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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The other day we went to the pool, about a quarter mile walk from our townhome to the association facility.  It was a perfect day, little humidity, no wind, temperature in the low 80’s and we decided to walk.

“Take your flip flops.”
“I don’t need them, it is not that hot out.”
“The street and walk will still be hot by the time we leave.”
“I never had flip flops as a kid, we went everywhere barefoot; feet don’t burn.”
“Feet burn; Take your flip flops.”
So we flip flopped our way to the pool.  When we got there and picked out our chairs, I slipped off my flip-flops.
“Don’t just leave them by the chair.”
“Why not?”
“They will get hot in the sun, put them under the chair.”
“That’s ridiculous!”
“Just put them out of the sun.”
We had a nice swim, gabbed with our neighbors, that we see often but don’t really know, for about an hour…turns out they are nice people…anyway, we then packed up and left for home.
Three-quarters of the way home my feet started to hurt.  We always walk on the blacktop street because Mrs. C; actually, I don’t know why, Mrs. C just does not like sidewalks if there is no traffic.  She explained it to me once, but it made no sense…I don’t argue her weird but harmless idiosyncrasies.
“Dang, my feet hurt, why do we have to walk on the hot blacktop street?”
“Because…wait, where are your flip-flops?”
“Oh crap, still under the chair.”
“Well go back and get them.”
“I am, I am…dang, if I put them out in the open this would not have happened.”
By the time I got back to the pool and my flip-flops, my dogs were barking.  When I got home I checked the bottoms of my feet and they were blistered from the hot street.
“Crap!  If you didn’t tell me to put the flip-flops under the chair and make me walk on the street, this would have never happened, it is all your fault!”
“You’re a jerk! If it wasn’t for me, you would have thought you had 10-year-old calloused feet and never even brought the flip-flops, so it is still your fault.”
“Call it a draw.”
It’s her fault. 


  1. If you'd walked home on a grass verge you'd never have gotten those flip-flops back, nor got blistered feet either, so was the hot blacktop a good thing or a bad thing?
    I can understand Mrs C's preference for walking on the road when she can, it's a smoother surface with no sidewalk cracks to trip you up unexpectedly.

  2. Never doubt a woman, that's my theory. Okay, I declare it a draw! Hope the feet feel okay now.

  3. Always bring your shoes, keep them out of the sun or the shoes themselves will burn your feet, and i hope your feet heal up quickly.

  4. I Can't even walk on my deck with bare feet in the summer. A road would be torture.

  5. The only time(s) I've had a serious hot-foot was actually on the beach at Lake Michigan. The 65-degree water is like a bit of heaven on a 90-degree summer day, but the sand. . . And feet dig into the sand, so it's not just the soles that get broiled. . .

  6. It was 109 here yesterday. You can blister your feet while wearing your flip flops.

    I love the conversations you have with your wife. I really do.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  7. Here in Texas we can't even walk to the mailbox barefooted. I even make my dog walk in the grass as I don't want him to get blisters on his pads. Maybe just this once Mrs C might have been right, perhaps, for once....maybe. ;)

  8. Sometimes you can't win for losing. Actually, I've heard that phrase my entire life and it still doesn't make sense.

  9. I've had beach sand burn my feet so I can imagine what road way would do. I agree, you managed a draw.

  10. Tender tootsies huh? She's right you know, if it wasn't for her you wouldn\t have had the flip flops to put on.

  11. I think it's definitely a draw. At least you got to hang out at the pool.

  12. Mrs. C wins if it's a draw, right?

  13. Only hippies walk around with our shoes.

  14. I think the point is: you're not a kid any more! Even though you need to be treated like one.

  15. you've picked up a spammer, one of the new ones who copy just a bit of someone else's comment - "sin soleng"

  16. Eventually you'll come to know that Mrs. C is always right. Embrace it and just go with it. :)

  17. For some reason I can't "do" flip flops. That thing between your toes...I'd stumble and fall and hurt myself. You need to talk to those people in India who walk over a bed of red-hot coals.