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Friday, June 9, 2017

Girls Soccer

Girls Soccer (Some folks call it football)

There was a recent kerfuffle at a girls’ soccer tournament somewhere in Bumfunk, USA.  One little girl who was apparently the star of her team was disqualified as the roster mistakenly had her gender as male and as a young girl who had short hair and can run like the wind, opposing parents complained she (he) should be disqualified and in fact the whole team was disqualified.

OMG! First of all, why are players on an all-girls team even required to list gender, and if you wanted to cheat and sneak a boy onto an all-girls team, why would you list that player as a male?

When this girls gender was challenged, the father provided a birth certificate as proof that she is a girl.  Not good enough, the typo was cause for disqualification, because accuracy on a form is SO important to competitive eight-year-old girls.  I hope the opposing team parents put their daughter’s trophy’s in a place of honor!

This story reminded me of my son’s eight-year-old travel soccer team.  In those days there were no girls teams.  Girls played with the boys if they were good enough.  On Matt’s team, there were two girls who were good enough.  One in fact might have been the best player on the team.  At eight years old, before hormones kick in, girls are not at a physical disadvantage as they are in later years.

This one little girl had the same short hair style as the girl in the Bumfunk, USA tournament.  In virtually every match, she was the fastest runner on the field and was as skilled as any player.  Susie was cute as a button, but the fiercest competitor I have ever seen.

Even though eight-year-old girls are as athletically capable as the boys, boys are brought up to assume that girls can’t keep up with them in sports. We used this fact to our advantage in tournaments.

It does not take long in a soccer game to see who is the other team’s best player.  Susie was generally assigned to guard this player.  One particular tournament, the best player on the other team was extra good, and extra cocky.  This kid had attitude and was strutting his stuff, but still Susie cut him off at every rush to the goal.  He did not like this and started to play a little rough with this kid who we had guard him.

Susie was not one to back down.  She knew how to use her elbows as well as anyone and more than held her own with this “tough” guy.

The best part of the game was when Susie scored a goal against this “star.”  Our entire core of fans burst out cheering,

“Way to go SUSIE.” 


“You show’em girl.”

The look on the other team’s star player was classic.  It was one thing to have another player steal his thunder, but when he realized the other player was a GIRL!  OMG!!

I don’t remember if we won the game or not, I do remember for the whole game making sure this cocky player on the other team knew that he was getting his butt kicked by a GIRL!

In retrospect, it may not have been very nice or mature for parents to taunt an eight-year-old and get in his head to throw off his game…oh screw it, winning is the important thing!


  1. I think that disqualification was so unfair. When proof was delivered via birth certificate, just change the damn registration form. Why was she listed as male in the first place? Who made that mistake? THAT person should be told to check before making the listings.

  2. Seems to me the 'authorities' should get their act together. I like to watch the ladies play but have never seen a 'mixed' match.

  3. It's a shame they disqualify a team because someone made a simple mistake on a form. If they had lied and tried to sneak an older, more experienced girl onto a younger team, i would get it. This is silly.

  4. I do not remember co-ed travel teams for any sport here. For nice, I must be too young!

  5. Back in the 70s I played on one of the first girl soccer teams in our town. We were high school age. There were only 3 or 4 teams - we played each other over and over. Sometimes it was difficult to get enough girls there for a game. One Saturday morning we were short several girls so the other team agreed to let my 12 year old brother play. He was small, thin, and had longish hair. Everyone thought he was a girl, but the other team knew. After his third goal, the other team threw a fit and made him leave the game. We still won. And the rest of the story is that my little brother went on to help establish soccer in our town. He coached all sorts of teams through the years including a team with Mia Hamm.

  6. Suspect the person who filled out the precious form had money on the other team. Betting on 8 year old soccer? Wait, let me try to get a strangle hold on my inner cynic.

  7. Shame that it was allowed to happen, all because of a typo. Greetings!

  8. Parents should back off and stop setting the example for the next generation.

  9. That is so dumb, it's not like she made the typo.

    I'd liked to have seen the game where Susie bested the cocky player, I would've cheered right along with you.

  10. Kids sports have gotten entirely out of hand. When a bunch of kids get together on a vacant lot and start throwing or kicking a ball around, that's sport. When uniforms and coaches and field dues and irritated parents get thrown into the mix it is no longer sport or fun. Leave the kids alone and let them play. If they want to get into the organized BUSINESS of sport that's another matter....that's the dollar signs dancing in their eyes. I'll get off my soap box now.

  11. I remember hearing about this and couldn't help rolling my eyes. If she's good enough to play then she's good enough to play, no matter what her gender.

  12. This was just wrong all around. Glad you told the story of Susie to make me believe in humans again.

  13. We have to get over this fear of sex, and unfairness, and OMG

  14. I love this story. Boys that age (actually boys at most any age) need a girl butt kicking from time to time.

  15. I saw this on the news...but at times I've had long hair and there been time I had short hair...Coffee is on

  16. What's the big deal? They were probably giving EVERYONE a trophy anyway!