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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Interesting Observations

Interesting Observations

I seem to be losing interest in this blogging thing, or maybe I’ve just run out of stuff to say.  I refuse to engage in anything political again, so there goes lots of material, and Mrs. C has not called me a Jerk for a while.  

I guess after posting daily for six years you run out of things to say.  It is kind of like marriage.  When Mrs. C and I go out to dinner we often have long periods of silence.  When I start to say something, she already knows what I am going to say. 

Sometimes something will happen and we both just start laughing.

“I know what you were going to say, and I agree, that is funny.”

“I thought you would think so.”

Then we go back to silence.  I think I need more material.

Yesterday I was driving home from dinner with the wife and her sister.  I saw a sight you don’t see every day.

An old dude in a wife-beater tee, was riding a bike and smoking a cigarette while carrying a rather large rocking cow…a rocking horse, except it was a cow.

“There is something I haven’t seen in ages.”

“Was that a rocking cow?”

“I believe it was.  I see old dudes in wife-beater tees riding a bike while smoking a cigarette often, but not sure I’ve ever seen one carrying a large rocking cow!”

“Do you think he stole it?”

“Who would steal a rocking cow?”

“Probably bought it at a garage sale.”

“Someone’s grandchildren are going to be happy…I guess”

All right, that’s it, I may not be posting regularly for a while.  I mean when it gets down to posting about a rocking cow, it might be time for a break…we’ll see.

Just another note.  I no longer see a bazillion hits from Russia and the Ukraine, so apparently that part of the world no longer finds what I have to say to be fascinating.  Recently, however, my email followers have jumped from 50 (which took 6 years to accumulate) to 125.  In 10 days, I have 75 new followers.  All of these new followers have addresses, and most appear to have Hispanic surnames.  Not sure what is happening, but:

Hola mi amigos. 



  1. Why don't you at least partially transition to a photo blog? I for one would love to see an old dude wearing a wife beater tee riding a bike carrying a large rocking cow.

  2. I do memes because I never have anything to say. It's easy that way. I know at some point we will all quit blogging. It's the way of things.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  3. Aw. Don't give up your blog. It's one of the best on the net and it makes us laugh and think and brings back great memories. KEEP BLOGGING (or I'm calling Mrs. Cranky on you!) - And, yeah, it would've been funny to see a pic of the rocking cow carrier. :)

    1. Aw Thanks, not quitting, just might post less frequently, and still reading other posts.

  4. Nothing to talk about? I've been, I am there.

  5. You mirror my thoughts exactly, just haven't posted them yet. Maybe if we get snow in July I'll post that.
    Take care,

  6. Think we all go through this ...
    I used to have a blog called 'Life with Jack and Jill' and I ran outta gas. I quit and was never so sorry. Keep your blog, just add something when you think of it, you'll be glad you did.
    It's summer. Lots of blogs are in the doldrums, along with their writers.

  7. Hope this is temporary. I've been there and I had to switch to once a week and even then sometimes it is a stretch. Don't forget reruns.

  8. Hey Joe, I understand about taking a break or cutting back, but man I enjoy reading your stuff, even stuff about rocking cows.

  9. When you post it, i will come read it.

  10. I don't believe I've ever seen a rocking cow before either. Horses and unicorns, yes.

  11. I quit my blog and still miss it. I enjoy reading yours, especially the stupid headlines.

  12. Wait! You're cutting back? This was the best one yet! I love to hear about OTHER PEOPLE seeing strange things along the road. Oh, well. I guess we can always hope that Mrs. C calls you a JERK!

    Aren't you feeling a little hungry? Better go look under stuff on the kitchen counter, and in the back of the cabinets. Or use the vegetable brush on non-vegetables, and take the kitchen scissors to another room.

  13. I'd miss you if you totally go- take a short break and then maybe twice a week then build up from there. You still got it.

  14. Blogging has its ups and downs. Sometimes good fodder, sometimes no fodder. I'm posting less, but still reading and commenting. I don't think O could ever give it up. Tried to in the past, but always came back to it. There is still a sense of community here, even if there are long times between making connections.


  15. I reduced my blogging to once a week for the same reason as you. Hope you don't give up altogether, your blog is the most entertaining one on the planet.

  16. A wife-beater tee? What the hecky-thump would that be? And like you, I am running out of things to say.

  17. I agree; it's hard coming up with new material all the time and sometimes the well runs dry. Like you, I've been at this for six years and I've been wondering when I might take a break--probably when I reach a thousand posts which won't be until next year.

  18. Keep on bloggin'!!

  19. I've been posting less than I used to but that's ok. When inspiration strikes you'll blog. It's tough trying to come up with something every day.

  20. I find myself where you are every now and then. But when that happens, I try to go to a new avenue. Sometimes taking a laptop to a coffee house, or the boardwalk can give you incredible ideas. Old photographs...souvenirs...ticket stubs to an old concert...or an aroma you haven't smelled since you were a child can trigger a thought that gives you an idea.
    I have some experience with this since I've been doing this since December of 2005.

  21. What Lowandslow said! How can you not take a picture of a guy riding a bike smoking a cigarette holding a rocking cow???

    It's OK to slow down or take an occasional short break. But you're not a quitter!!! (Please be not)

  22. Hilarious! I love random observations like this.