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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Frozen Pretzels

Frozen Pretzels
I may have complained on this blog from time to time that Mrs. C has trouble throwing things away.  Don’t even get me started on the storage unit I pay for every month that holds crap that neither she or her children care to sort through and determine if any of it has any value.  It is just one little flaw that you need to overlook in a relationship, and I know the good stuff by far outweighs this one flaw.

Still, occasionally this flaw is the aluminum foil on my filling.  I just cannot convince Mrs. C that space has value. 
The latest battleground? 
The fridge.
We bought a new fridge a few years ago and I thought my fridge problems would be over.  Problems?  Yes, problems, like finding stuff.  Mrs. C packs the fridge so precisely in order to not toss anything that still has value, that it is almost impossible to find anything.  I have to empty the fridge to find a frozen steak and sometimes it is so old I am afraid to cook it.  Placing everything back is to rebuild a Jenga Puzzle that is beyond my pay scale.
When we purchased a new fridge, we moved the old one to the garage and I thought there would now be plenty of room.
When you have someone who is reticent to toss anything, space is quickly taken up.  If I built a warehouse, it would soon be jammed full of crap.
What brought on this anti-Mrs. C-hoarding rant? 
Frozen Pretzels.
For the past several months whenever I have delved into our packed kitchen fridge I have had to move a large package of frozen pretzels.  Who freezes pretzels?  OK, maybe for a week or so, when you expect to need them for some occasion, but for six months or more?
“Kar…can I toss these Got-dang pretzels, they take up half a shelf…why do we have them?”
“Don’t you dare, I like them.”
“But they are over six months old, when are you going to want them?”
“I’ll eat them, don’t you touch them.”
“If you want pretzels, I can run out to the store and get some before these things will thaw.”
“Don’t touch them!”
“They only cost a buck fifty for crap sake and they are always in my way.”
Hmmm, I put up with her friggin storage unit that cost me every month, do you think she would toss me aside if I trashed these pretzels and did not tell her?
Neither do I.
I guess I’ll find out in a month or two when she decides she wants a pretzel and can’t find any in the freezer.
Don’t say anything…OK.


  1. Oooooo. . . living dangerously. . . ;)

  2. We don't load down the fridge or the freezer. It's great for rotation. Hubby and I don't argue over food either. I guess we're not very exciting. Less is more in our world.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Seems a reasonable thing to do - throwing them away - to me.

  4. She won't hear it from me lol. Um....would you class Mrs C as a hoarder?

  5. Maybe that pretzel package is her 'safe.' I've heard of stranger things ...

  6. Did you even heat one taster in the microwave?

  7. I just bought some frozen pretzels last week! There are four left. Hick better not throw them out! Oh, wait. Ha, ha. For a minute there, I actually considered my husband cleaning out the refrigerator!

    Your mistake was asking her. You should have just tossed them, and when she wanted one, and couldn't find them, you could have said, "Oh, let me run out and get you a pretzel!" Then you would have been the hero. Now you'll be the goat. Way to go, Charlie Brown! Better watch out if she offers to hold the football so you can kick it.

  8. You sound like my daughter. She cleaned out my deep freeze for me and was having a cow because I still had a few things from 2014 in there.
    But they were still good-as long as they're froze they stay good.

  9. Maybe it's a male/female thing. I don't have any trouble throwing things out or taking them to the Goodwill. My wife holds on to everything.

  10. I'm not even gonna tell you about my latest fridge thing with the darlin' wife.

  11. No, i won't say anything. And yes, there are male hoarders, too.

  12. You'd love my freezer which is in constant rotation of cook, freeze, eat and nothing in there older than 2-3 months. Fridge is similar although there are condiments in there that are quite old, but still within their use-by date.
    Go ahead and toss those pretzels, my lips are sealed.

  13. I won't breathe a word, even though deep down I'm a bit of a hoarder. I never store stuff beyond the sell-by date though.

  14. I never throw food away because my fridge is always empty!

  15. My first husband accused me of not having a sentimental bone in my body because I so easily get rid of things -- he who never put anything away.

  16. Hahahahahahaha. I used to do that with my kids crap. :D I totally get it but you realize you're already in trouble, right?

  17. I'm currently working on "eating down" the contents of my freezer. A while back I decided to throw out a bunch of frozen bananas from 2010 (I think). I tend to freeze overripe bananas in anticipation of making banana muffins, except I didn't make many muffins after 2010...