just the floor.  Then we have samples of the cabinet and samples of the counter top, and samples of the floor tile we (she) picked, and samples of the paint she wants all which make up eighteen- thousand four-hundred and twelve possible combinations for us (her) to choose.

Then there is the sink; oval or round, 16” or 17”, white, ivory, off white, off ivory, or mint.  The toilet is next, color to match the sink.  Do we get power flush or regular, high seat or low?  What about toilet paper holder?  How about towel racks?  Do you want a ceiling fan?  How big?  What color?

IT IS A BATHROOM!  Who really cares?  Are we going to invite guests to our master bathroom?

“You must see our new bathroom!  Come, look, sit, flush.  What do you think?”

These friends I do not want.

Please, I love the tile, I love the cabinets, I love the colors.  WHATEVER!

We did pay too much for the damn shower.



  1. I've seen this for years building custom homes. It used to just be "picking colors", but now people bring me magazine pictures and send me to lavish websites (Houzz for example) and then want me to reproduce it. Yikes!

    The best combination it seems is for the husband to manage the housing budget and let the wife do everything else. Seems to enhance the marriage experience.

    Besides, you're a jerk. :)


  2. i'd have to off myself. :) i'm not a good picker or decorator - and i just don't care, either. see, not a typical female. just put me on a riding lawnmower and i'm good.

  3. Redoing a bathroom is expensive and then some. I'm with you on the purple though. NO!

    When you get it done we would love to see what it looks like. Then we can pick it apart. Great blog fodder.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  4. I agree.... who sees it once it's finished and decorating isn't on someones mind if they do happen to use the bathroom. One goes into the depths of anguish in the selection of things and no one ever notices.

  5. My Mrs. Chatterbox prefers that I make all the esthetic decisions because I'm an artist and she's a bit lacking in confidence, and then she criticizes me because there isn't, she claims, any of her personality around. Not true; there's a Hummel up on a shelf near the ceiling. Actually, I make constant design mistakes but I don't chew off my foot when I do so.

  6. It's the same the whole world over,
    Isn't it a bloomin' shame?
    It's the dames that make the choices,
    It's the men that get the blame.

  7. We just went through alla this. Condolences.

  8. I just signed on the dotted line yesterday for my new bathroom; construction to begin end of October. About 33% more than I anticipated--and I already bought the floor tile.

  9. I picked out everything in our master bath project, including the two pedestal sinks. I decided I no longer needed a vanity and it was taking up too much room.

    Pick out the tile first and everything will come together just fine! :)

  10. haha that sounds like SO much fun! I hate decorating. Don't get me wrong; I like my home to be decorated, it's just that I hate doing it. I'd rather pay someone to tell me what looks good. I would rather copy something that I like, right down to the screws that go into the walls, than design it myself or have to come up with an idea of what looks good. I have photos all over my house, taped to the walls, of decorating ideas. Something that I cut out of a magazine that I think will look good in our house. That way, when I can finally afford to get someone in here to do it, I can just point to the photo and say, "This. This is how I want this room to look."

    1. *snap!* Except my photos are in a display folder, ready to drag out at a moment's notice.

  11. I would make the commode nice and high, that way you won't have to buy a new one when your knees go. Just sayin'.
    Have fun!!

  12. I have absolutely no sense for decorating. I'm the one who looks at the "before" on those HGTV shows and thinks, "This looks fine."

    When Mr. Peeper and I built our first house, the builder said he loved us. We answered "off white" to EVERYTHING.

  13. Go for the high seat toilet. Well worth it as it becomes harder to rise from a seated position. Trust me on this.

  14. I can relate. I survived the bathroom remodel a few years ago, and we are due for kitchen countertops. Fortunately, my lack of interest was detected early on and I have been replaced by smart girl friends...

  15. I think this would drive me crazy too. I'm not a shopper, I want in and out of the store as quickly as possible. I chose the first wedding dress I tried on; it worked, it fit, good enough. I think I'd be the same if/when we would ever remodel. Good luck with it!


  16. Thank goodness you're not building an outhouse. One seat or two, corn cob or Sears catalog, crescent moon or star...

  17. Bathroom? White. Tile, definitely. Always looks classier. And just as easy to clean. Use the biggest tiles you can afford to lessen the amount of grout. Sink? As big as space and budget allows, oval. Toilet? dual flush, height? up to you. Introduce colour via towels, mats, vase of flowers, printed toilet paper.

  18. How neat to be able to design your own bathroom--rather to live with Mrs. C's choices. Still, I have always had to adjust to a previous owners ideas of cool. Pay attention--this is important.


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