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Sunday, June 26, 2011



At least once a day (twice now that I am retired) my wife asks me “Why did you do that?”  Usually this is not in reference to something I did, but something I did not do. 

She doesn’t just ask me “Why did you do that?”  First I am summoned to the place of the indiscretion.






I clomp down the stairs, “Yes.”

“Why did you do that?”  She says as she points to a dirty knife next to the sink and one foot away from an open dishwasher.

“I don’t know.”  I really don’t know.  I never know.  I meant to put the knife in the dishwasher, I know I did, but I guess I got distracted.  The problem is that men cannot multi-task.  One distraction and the task at hand is forgotten.

Men think they can multi-task.  They are wrong.  At work, a man can talk on the phone while he is surfing the computer for some information while at the same time jotting down a note to make a lunch appointment with a customer.  This is not multi-tasking.  This is doing your job.  All the tasks are related, all are functions performed for one task; taking home a pay check.

Women multi-task.  They can change a diaper while paying a bill on the computer, jotting down a grocery list, and talking to a friend on the phone about her next-door neighbor’s mother-in-law.

This multi-tasking difference is rooted deep in men and women’s genes.

Early man had two tasks, hunt to provide food for his family, and procreate to have a family.  Woman had to cook, clean, keep the fire going have children and take care of the children.  All at the same time.

OK multi-tasking while having the children might be too much.

Man could not make a bow and arrow while hunting, he had to make the tools first, and then go on the hunt. 

No multi-tasking. 

Man could not procreate and hunt at the same time; it was hunt first, screw later. 

No multi-tasking.

Women could screw while planning the next day’s dinner. 


It is this genetic difference that explains why all men so often hear “Why did you do that!”

Please women, cut us a break.  When you see dirty underwear right next to the hamper, or a new roll of toilet paper on the counter and an empty tube on the roller remember, we cannot multi-task.  When we make breakfast and leave the stove on, we got distracted.  When we come home from going out to dinner and lock the door while you are still outside, we got distracted.

Ladies, you may be able to procreate while you plan tomorrow’s dinner; we have to concentrate on the task at hand!
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  1. Ha! Not bad as an excuse. However, in hunter gatherer societies women actually provided 50-70% of food. The worse the conditions (i.e aus desert) the more men relied on women for food. I guess this proves your point further? What is it you guys do again? : )

  2. fantastic! I think I will be your wife when I grow up. I already have the deflated look of impatience and disappointment well practiced when I find the dirty knife/ socks down the lounge/ pile of dirty laundry on the floor!

  3. Ha! Ha! This is funny, but also, really, really true. Visitin' ya from the Rewind!

  4. LOL!! Too funny. Maybe because it's true!!!! ;)

  5. If only life were so simple. For a woman that is! I might try the linear thought process excuse and see how it goes around my place! Thanks for Rewinding. Your perspective is much appreciated as usual x

  6. You make so much sense - maybe I should cut my husband a little more slack...maybe! Visiting from the Rewind! Kirsty @ My Home Truths

  7. You always make me laugh! Or think. Or both at the same time!

  8. Oh, this is GOLD! Love it! I'm not sure who's going to pick up the slack when I'm not multi-tasking. It just might be a case of 'wait and see'.

    I'm loving not thinking about more than just two jobs at hand. It's so fabulous! And I think that it's a super good life!


  9. That's a crack-up. And rather accurate. Thanks for the laugh.

  10. This conversation takes place in my house daily! And I often think of the hunter gatherer thing too!
    Very funny - and flattering ;) thanks
    (via Dr Bron's linky)

  11. So true, so spot on we are different and that's fine by me :)

  12. LOL! Good thing you have Mrs Cranky keeping you on the straight and narrow (and the task at hand) :)