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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Almost A Genius

Almost A Genius

Mrs. C is almost a genius.  I’m not sure what the definition of genius is.  I say it is any extraordinary ability that cannot be explained by anything other than an innate talent that less than .0001 percent of any other person who ever lived has demonstrated.  It is also an unexplained ability that serves some useful purpose to mankind.
Mrs. C’s mind works in wondrous ways.  She notices things that no one else ever notices and she remembers things that no one else would remember.  She has an innate talent that less than .0001 percent of any human has ever demonstrated.  Unfortunately, her talent serves no useful purpose to mankind.
Genius?  Just a little bit short.
If I move a piece of paper on the table by just a minuscule amount, she will notice.
“What were you looking for downstairs?”
“Last week’s receipt from the grocery store was moved…what were you looking for?”
“Ah, my keys…and HOLY CRAP, how did you notice?” Amazing, but of no use to mankind.
The other night we were watching “Wheel of Fortune”.  Mrs. C remembered the contestants.
“This is a re-run, I remember the dude with the long hair.”
OK, nothing remarkable about that.  Then at the end, the dude with the long hair won and was going for the big money…plus he had the MILLION DOLLAR slice.
When the letters of his final puzzle were put up they were
_ _ G E
_ _ _ OR
Mrs. C immediately blurted out, “HUGE FAVOR!”
She was correct.
“Did you know that, or did you just remember it?”
“I’m not sure.”
Then Pat Sajak opened the prize and it was $34,000 not the one million dollars.
“The million was with the “stars” in the wheel.”
She was correct.
“I guess I just remembered that too.”
Amazing, but of no real use to mankind.


  1. I can relate to that situation where she asked what you were looking for, those rogue receipts give me away every time also, I hate it when I'm watching something on TV and she changes the channel "because you have already seen this" but then turns it to another rerun.

    It is amazing how women can remember things we don't even remember happening.

    1. My husband claims that some of my best memories NEVER happened!!

  2. It is just your opinion that she is not serving humanity .
    i count her an excellent human.

    no wars against women please....

  3. You should take her to trivia quiz nights, you'd win every time. Well, she would, but you'd benefit.

  4. Maybe women just remember things better than men, especially domestic things. My Mrs. C. is a genius at finding things.

  5. I'm glad you are married to and almost genius. Now you just need her on one of those game shows so she can win a lot of money. They being and almost genius would count.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  6. You really have no clue how lucky you are, do you?

  7. A memory like that is actually a good thing to have in a number of fields, particularly criminal justice and psychology....

  8. Kind of hard to win an argument with a memory like that. Console yourself that it was her genius that picked you.

  9. You and Sweetie would love to compare notes, i'm sure. He does not comprehend how i remember things he has no recollection of at all.

  10. Maybe she can calculate the best odds on winning lottery numbers. Now THAT would be very helpful for mankind. ;)

  11. Scary. I barely remember what I had for lunch.

  12. Like an iceberg, she's probably only letting you see about 10 percent. DON'T TELL HER THAT! You don't want to sound like you're comparing her to an iceberg.

  13. "Almost a genius" - is that like "almost pregnant?"

    I agree with the iceberg theory - you definitely want to keep her around (and on YOUR side)!