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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I See A Rip Off

I See A Rip Off
I have two pair of glasses.  One is an upstairs pair, one is for downstairs and outside.  Even with two pair I am always looking for my glasses or I end up with two sets together.

My downstairs glasses keep dropping a lens.  The teeny screw that holds the lens in place keeps getting loose and the screw lies topside down, so when it gets loose it falls out.  A dab of crazy glue works for a while but eventually the screw slips out and the lens follows.  So far I have not lost a lens.

My upstairs glasses are glued together because I sat on them and they are not made to be sat on.  Mrs. C fixed them so that you can not tell they were sat on, but her special glue fix also gives out over time and has to be re-glued.

I decided that I need a pair of glasses that I can count on to not break as glue loses its potency.  I also would like a pair of glasses for the basement and a pair for the car, so I will never be without glasses when I need them. 

I can survive without glasses, but they make TV watching more comfortable and driving the car safer.  If I needed glasses all the time I would not be taking them off and leaving them around, and one good pair would be enough.

Anyway I decided I need new glasses.

My last three pair of glasses came from “Fancy Smancy Frame and Lens” a local hoity toity optic store.  I wanted to go to “Glasses “R” Us” but was told by my wife that I should get the best for my eyes.

The best for my eyes glasses that I purchased from “Fancy Smancy Frame and Lens” cost over $600 each, and that did not include the optometrist’s fee.

The glasses I purchased at “Fancy Smancy Frame and Lens” do not seem so special to me.  Designer frames are stupid.  How much of a genius do you have to be to design a pair of glasses?

For my new glasses I went to Costco.  I got a new (almost the same) prescription for $75.  I picked out two different yet similar frames.  The total cost for everything…$265.

When I was done with the fitting, I mentioned to the lady doing the measuring,

“The last pair I bought cost me over $600.”

She replied, “I know, I used to work for one of those rip-off places.”

Maybe these new glasses will not look as Fancy Smancy as my other two pair but they should still help me see clearly.  

You know, in the 12 years I have owned and worn $600 plus glasses, not once has anyone ever said to me,

“I love those glasses.”  


  1. That's where they make the money. Selling frames.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. I buy the lightest pair I can find...that's my only criteria. By the way, get some 'lock tight' and put a drop in before you tighten the screw.

  3. And it's a huge ripoff if you're just going to sit on them and glue them back together anyway!

  4. I spend that amount, but I wear progressive lenses and get the anti-glare, scratch resistant and transitions, so that ends up costing more than the frames anyway. Since I wear them 17 hours a day, I figure it's worth the price.

  5. I pay a lot for my glasses but I have to wear them all the time and I definitely could not watch tv or drive without them. $600 for glasses you don't have to wear all the time seems somehow wrong. My husband used to get the $10 readers at the drug store and have a pair in just about every room.

  6. I get Costco glasses, too, & they're perfect for me!!

  7. My next pair will come from COSTCO I think. My insurance helps out, but I don't buy designer glasses to read, but I will confess I did buy Ray Ban sun glasses. People have told me they love those glasses.

  8. My next pair of glasses will come from COSTCO too. 'Course I'll have to figure in the cost of membership but what the heck.

  9. America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. Every two years i go and get a pair for driving and a pair for reading at night when my eyes get tired. It's around $100 for both pair and the exam, and no one would call it fancy but it works.

  10. That is just more fine American women for the rest of us you giant a-hole. It is no wonder you can't find an American woman...who would put up with your dumb ass.

  11. I have a pair that does that exact thing: one screw won't stay screwed, and the lens falls out. It was quite embarrassing when it happened at school, and a student would pick up my lens and hand it to me. That's right after I got new glasses, too! Even though a couple of freshmen told me they liked them, I had to admit, "These are the worst glasses I ever had!"

    PLUS, I'd taken them back AT LEAST 5 times because I couldn't even see to write in my gradebook. The gal had not listened when I told her the distance I needed to see with the bifocals. If I held up the gradebook about 10 inches from my nose, I could see. They kept grinding them or whatever they do to try and get the distance right.

    The next two pair were fine. I think it has something to do with a certain lady no longer working at that office.

  12. I choose frames from the cheap rack and my insurance covers the entire cost of lenses and frames.

  13. I have just reverted back to an old pair of glasses because I see through them better than the last two pairs. I am not going to get another eye test, The sheer cost puts me off - in UK we fork out hundreds of pounds per pair. I see Anonymous is still around!!! He's been trying to explain about women for a very long time now. Perhaps he needs glasses!!

  14. I used to go to the Fancy Schmancy Place, too. Now my glasses come from Sam's Club. For the difference, I can almost buy a new lens for my camera....ha!