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Monday, December 28, 2020

Is Vitamin D a magic Covid bullet?


Is Vitamin D a magic Covid bullet?

I constantly hear and or read, “follow the science.”  This is good advice, except with regard to Covid-19 the science keeps changing.  There is a lot of “thinks” and “expects” but very little “definitive.”

Wear a mask, wash your hands and keep six feet from people is the current advise.  Now it is pretty simple and not all that annoying to wear a mask, wash your hands and keep your distance, so this is advise that I choose to follow.

I will follow this advice, but I am not all that sure it is as protective as advertised.  The recent rise in Covid cases has been blamed on those hard headed, backward thinking cretins that refuse to wear a mask.  While I am sure there are a few idiots that might be contributing to a rise in Covid cases, this can’t be the main issue.

In New Jersey, EVERYONE wears a mask.  I have not left the house in the last six months and seen anyone indoors or around people not wearing a mask.  NOT ONE!  Still, cases in New Jersey have recently risen dramatically.

So, while we must follow the scientists, which ones do we follow? 

What do we know about Covid?

It tends to effect old people, African Americans and obese people the most.  It peeked in this country in the spring and dipped considerably in the summer.  Is their any commonality in these facts.  This article is interesting.

I found this article on Fox, so many of you will stop reading now, but I still find it interesting.


The study which is buried in most media, suggests vitamin C, D and zinc can help protect from Covid and is an effective treatment to reduce Covid symptoms.  It especially finds vitamin D to be effective.

What is interesting to me is that vitamin D deficiency is very common.

Vitamin D is produced by the body when skin is exposed to sunlight.

Some groups, it turns out are especially deficient in vitamin D…old people, obese people, and dark skin people.  It fits a pattern.

Covid in this country was introduced around late January 2020 and exploded through the spring.  Cases started to decline as daylight increased in the summer and cases started to explode again after the summer when days became shorter.  It fits a pattern.

Perhaps having people stay in their dark basements and wait out the virus was a bad idea.  Closing the beaches may not have been a great idea.

Protesting in large groups outdoors in the sun did not seem to cause the virus to spread…Hmmm, outdoors good, inside bad.

Vitamin D, C and zinc is inexpensive; far cheaper than ventilators.  It takes huge quantities of D, C and zinc to cause any ill effects.  In short, much like washing your hands and wearing a mask, it couldn’t hurt!

I will continue to wash my hands, wear a mask, avoid strangers in enclosed poorly ventilated spaces, and I am now taking supplements of vitamin D, C, and zinc. 

When they say I can get a vaccine, I will not waste any time getting it.

Stay safe everyone.





  1. Hubby just had his annual physical and the doctor said this very thing. We are both on these and are confident that we'll be fine. So far we've not been sick with anything this year.

    Have a fabulous day and a very happy New Year, Joe. My best to your smart wife. ☺

  2. When vaccines are available here I will be in line too. I take Vitamin C regularly anyway, one tablet per day for the last thirty five years, also a calcium supplement which contains D and magnesium. In autumn and winter I take a daily capsule of cod liver oil, which contains vitamin D and vitamin A. I am very rarely ill, but this covid has me scared, especially the new mutant strain which is highly contagious and faster spreading. We have it here in Australia, Sydney is currently experiencing a huge outbreak after partying on the beaches in their thousands.

  3. We've been taking Vitamin D for a long time, and there is C and zinc in my multivitamin.

    By the way, be careful on the zinc, you can overdose. No more than 40mg daily is recommended by the NIH, and i knew someone who was taking 100mg a day. It wasn't fun, he ached all over, bad headache, night sweats. Just to let you know.

  4. I've been taking 2000 mg of vitamin C for years. If I think I'm getting sick I up it quite a bit and rarely get a cold. Nowadays I still do the 2000 mg of it but if I hear someone around me has Covid I take a pack of the EmergenCe for 10 days along with it. I try to be out in the sun as much as possible. BIL took zinc in high quantities back in April and it made his blood pressure go up so one has to be careful with that supplement I do believe. The jury is still out about me getting the vaccine but its months away before I think I would be eligible for it.

    Happy New Year!


  5. I get out of my basement every day, to walk coatless in short sleeves, from my Tahoe to the door of assorted convenience stores for scratchers and a 44 oz Diet Coke. Vitamin D: check! I eat two oranges a day, so the free ones given to Hick by a Ponytail Guy up at the storage units don't go to waste. Vitamin C: check! As for zinc... I consume red meat or chicken every day, as well as nuts contained in my holiday Chex Mix. Zinc: probably getting my daily requirement.

    No vaccine for me, the former cheerleader for annual flu shots. I had a bad reaction to the last one, back in 2014 or 2015. Within a couple hours, my right knee swelled to enormous proportions. A couple days later, it was better, and the other knee did the same thing. My doctor said that while not common, such a reaction occurs because the immune response can lodge anywhere there is inflammation. In my case, grindy arthritic knees. Besides, I am also allergic to the penicillins and the cephalosporins. Somebody else can have my dose!

  6. Good health helps a lot with Covid. You can get it and never know it. All I know is that the germ is out there and there is an element of luck in not encountering it. I had one friend whose entire family got Covid. Their teenage son went to a birthday party. One of the guest had been exposed to Covid at a wedding but as he told the other kids, he felt fine. If I had been that kid's parent, he would not have gone and done quarantine. But I have a science degree.

    So all those people who are skeered of the vaccine. That's fine. Maybe I can get the vaccine in March instead of July. I think all these politicians breaking in line speaks volumes.

  7. I have taken a D and C supplement for years even though I garden in the summer months and you only need to be outside for 15 minutes to get enough.

  8. My husband is a chiropractor and supplements are in his office and we take them regularly. You're doing the right thing and I too think sun helps. I've seen many non maskers at walmart...the sespool of idiots. Throw in the large gathering at Thanksgiving and Christmas where one relative didn't know they were Covid positive..bam! Higher numbers. The vaccine is the solution for herd immunity. Fingers crossed 🤞

  9. D is generally a good thing to take for everyone. Most people will test as deficient without suplumentation or lots of sun exposure. I take 5000 mg every few days.

  10. I have a medical professional friend who is Covid positive and his doctors have him on quite a variety of vitamins and that is all--no fancy drugs. Think you may be onto something with the relationship to D deficiencies and high risk folks. Nice deduction Joe.

  11. We see the sun here about 1/3rd of the year and have known about our D deficiency, so we take the supplement. I’m just glad it’s a tiny pill. My magnesium pill is huge.

  12. Like many here, I've been taking Vit D for years. I keep upping my dose as time goes on. But even though Romeo takes C and Zinc, I haven't started them yet, and may not. I had my first Moderna vaccine yesterday ~ the dental office I work in set it up for us. Feeling very lucky to have had it so quickly.

  13. this was insightful read dear Joe
    we have sun in abundance here so vitamin D is like home grown thing
    i agree with your point and i support your decision to take supplements
    saty wise as you are always :)