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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Stupid Headlines 081317

Stupid Headlines 081317
It’s time again for
There always other Go-Go bars
This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 
Manhunt for woman, 37, accused of performing obscene sex act in McDonald’s – That must be a typo, I believe it should be MEN hunt…
Too politically correct? Board drops 'Lynch' from school names – Demands also made to change Notre Dame to just Notre as “Dame” is offensive to women.
Former Trump campaign staffers Jason Miller and A.J. Delgado reveal love child after campaign affair – Miller claims it was the result of Russia interfering with the erection.
Knife-wielding man who robbed Texas Walgreens is identified by distinct face tattoo – It is always a bad idea to commit a robbery with a face tattoo, kinda like a get-away car with vanity plates.
After 106 years in Antarctica, fruitcake still looks 'like new' – Someone’s getting fruitcake for Christmas!
TV anchor delivers news while 'porn video' plays behind her – That’s one way to up the ratings.
The NYPD Boycott of Dunkin' Donuts Is Fully On – Police boycotting doughnuts is like fish boycotting water!
Older Americans are dying on the job, retirement age to blame – Well yeah, if you let us retire we would die off the job!
Dental brace wire lodged in intestine for a decade, doctors say – On the plus side, that part of the intestine has remained perfectly straight.

Millions of bats form tornado in the sky – “BATNADO” staring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering!

And the Feel-good story of the week:
Tim Tebow stops warming up to shake autistic fan's hand, follows it up with home run – I don’t know why many people have a bug up their butt about this guy, he is one of the few genuinely good dudes in sports!
Ohio high school football team members rescue elderly couple from river – An emergency they had to tackle.
Come back again next week for more


  1. Face tattoos are almost always a bad idea. Ironically, the same tat that probably made robbing stores necessary to begin with is the tat that got him busted.

  2. I always enjoy your headlines. I enjoy your comments to the headlines even more.

    I love both feel good stories.

    I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  3. The type of headlines to make you shake your head. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I was denied access to both your feel good stories!!

    1. I googled them both--very nice & certainly feel good stories!!

  5. I looked d both stories up, Tebow did the right thing by taking time to shake this kids hand, he created a fan for life, the home run helped seal the deal.

  6. I'm keeping all my gift fruitcakes. They are perfect "prepper" foods and don't require any cooking:) I've always wished Tim well. He is a really decent guy.

  7. "Miller claims it was the result of Russia interfering with the erection." You really have a talent for squeezing humor out of these. Thanks.

  8. I look forward to your post every Sunday...thanks for the laughs again!

  9. I suppose it's better to have a dental brace wire lodged in your intestine for a decade than a fruitcake lodged in your intestine for 106 years.

  10. Enjoyed the Tebow story. I always liked him...not so much as a pro athlete, but just as a good person.

  11. You keep me laughing every week, and that's a feel good story, too.

  12. I'm with everybody else - definitely look forward to reading your post on Sunday.

  13. The headline refers to that 106-year-old Antarctic fruitcake as if it were a surprising thing. . . Shoot, there are hundred-year-old fruitcakes that have been passed down from generation to generation in my own family, without even the benefit of a natural deep-freeze. . .

    And you know, it would have been one thing if the face tattoo weren't his name, address and phone number, right?

  14. Older Americans are dying on the job <-- I believe this! I'm gonna have to work until lunch on the day of my funeral!